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T’pol is ready for close encounters with new alien species for sure!

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Hentai Picture: T’pol is ready for close encounters with new alien species for sure!
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The one with the biggest boobs will command!

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This desert planet has become more hot

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Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek The original series: Where No Yeoman Has Gone Before

Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek The original series: Where No Yeoman Has Gone Before

Peeking out of the corner of his right eye, Captain Pike finally 
caught the slight bit of motion he’d been waiting for all these hours. 
He had successfully convinced his Talosian keepers that the four of 
them were asleep and lured one of the aliens out into an attempt to 
retrieve the phasers left so enticingly near the cell’s access hole. 
Pike had been planning on this all along, knowing the festering hate 
within him would be enough to hide his plan until it was too late, and 
readied himself to pounce.
    What he wasn’t counting on, however, was Vina’s damned stubbornness 
to not only gregariously accept her captivity, but actively collaborate 
with the enemy. As soon as he bolted up to seize the leader’s pasty, 
bulging head, he felt his assuredness drain away in an instant as the 
blonde’s eyes snapped open. She had only been pretending to sleep.
    “Look out!” Vina cried, proving once again to the telepaths the 
occasional merits of verbal communication.  Startled, the Keeper looked 
up and discovered the captain barreling towards him — drawing himself 
back through the portal just in time to escape what would have been the 
grandfather of all headaches. Pike crashed harmlessly against the stone 
wall, realizing all-too-late the achilles heel of his angry shield. He 
could have concentrated on simply diving through the aperture instead 
of inflicting bodily harm to his captors. Perhaps then the effort would 
have been a success, but as it was, he failed almost comically.
    Amazingly, the Talosians showed a remarkable sense of respect for 
their supposedly inferior specimens by acceding to the humans’ unique 
gift of ingenuity and shoring up their security measures. Vina quickly 
faded away under the effect of whatever transporter technology Talos IV 
had devloped. Evidentally her loyalty mattered little compared to being 
next to useless as the future colony’s Eve. Number One was whisked away 
soon after along with the ape-like creature in the next cell, leaving 
Pike and his Yeoman all alone together.
    The Keeper made his appearance only after all this had finished, 
looking noticeably frazzled after having been twice surprised by his 
own prisoner. He waited a few moments for his Adam to say something 
which could be twisted into another excuse to indulge in his race’s 
predilection towards arrogant superiority, but was denied that pleasure 
by a now well-prepared Pike. Flustered, he finally spoke in the same 
mockingly-helpful tone as before, giving the impression that he was 
really doing this all for their benefit. 
    “Perhaps your species is one that prefers solitude in the mating 
act…” he began, sizing up the captain and his Yeoman appreciatively. 
“We will return later to exchange her for the other woman if the two of 
you choose not to copulate.” Giving a parting look that was almost a 
smirk, the Talosian glided back towards the elevator.
    Colt’s cool demeanor fell to pieces at the remark. Although she had 
been remarkably composed for her first mission, especially given what 
had happened to the captain’s previous Yeoman and the rest of the Rigel 
VII away team, that hit a little too close to home. She’d weathered 
having her sex drive casually brought into conversation in front of two 
of the ship’s most senior officers and even the nagging knowledge that 
her secrets and fantasies could be perused by her captors at their own 
whims, but such things paled in comparison to what was currently racing 
through her mind. J. M. Colt had worked for her starfleet commission to 
visit new worlds and explore the unknown, not get knocked up barely two 
months in!
    Captain Pike noticed the brief, appalled expression in his Yeoman, 
but decided to make nothing of it. The poor girl didn’t deserve such a 
trial by fire, and had performed her duties admirably in spite of the 
mission’s bleak prospect. Besides, watching her clout Vina in a fit of 
rage over having been betrayed *had* been pretty satisfying. The two of 
them would need to cooperate further now that their custodians were 
watching for signs of subterfuge, but right now the skipper was fresh 
out of ideas. 
    Noticing that Colt was comfortably seated with her back to a wall, 
legs drawn up primly against her chest, he decided that taking a load 
off might help matters. Pacing over towards the other side of the room, 
he leaned against it and sat down, wishing Number One was there to give 
him support. He was in charge, of course, but a second head (especially 
hers), never hurt matters. There was a big difference between a Yeoman 
and a lieutanant in that she would be looking up to him for what to do 
instead of thinking to take some initiative. He would have to shoulder 
the task by himself now.
    Colt was indeed paying little heed to their situation. Instead, she 
sat quietly sorting through her thoughts with a dull, vacuous look on. 
Ever since the alien had pried from her mind a deeply-concealed desire 
to ‘attain’ her captain (something the fledgling officer hadn’t even 
been consciously aware of), she had been dwelling on the idea far more 
intently than was necessary. Mentally scolding herself for getting so 
carried away like that… during a MISSION of all times… she looked 
across the room for guidance.
    Pike had been waiting for her to notice his staring for awhile, and 
had a peeved look when their eyes finally met. Embarrassed, Colt turned 
away, just managing to catch her captain’s gaze go nearly apoplectic 
with frustration. Horrified, she quickly snapped her head back to see 
him frantically mouthing a command to her.
    <Control yourself!> he yelled silently, and for a heart-stopping 
moment, Colt foolishly thought he’d somehow picked up on the telepathic 
powers of the Talosians and was shocked by his Yeoman’s cloudy-headed 
daydreaming. Before she could sputter out an apology that would have 
*really* made things awkward, though, Pike made a fortunate addendum. 
<Block your thoughts!> he insisted, now certain he had her undivided 
    Understanding what he’d actually meant with intense relief, Colt 
complied immediately. She tried to dredge up hate and revulsion towards 
the beings who had imprisoned her, but it proved exceedingly difficult. 
Unlike most who found themselves in this situation, consumed with rage 
at having been detained against their will, the youthful female didn’t 
feel the same kind of blind fury. After all, it wasn’t exactly hopeless 
just yet. Captain Pike was a legend, giving them a better-than-average 
chance at finding some way to escape. And even if he didn’t — he was 
still *a legend*. Truth be told, she didn’t think that being forced to 
settle down with him would be all that bad. As she began mulling over 
her options, the notion of simply doing what was asked of her seemed 
less and less unreasonable.
    Still, that didn’t seem like a realistic possibilty. Although she’d 
been warned at the academy about captains who responded to the recent 
influx of female Yeomen by charming them right into bed, Colt knew she 
didn’t have to worry about such a thing, especially with a callous man 
like Christopher Pike. He was charismatic and noble towards the men, 
but cold and abrasive to any females except the Lieutenant.   
    Despite the captain’s careless exterior, though, Colt found herself 
giddy with sexual tension — virtually tingling down below at the wild 
notion of hungrily throwing herself upon him in a desperate attempt to 
see if she could seduce her commanding officer. It was a strong, almost 
frighteningly urgent need that brought to mind the Talosians’ reference 
to her ‘female drives.’ Deep down, the Yeoman knew this was the most 
repressed part of her psyche begging to seize the opporunity.
    Colt’s thighs began to heat up, and it dawned on her with woozy 
astonishment that she was getting wet. As the fantasies spiraled out of 
control in both intensity and eroticism, she finally managed to pull 
herself together with an exhilarating idea chilling in its audacity. 
Most women would never have dared to think of such a thing, much less 
suggest it, but at the moment it seemed so simple and right…
    “Captain…” she whispered softly, a soft blush creeping up her 
cheeks at the thought of what she was going to do. Pike startled at the 
sound of her voice and she wisely caught her gaffe, switching over to 
nonverbal communication before the revealing her bold plan.
    <Maybe I can distract them for you…> Colt added nonchalantly, 
moving her lips very slowly so that Pike would understand. He furrowed 
his brow irritatedly, worried that she was about to do something silly 
or foolish that would make the situation worse. His disapproval almost 
stopped Colt, but she was too caught up in the excitement of the moment 
to stop. True, it *was* a rash move, but her charged body was screaming 
just to go ahead and think about it later. She finished with a discrete 
smile and a breathless <Trust me…>, lowering a hand down the front of 
her pants before he could reply.
    In all honesty, the redheaded Yeoman was following her orders to 
the letter — doing her best to deflect the Talosians’ mind-reading 
abilities. She had been listening carefully to Captain Pike’s unhinged 
tirade about their weakness earlier, and quite reasonably figured that 
there were other primitive mental states that would serve just was well 
as anger and would be much more… enjoyable. Luckily, she had a good 
deal of experience with this particular emotion.
    Struggling with the initial embarrassment of letting a man watch 
her do this, Colt shut her eyes and let her face go completely crimson, 
barely able to imagine the captain’s stunned expression as his personal 
Yeoman unashamedly performed the most private act. Her finger quickly 
found the slick valley below her waist, positioning itself by instinct 
between her soft folds before running up the length of her tender slit. 
The initial bolt of sensation was so blinding at first that Colt’s legs 
shuddered helplessly and she let out an unplanned rasp of pure passion. 
Though she was hoping to keep herself reasonably restrained, (well, as 
low-key as one COULD be while brazenly masturbating in front of her 
captain…) it was clear that he was going to get the whole experience.
    Pike opened his mouth to expressing something containing the words 
“what”, “the”, and “hellareyoudoing?” in it, but nothing managed to 
escape the gaping maw. He was understandably dumbstruck by what he saw 
— his cute Yeoman dealing with a stressful situation in what was far 
and beyond the *nicest* way he could imagine. Even as the cherubic 
young lady moaned felicitously from the ambrosial affect of her gentle 
fingers, he could see the gap between Colt’s bent legs open slightly 
and the flurry of vague action underneath the crotch of her black pants 
increase as she settled into her own practiced technique. Some distant 
sense of gallatry pleaded with Pike to insist that he should intervene 
and stop her from doing something she might later regret, but there was 
little reason to listen to it. Eyes growing wider, he gave in to base 
degeneracy and let her mermerize him with every deft movement she made.
    The red-faced Yeoman made another loud “Oh!” suddenly, evidently 
having brushed her clitoris and being a little too sensitive for that 
sort of direct stimulation. Still, she stubbornly refused to slow down 
and instead upped the ante, gingerly starting to rock her hips towards 
the heavenly probe slipping between her legs and guiding her free hand 
up under her cobalt-blue field jacket. It was difficult for Pike to see 
clearly through both that layer and her gold shirt beneath, but he 
didn’t exactly need academy training to figure out that the venturous 
girl was fondling her breasts as well.
    Wondering if she had a hidden exhibitionist streak within her that 
this exercise was only encouraging, Colt let out a groan of unbridled 
lust as her nipples responded quickly to manual manipulation. “Yes…” 
she breathed softly, knowing they were already be hard from rubbing all 
day against the silky fabric of her uniform and that full-on caressing 
would only increase the intense waves rippling through her small frame. 
The flushed Yeoman knew she had to be perspiring already with her chest 
slick even before cupping one of her pert mounds, but the fleshly odors 
enveloping her were more even potent than she’d anticipated.
    The horny female’s nether cleft showed even further proof of Colt’s 
unrestrained sexual prowess. Though the dark color of her pants made it 
impossible to determine from a distance, the crotch of her underwear 
was thoroughly drenched and it was beginning to soak through the outer 
layer of her clothes. She would normally be embarrassed about having to 
deal with the proof of her intimate deeds displayed to the world, but 
at the moment reaching orgasm was foremost on her consciousness. Colt 
was so far gone by now she didn’t think twice about her tender pussy’s 
innocent ache for some rougher action, and adeptly withdrew the hand 
from inside her shirt to bring down to her waist.
    Captain Pike was sufficiently teased enough that standing up would 
reveal exactly *how* much he appreciated her little show, but watching 
the attractive redhead adeptly slide her pants down while continuing to 
frig herself was absolutely mindblowing. It was as if he wasn’t even 
there — she hadn’t opened her eyes once and now was moving beyond a 
simple suggestive display towards unadulterated sensual gratification. 
Colt didn’t even seem to realize she was about to give her cellmate an 
unobstructed eyeful of that most secret place in the throes of runaway 
    With another touching “Oooohh…” of delight, the Yeoman lifted her 
butt up just enough to peel off her bottoms, leaving them stranded atop 
her bent knees rather than risk losing steam by kicking them completely 
off. For a few seconds, she resumed her ministrations full-time, head 
lolling from side to side and smiling as tinges of delight erupted in 
her loins. Finally, she yanked her panties off in one quick motion, 
pushing them up inside her empty trousers.
    It wasn’t the best angle Pike could have hoped for, but he still 
had an excellent view of the young woman’s glorious, naked sex through 
her slightly open thighs. Oblivious to all but the soothing breeze of 
recirculated air flowing over her curly, red pubes, Colt brought both 
sets of digits to her delicate vee, ready to have an explosive climax.
    “Ahhh!” she cried huskily, alternating between poking the tip of 
one finger inside her drenched hole and her preferred method of sliding 
another rapidly between her swollen vulva. “That’s it…” Colt added in 
a dreamy haze, encouraging herself immodestly. Barely-audible sounds 
drifted over to where the captain was sitting — the erotic melding of 
wet flesh as his junior officer’s slick passage was lightly penetrated. 
Just as the improprietous female seemed ready to rub her sopping gash 
raw, the magic finally began.
    Colt’s eyes snapped open as she came at last, her gaze flittering 
around the room without any acknowledgement to Pike. She was amazed, 
enraptured, and overwhelmed all at once, cheeks bright and rosy and 
grinning as wide as she could bear. Totally swept up in her own world, 
the half-naked Yeoman shivered gingerly as her pubic area exploded with 
fiery intensity, flooding the slender girl with indescribable sensation 
before cresting the magnificent peak. Abruptly at a loss to describe 
her happiness, Colt ceased moaning and took in a massive breath before 
riding the monumental wave through a gently-sloping finale, eyes fixed 
vapidly on an uninteresting portion of the wall in sheer exhaustion.
    Gasping lightly as she descended from paradise, the pretty female 
trembled softly as her body tried to adjust to reality again. Unable to 
muster the strength to even remain sitting up, Colt let her eyelids 
fall and slumped over on her side, panting hard from what she’d just 
accomplished. “Mmmm…” she purred feebly, gazing out the glass at the 
familiar approaching figures. Even if her idea didn’t pan out, it would 
still have been worth it.
    “We absorbed much of your starship’s databanks before letting them 
go…” their Keeper intoned in what sounded suspiciously like relief. 
“I am most pleased to see she has taken it upon herself to cooperate.” 
Turning to his two colleagues, the Talosian nodded and began speaking  
telepathically, although Pike and Colt had no trouble eavesdropping on 
the conversation.
    <As in many lower species, the female will sometimes initiate the 
mating ritual through an alluring show of sexual prowess> he went on, 
gesturing to the prone Yeoman as though watching her gleefully come was 
‘fascinating’ and nothing less. Feigning indignance, she gave them a 
dirty look and scooted back a bit in the cell, covering her dripping 
bush slightly and trying not to look too offended.
    <That specific display is almost exclusively performed when alone> 
the Keeper continued, paying as much attention to his rapt audience as 
to the revealing sight of the pantsless Yeoman. <It is understandably 
highly sought after by the males due to its associated rarity, and will 
most likely be an overture to the exchanging of bodily fluids>
    Colt flinched noticeably upon hearing that, perhaps for the first 
time fully cognizant of what she’d commited herself to. The aliens were 
hoping she would get *pregnant*, and for that, the Captain would have 
to ejaculate in her. Maybe a whole bunch of times — nearly every form 
of life had to give procreation a few practice runs until the female 
finally caught. If she had any reservations at all, the Yeoman didn’t 
show it, and eventually the opportunity to back out passed.
    <The female’s frustration had been building for a long time> the 
alien went on, concentrating for a moment on the center of the cage 
before an apparition appeared. Colt was suddenly in two places at once 
— on the floor resting from her orgasm, and then a duplicate who was 
bent over in the center of the room, hands white from being pressed 
against the glass while Pike roughly plowed her tiny, drenched channel 
from behind. The girl was totally nude, small breasts bouncing wildly 
with the forceful hammering of her privates and adorable ponytail 
bobbing every which way in tune with her sexy rasps of passion.
    Before anyone could respond to the flagrant illusion, the Talosian 
made it vanish. Another took its place seconds later — this time with 
the captain in his command chair and his lovely subordinate astride him 
without a stitch on. <This is another fantasy> their captor explained, 
letting the false Colt carry on vociferously as she bounced up and down 
on Pike’s thick shaft before replacing that conjuration as well.
    <And another…> the alien went on, calling forth a phantom Pike 
holding a staff meeting, and Yeoman Colt kneeling submissively under 
his chair while she bobbed her head along the length of his cock. <It 
is interesting to note that while the female finds this particular act 
repugnant, she dwells on it often and finds the subservient nature 
appallingly compelling.>
    If Colt was just playing before, now she was genuinely mortified. 
She hadn’t planned on the Talosians rattling off every errant sexual 
thought she’d had that day, but they semeed to have a knack for finding 
out and exploiting a person’s most private fancies. The only good thing 
about the humiliating demonstration was that Pike looked plenty willing 
to defend her, even though from his perspective she’d brought it all 
upon herself in the first place.
    “Ah, Captain!” The Keeper said cheerfully, noticing as Pike stood 
up to protest the casual invasion of his crewman’s deepest secrets. “I 
see you’re ready to begin.” Taken aback by the aliens’ utter ignorance 
of the rights they’d just violated, Pike paused just long enough to 
notice that were all staring at him from the waist down. Giving his 
trousers a quick check, he noticed his softening (but far from flaccid) 
penis was making a sizeable tent below the belt. Stunned that they 
would think he would even consider forcing himself on the poor girl, 
the captain glanced over at Colt, who had a surprising calm about her.
    “It’s okay…” she prodded gently, taking the hand away from her 
covered pussy and slowly getting to her feet. Pike stood awestruck at 
the temerity of his Yeomen. Even after discovering that she was an 
insatiable vixen who couldn’t go two hours without creaming herself 
regardless of who was around — sex was… well, serious business!
    Colt insisted by shakily dropping her field jacket behind her and 
pulling her gold shirt up and off. The ravishing woman’s bra was askew 
from her earlier romp and came off easily, leaving her breathtakingly 
naked. Letting Pike stare geneously at her well-proportioned features, 
Colt approached and coaxed him into a hesitant embrace. “Trust me…” 
she pleaded, hoping that he would understand and their jailers would 
not. Whether that was actually the case, or her commander had just been 
so thoroughly saturated by his Yeoman’s hormones that he wanted to fuck 
her regardless of anything else, he broke. The Talosians would get what 
they wanted.
    Guiding him over to the gray bench, Colt looked deep into Pike’s 
eyes the whole time, trying to placate the aliens’ expectation of this 
sacred event. She lay down on the cool surface and let her legs dangle 
lazily over the edge, giving the captain a truly splendid view of her 
pink opening. He moved as if entranced, pulling his arms through the 
sleeves of his field jacket and letting it slip away on the floor. The 
rest of the uniform quickly followed, forming a pile similar to Colt’s 
discarded garments on the other side of the cell.
    At first Pike could only longingly enjoy the beautiful sight of a 
willing female waiting for him to have her entirely. The affect of her 
aromatic musk began to restore his erection at once, bringing a tinge 
of crimson into Colt’s cheeks. In no time it was throbbing mightily, 
mere inches from her puffy folds and ready to slide home. Only the 
incessant disruptions from their spectators managed to spoil the mood.
    <He is not sure if the female is sufficiently prepared enough for 
intercourse…> one the Talosians mused thoughtfully. <Perhaps we will 
be able to witness…>
    But Captain Pike didn’t listen to the rest. He was watching his 
partner’s bashfulness turn into a full-blown blush upon hearing that he 
wanted to do *that* to her. “Go ahead…” she said excitedly, flattered 
by the gesture and eager to experience it. Without another word, Pike 
knelt down at the edge of the bench and lowered his head into Colt’s 
moist crotch, marveling at her pink opening beauty up-close. She lifted 
her head up to watch and then allowed it to gingerly sink back down the 
moment his tongue lashed across her rosy orifice with the same moony 
expression on her face as before — one of total and utter fulfillment.
    The starship commander busied himself between Yeoman Colt’s creamy 
thighs, expertly licking while the young lady cooed and squirmed with 
delight. She was well past merely dripping, and Pike could taste her 
unique flavor with every lap. It was akin to the scent of one’s home 
planet after many months aboard ship — new and fresh to you while at 
the same time older than time to everyone one. He doubted, though, that 
such philosophical thoughts were occurring to his energized lover. If 
her plaintive moans were any indication, she was quickly on her way to 
enjoying a second violent climax in just a few minutes’ time, and that 
kind of thing had a tendency to dull cognizance.
    Colt could barely believe it herself. Although her above-average 
response to sexual stimulus meant she was no stranger to the joys of 
coming multiple times in a single evening, the subsequent sessions were 
*never* as intense as she was currently experiencing, despite the fact 
that three strangers were watching her make love. All she had the will 
to do was give in to the growing tide of pleasure and wallow in her 
newly-discovered perversion.
    Pike had to slip his arms under Colt’s lower back and grab her soft 
behind to keep the frenzied Yeoman from falling off her narrow perch. 
Not only was she thrusting her hips against his mouth in an effort to 
drive his organ to work harder, but the swooning girl couldn’t help 
spasming every so often as he caught her red nub with a calculated 
flick of the tongue. Added to the melodious sound of her pants and 
grunts, it was quite difficult for the captain to really concentrate on 
getting her off. It didn’t take much longer, however. Being naturally 
primed for often and repeated use of her privates, the cute redhead 
reached her peak in no time. With a torrential scream, she came all 
over Pike’s face without a whit of restraint, grabbing his head and 
pulling it deeper between her legs as feminine juices flowed freely. 
Colt’s chest flushed adorably with color right before climax, which 
unfortunately was noticed only by the Talosians. Still, it proved just 
how sated and happy she was.
    Breathless and woozy from having pushed herself to the limit so 
fast, the Yeoman barely peeked down as her captain rose, prick in hand. 
She knew he was about to penetrate her — exactly as she’d hoped, but 
in the aftermath of such magnificent gratification, the procreant union 
itself could only be dismally inferior.
    <Please continue> the Keeper instructed helpfully, the words not 
even registering upon his focused prisoners.
    “Are you sure?” Pike asked, rubbing his rod against Colt’s inviting 
slot and hoping she’d remembered to get that all-important injection 
after coming aboard.
    “Yes…” Colt replied confidently, wincing as the head immediately 
popped open her tight passage and held there in interminable limbo. The 
captain kept himself inside her, laying down on top and holding his 
mate by her sides before pushing in firmly to the hilt. Colt let out a 
stifled cry as he tore that precious spot within, but did not let on 
what had just happened. Instead, she wrapped her arms around Pike’s and 
mashed her breasts against his muscular torso, trying to drown out the 
tenderness in her womanly passage with groans of faint exertion.
    Fortunately, the Talosians seemed to have no problem with Colt’s 
lackluster performance, assuming the girl was simply too tired to fully 
enjoy intercourse. Pike sensed it immediately when he broke her fragile 
barrier, looking down at the side of her face with such shock that she 
had to turn and face him. “It’s all right…” she told him honestly, 
pressing her cheek against his and whispering so the keepers could not 
make it out. “About time, anyway…”
    Touched by the girl’s lack of regret over her sacrifice, Captain 
Pike made every attempt to go easy and give their callous spectators 
just enough of a show to be believable. Even as he tried to hold back 
and not stretch her too much, though, Colt’s gripped his prick hard 
with her unused passage, smiling as she saw the effect it had on him. 
“I can take it…” she persisted, pushing her loins up against his so 
the fleshy prod slid deeper into her belly.
    Not about to deny himself if she was adamant about their copulation 
being natural, Pike resumed his regular rhythm, pulling out completely 
before forcing open Colt’s red-framed lips and ramming in all the way. 
She whimpered slightly as the intensity increased, but still moaned at 
regular intervals in order to put on a convincing enough display.
    The pair writhed together for some time, surprising Colt. She had 
naturally assumed that her fresh, vestal channel would get the captain 
off in no time, but had neglected to factor in a man’s natural problem 
with performing in front of a crowd, or Pike’s obligation not to take 
advantage of those under his command. Still, there was no question her 
velvety sheath would eventually fulfill its duty — it just meant she 
would have to withstand a few more minutes of strong intercourse.
    As Colt’s warm, wet flesh rubbed against his, Pike felt his tool 
throb appreciatively and knew he wouldn’t last long. Colt cooed gamely 
in response as he vigorously penetrated her special place, possessing 
no experience that would tell her when It would happen. Feeling guilty, 
the captain spoke quietly into Colt’s ear. “I have to…”
    “I know…” she replied quickly, letting him slam her quim a few 
times more before suddenly tossing her head back with a guttural moan. 
Bringing her legs up, Colt wrapped them deftly around the captain’s 
back and helped him fuck her harder. The brave Yeoman’s arousing cries 
worked magically, sending Pike over the edge in short order. Loosing a 
tremendous grunt, he shot in her with astonishing force, pumping the 
girl’s womb full of warm seed while she sobbed in pretend passion.
    Even after he was finished, Captain Pike couldn’t help continuing 
to thrust into her sex, marveling at the experience that only was due 
to extraordinary circumstances. Colt didn’t mind, smiling as he churned 
his semen within her feminine passage. The starfleet veteran graciously 
pulled out cautiously, taking care not to tarnish the beautiful sight 
by smearing cum all over the Yeoman’s bright, red curls. Except for the 
stark puffiness of her labia, Colt looked almost proper enough to go to 
church, which was probably why the Talosians decided to speak up.
    <We must see proof> The Keeper interrupted with an impatient tone. 
Pike rolled off her obediently, weakly rising to a standing position 
while Colt lazily sat up. First resting on her elbows, then eventually 
summoning enough strength to push herself up on her palms, she swiveled 
on the bench until the aliens could see her entire nude front. As she 
submissively opened her legs, the freshly-bedded female couldn’t help 
turning her head away in mock shame.
    Reaching down, Colt managed to steady her quaking digits and spread 
her vaginal lips for inspection. Captain Pike had blown his load deep 
inside, and she had to finger herself for a few moments before a small 
bead of sperm finally dribbled out. The humiliated Yeoman leaned back 
on her arms, fully revealing herself to the lecherous aliens until they 
were at last satisfied. Without so much as an acknowledging nod, the 
three turned as one and drifted over to the elevator, leaving Pike and 
Colt in quite an awkward situation.
    In stark contradiction to what had just transpired the two suddenly 
felt an urgent desire to dress, ignoring the fact that only a few scant 
moments ago, they were so close together that one was inside the other. 
Silence fell upon the cage again as the pair was swallowed up in their 
own thoughts — Pike no doubt wondering if this was really such a bad 
fate, and Colt cursing her lot for not presenting a chance to get the 
drop on the Talosians. If anything, at least the primitive emotions 
that had been swirling through their minds during lovemaking had hidden 
her overwhelming urge to escape. For all she knew they were no longer 
reading her mind at all, convinced the coitus was unfeigned.
    As hours passed, that seemed more and more the case. At first Colt 
attempted to dredge up fierce anger when the Keeper came by to request 
an encore performance, if only to gauge how response he responded. It 
soon became clear by the almost bored look in his eyes, though, that 
the Talosians had already lost interest in watching the humans mate. 
Relieved, but still keenly aware of the duties she had to perform, the 
fast-thinking Yeoman shucked off her trousers in a flash and hungrily 
crawled over to her lover. Captain Pike was even more willing to comply 
this time, embracing Colt as she fitted their respective nether organs 
together and began undulating atop him. 
    Once the girl’s maidenhood was taken care of and she had a chance 
to rest, it was liberating for her to discover just how pleasurable sex 
could be. It was not nearly as much fun as locking the doors to her 
quarters and coming over and over again as she fiercely played with 
herself, but definitely a close second — even if she did have to let 
the captain put that gooey stuff inside her. The pair writhed together 
far more poetically than before, having adapted to their partner’s way 
of lovemaking without even realizing it. As before, the spying Talosian 
soon dropped away to the back of their minds. He was inconsequential to 
the fireworks about to erupt, this time for both of them.
    Colt groaned ostentatiously as she entered orgasm, her young sheath 
sucking on Pike’s member harder than ever. As the junior officer’s eyes 
rolled back in her head, she pressed her crotch firmly onto her mate’s, 
using up every last bit of strength to foster an explosive climax. Her 
reward came right away in the form of warm jets of greasy spunk which 
splashed her tender passage even as she continued to wildly buck her on 
top of the captain. With a last, sated shudder, Colt drifted away from 
ecstasy, lowering herself into his arms to purr with content and bask 
in the heat of afterglow.
    The keeper was gone by the time they both came to their senses, his 
work complete. Already along the long corridor lights were dimming in 
concordance with the surface to ensure the specimens had the comfort of 
a day-night cycle. Before they went out entirely, Colt and Pike decided 
to get into a little less flagrant a position. The redhead rose again 
until she was straddling him, lifting her butt up just enough to pull 
his slick rod out of her inseminated muff and giggle as torrents of cum 
spilled out. After what the two had already been through (and expected 
would likely continue for some time), dressing seemed quaint and silly. 
The captain simply rolled over, taking his partner with him until they 
were both cuddling each other on their sides.
    During the night was when both parties finally decided to throw off 
all pretense of merely earning the Talosians’ trust. Colt was awakened 
by a curious prodding sensation in her abdomen, and even in the utter 
blackness she could tell what it with without thinking.
    “You don’t have to…” Pike whispered, apparently unable to get 
back to sleep. How could she blame him?
    “I want to…” the yeoman replied sweetly, maneuvering her hips to 
just the right place and sinking down onto his swollen manhood with a 
relishing rasp.
    They did it again right where they lay — grunting and clawing at 
each other in the blissful privacy of the dark. This time there was no 
hiding of feelings and Colt pressed her lips against Pike’s as she had 
so longed for, heart leaping in delight as he returned the gesture with 
equal passion. It was hard and fast, much rougher than before. Frantic 
with emotion, the horny girl almost thought it was over when his prick 
began to pulse and spurt within her, but then her own body started 
convulsing in tune to rhythmic pounding. It was absolutely magnificent 
— by far the most exhaustingly intense flood of sensation she’d ever 
had. Colt would gladly have continued to impale herself on his fleshy 
knob and done the work for both of them, but the man was unfortunately 
spent. At least for the time being.
    Captain Pike made it up to her the very next morning, rubbing her 
creamy buttocks from the spooning position they’d ended up in before 
simply ramming his penis into her unconscious body. She loved every 
second of it, breath heavy with lust as a wonderful dream melted away 
to reveal that it was actually happening. After that, things just 
seemed to spiral out of control into an unceasing blur of sexual 
revelry. Starfleet’s birth control regimen definitely received a 
thorough field test over the next few days. Though the injections were 
supposed to last a month, they were not possibly designed for such 
rigorous activity. In addition to the aliens’ daily observation (to 
which their prisoners were more than eager to oblige), the pair made 
love countless other times, always looking for a chance to present 
itself for escape.
    It was Colt who eventually found a way — confiding to her lover 
after he’d just pumped a fresh load in her belly one night. There was 
virtually nothing in the cell that could be pried or wrenched off into 
tools, but the stone bench upon which they had first joined seemed not 
to be anchored to the floor. Kissing her lovingly on the forehead, the 
captain nuzzled his lithe mate and promised her that by tomorrow they 
would be able to continue screwing on the Enterprise.
    The very next morning when the Keeper arrived to check up on his 
charges, he found Yeoman Colt obediently get on all fours and spread 
her legs wide for Pike to forcefully penetrate her from behind. He did 
just that, and in no time the ravished girl was moaning for all she was 
worth — ponytail swinging seductively as her body tried to cushion the 
impact of each thrust.
    It was now or never. Pike squirted his seed as fast as he could, 
causing Colt to squeal in delight as the friction in her tight channel 
was imbued with warmth. Though she couldn’t let herself come and risk 
getting groggy, it was still a pleasant consolation. “Now!” she heard 
the captain bellow as he pulled out, giving the signal for her to 
spring into action. The Keeper caught right away on that something was 
amiss, but was by now so complacent with his happily-mated prisoners 
that summoning the will to impose his mind on theirs would have taken a 
few moments. They weren’t going to give him the chance.
    Expending all the energy he had left after being caged up for the 
better part of a month, Captain Pike grabbed the edge of the stone seat 
in the middle of the room and lifted with an explosive outcry, flinging 
the object well past ninety degrees. Inertia took over and it careened 
towards the glass, gaining speed as gravity beckoned it homeward. All 
the Talosian could do was hold up his hands in a clearly futile attempt 
to command it into submission. The object splintered through the clear 
barrier regardless, sickeningly crumpling him under it’s weight and 
forever silencing the metallic voice.
    Knowing they would only have a minute before the being’s telepathic 
death-knell summoned reinforcements, Colt nimbly leapt through the hole 
to freedom, being careful to avoid stepping on the glass shards which 
now covered the hallway. Bending down, she caught a glimmer of gold 
underneath the bench where the alien’s belt was and tugged hard at it, 
wrapping her fist around the comforting steel of her phaser for the 
first time since it was confiscated.
    Not a moment to soon, either. As soon as she had succeeded, the 
elevator door on the far end of the menagerie began to slide open. The 
Yeoman’s instincts were cold and deadly — she opened fire immediately, 
vaporizing large sections of the wall and producing billowing clouds of 
acrid, black smoke. Without missing a beat, she gabbed the other weapon 
and tossed it towards her captain. He quickly blasted a larger hole in 
the glass and supported her attack, the two of them expending energy 
without relent until absolutely sure that the Talosians were no more.
    It was indeed finally over, but there were still a few loose ends 
to tie up before they could all rest easy back aboard the Enterprise. 
Hopefully the ship was still in orbit and the lieutenant hadn’t been 
moved too far away, but as Pike wrapped an arm around Colt and kissed 
her deeply, she realized she wasn’t in much of a hurry to get back to 

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It’s laundry day on Enterprise

Star Trek Aliens Having Sex

Hentai Picture: It’s laundry day on Enterprise
Lots of Star Trek lassies’ knockers bobbing up and down at deep cock thrusts and the most humble deities being changed into sexual knick-knackeries. Another fuck-obessed hottie from Star Trek got those perfect big boobs to show us and she never says “no” to any man or boy… Naughty teen getting fucked in the ass and taking a huge amount of manly cream right into her aching fanny…

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Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 2

Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 2

Part Two.
    Odo watched Conner escort Norman onto the Enterprise, both gave him
strange looks.
    “I feel it now,” said Conner,”It’s faint, but I feel his presence.”
    “What do we do?”
    “Nothing, he is not one of us, let his kind deal with him, as we
deal with our own,” he gave Norman a meaningful glance, the captured
Immortal shuddered, envisaging his death when they arrived back on Earth,
and Conner’s arranged accident for him.
    Odo suddenly stepped forward,”Can you tell me something
Mr MaCleod?”
    “Certainly Constable,” said Conner, smiling.
    “This Duncan, he was your cousin?”
    “Strange, Duncan MacLeod once claimed kinship to one Russell Nash,
but that was one hundred years ago, before the Original Enterprise,” he
waved at the ship above them,”Before it was even built, you don’t appear on
any records until 5 years ago.”
    “I’m cleared with Federation security aren’t I?”
    “Yes, but something is wrong.”
    Conner sighed and handed Norman over to a waiting
security guard,”Take him on board, tell the Captain I’ll catch up in a few
    Norman stared at him strangely.
    “There’ll be plenty of time for you,” Conner grinned,”But I’ll be
staying on, to talk to Mr Odo.”
        Several hours later, the Enterprise left, and Fido happily sent out
the signal it had been instructed to.
    Scotty stared after the Enterprise happily,”Always a beautiful
ship,” he said,”But I feel like I should be on it, holding it together,” he
smiled and walked back into Quark’s bar.
    In Ops, Sisko had a nagging feeling that something was seriously
wrong, he couldn’t place it, call it instinct, but Kira wasn’t around, the
computer was playing up and the Replicator would only serve Macaroni and
Cheese, which he hated.  Odo would be working on that usually, but he was
immersed in deep discussion with Conner MacLeod, who had stayed behind for
some reason when the Enterprise had left.
    “Computer, where is Major Kira?” he asked, her comm badge giving no
response, he waited patiently,”Computer?”
    “We are running within acceptable operational limits.”
    “What?” he asked, O’Brien popped up from beneath a monitor, threw
down his tools in disgust and looked up at Sisko,”I’m sorry sir, it’s
running damn slow…..It just answered a question I asked half an hour
    “What is wrong?” Sisko asked, expecting a highly
detailed, incomprehensible answer, but O’Brien merely shrugged and
said,”Not enough power.”
    “Somehow we’re losing power, I can’t find any leaks or breaches,
it’s just disappearing from all computer systems.”
    “Is there any outside force…?”
    “No, I checked, the station is totally secure, but somehow we’re
losing all energy.”
    “If it’s not leaving the station, it has to be going somewhere.”
    “That’s just it, what part of this station exists that we don’t know
about that can suck energy and not be detected?
        It’s not possible for anything to exist like that without being
detected, it has to be part of the mainframe…..,” suddenly he remembered
his conversation with Geordi,”I fed it into an unused system and cared for
it ever since……a part that was completely separate from the
    “What?” said Sisko, perplexed.
        “Fido!!” cried O’Brien,”It’s stealing the power.”
    Kira couldn’t believe it, she had climaxed twice in the last five
minutes, her doubles tongue expertly lapping up her juices as they flowed
from her cunt.  She had never known such pleasure before, at first Kira2’s
tongue had lightly probed her cunt lips, more annoying than arousing, but
then she had began to suck on them, her tongue darting back and forth over
her clitoris…..which had sent her off.  Her now free hands massaged her
tits rather than tried to throw off the computer generated twin as she
exploded again.
    “Oh by the Prophets,” she cried,”Faster….please faster.”
    Her double complied quickly and ran her hand down to her own cunt,
wanking herself in exactly the same way as Kira herself did…those little
bastards had obviously taped her a lot.  But right now she was more likely
to give Jake and Nog blowjobs than to kill them, this was so fucking
    Her double moaned happily and came, her juices running over her
fingers, she cupped her wet hands around Kira’s ass cheeks and slowly
massaged them as she continued to lick away quickly.
    Kira knew she should be resisting…but she couldn’t bring herself
to do it.
    Sisko watched as O’Brien yelled commands at the computer and typed
in orders, the lights flashed on as part of his plan would work, then off
as Fido would compensate.  The ‘puppy’ had refused to acknowledge the Chief
and Sisko was worried this particular little temper tantrum would kill them
all, they had attempted to contact the Enterprise but had been cut off
before they could even open a channel, not even Dax could penetrate the
security shield Fido had thrown up around the comms lines.
    “Yes,” cried O’Brien,”I’ve got a way to shut it down, it’s sending
out energy signals to command the computer, it seems to speak the same
programming as the computer so it’s ignoring my orders, but I can bypass
those signals and shut Fido completely down.”
    “For good?”
        “No sir, Fido is firmly enmeshed in the computer, but I can
certainly knock him out for a while.”
    “How are you going to do it?”
    “It’s quite simple sir, remember the shield and engine we set up
when we first arrived here to take us to the wormhole?”
    “Of course, it’s where I met the Prophets.”
        “I can redirect Fido’s energy signals into those
conduits, effectively shutting him off from us and putting up a temporary
shield….which will come in quite handy while we repair the damage he’s
    “Do it Chief, we have to stop this thing…….” at that same
moment, an electrical surge blew O’Brien back against the wall, where he
slumped into unconsciousness.
    “Chief!!” cried Sisko, he ran to the motionless man,”Doctor
Bashir,” he cried into his comm-link,”To Ops now!!!”
    Dax rushed to the computer, Sisko joined her as soon as Bashir
arrived, he looked down at the panel and cursed, he knew how to operate it,
but O’Brien’s plan completely eluded him, Dax smiled at him nervously,”Don’t
worry Benjamin, I think I can do what he was planning.”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Of course……about 80% sure anyway.”
    “Just do it,” said Sisko, and the station fell into complete
    Kira lay motionless, around her the yellow grid of the Holo-Deck
shined dully, she slowly sat up, her double and the machine had disappeared,
so had the copy of her room and all signs of their being there, except of
course, for Kira’s cum.
      She moaned in disappointment, then caught herself, she had been
raped by the damn thing, she hadn’t enjoyed it…had she?  She slowly got
up and looked around for some sort of clothes, her own were ripped to
    “Computer, are any holodeck costumes available?”  there was no
answer,”Computer? damn it,” she walked towards the door, it remained
stubbornly closed…..oh no…..what if she had to wait to be rescued? Who
would find her like this?   She grabbed the doors and began to slowly pull
them open.
    Odo and Conner had been discussing a great deal, he held in his
hand a letter opener covered in blood, Conner’s blood, he had watched the
wound heal in front of him but still held out against the crazy idea that
the man was Immortal.
    Suddenly the light’s blacked out, Odo looked up angrily,”Damn it,
what’s going on.  Computer, activate emergency lights….computer?”
    “No light? no computer?” said Conner,”Something is up.”
    “I didn’t hear a red alarm, there can’t be an attack.”
    They both stood and rushed to the door, it remained shut, they
quickly forced it open and rushed out onto the Promenade.  They stared
around as vague figures rushed here and there, Quark screamed out about
robbers and a phaser fired, Odo immediately leaped down to the floor, his
legs almost magically stretching out before him.
    “Quiet!!!” he shouted and for a brief second everyone stopped, then
they began moving again.  Conner joined him and they looked around wildly,
suddenly a familiar humming sound filled the air.
    “Someone’s teleporting,” said Conner and stared in shock as three
Cardassians appeared in front of him.  The man standing at the front said
something irritably and then pointed a phaser at the Security man, before
he could move the blast hit him square in the chest, he collapsed.
        Odo grabbed a Cardassian who just laughed and quickly stabbed him
with a knife, Odo smiled and began to reform his stomach, when
the Cardassian pushed a pill into the hole then rushed back.  Odo felt a
growing pressure inside him and suddenly exploded, his body flying across
the Promenade, bits of him hitting the wall, one part falling into Triffle
soup and another on the dead body of Conner, which was even now repairing
it’s wounds and preparing to revive him.
    “Come,” said one of the Cardassians,”We must take the station.”
    Sisko screamed for lights but got no reply, Dax pushed the buttons,
but without power they were useless, she yelled in anger and punched the
console, remembering how such an action had once helped O’Brien.
    Worf appeared from nowhere, and shouted for silence, his deep voice
penetrating the room,”Attention,” he cried,”There is nothing to worry about,
we’ll all be fine if we just calm down.”
    Sisko grinned,”Worf is right, there is to be no panic, that’s the
last thing we need, just calm down and we’ll get the computers up and
running again.”
    He wished he knew how.
    Kira slid through the dark corridors silently, hiding whenever
someone approached, but she didn’t hear the three men approaching until she
bumped into them.  Thank the Prophets for the dark she though and mumbled
apologies.  But the three men did not step clear, one said quietly,”She’s
Bajoran,” she felt instant fear rush through her as she recognized the
accent, Cardassian!!!
    The leader grabbed her and pulled her against him, cupping her
mouth in his hand, he muttered something in Cardassian to himself and then
said out loud,”A stroke of luck, she’s naked!!”
    “Hehe, the program must have caught her in the shower,” whispered
the second,”What’s our time so far?”
    “Fifteen minutes,” said the last,”We’re a half hour ahead of
    “That’s plenty for this Bajoran bitch, let’s see her face,” the 2nd
Cardassian pulled out a small stick and snapped it, a small light emanated.
    “My Go….It’s Kira!”
    Kira groaned as the Cardassian stared at her,”DuKat’s told me a lot
about this bitch,” he moved the stick down, taking in her naked body, he
smiled,”But I wonder if she’s as good a fuck as he says?”
    Kira struggled wildly against her captor as she heard these words,
the thought of her and Gul DuKat together was not only impossible, it was
revolting.   The 2nd Cardassian grabbed her nipple and twisted, she squealed
    “Stop moving bitch,” he said,”I’m leader here, you – No’Kase – hold
her arms down, L’varn – her legs.”
    Kira was forced to the ground, her legs spread open with ease, she
resisted, but these Cardassians were tough, they easily held her down.  She
heard the sound of cloth against flesh as the Cardassian leader removed his
pants, he grabbed her tits in his hands and suddenly she felt his mouth
engulf one nipple, he sucked on it, then teasingly probed at it with his
tongue.  Above her No’Kase had managed to slip his pants off while still
holding her down, he thrust his hard cock at her face, she twisted her head
away.  The leader grabbed her by the hair and smashed her head against the
floor, she opened her mouth to scream in pain but No’Kase forced his
fingers into her open mouth, forcing it to remain open.  She suddenly felt
the Cardassian meat slide into her mouth, the leader had moved from her
tits to her cunt, which he probed dartingly, flicking back and forth
expertly over her clitoris.  No’Kase twisted around so he was sitting on
her chest, her tits the perfect cushion for his ass, he began thrusting
his cock into her mouth, ordering her to suck and slapping her when she
didn’t, she tried to bite but it was no good, his cock was too thick and
constricted the movement off her jaws, the best she could do was salivate
over his cock, which didn’t do too much to get him out of the mood.  The
leader – whose name she still did not know – moved his tongue away from her
cunt, he grunted angrily,”She hasn’t come.”
    “She’s already wet,” said L’varn,”Fuck her…”
    “No!” cried the leader,”I’ll make this Bajoran bitch come if it’s
the last thing I do.”
    “Remember our time-frame,” grumbled L’varn, being the lowest ranking
member of the invasion team meant that he wasn’t going to get any of the
hot Bajoran bitch.
        The leader redoubled his effort, his tongue probed here and there,
slowly licking from her inner thigh up to the lips of her cunt first, then
rapidly nibbling away at her clitoris, the Cardassian was an expert on this
form of torture and Kira could feel her resolve wavering, she felt anger
flow through her, but she also felt helpless, she was being raped by two
Cardassians and couldn’t stop them, she couldn’t even call out because this
bastard Cardassian had his cock down her throat.  Suddenly she felt a rush
flow through her, she arched her back slightly and moaned around the cock
thrusting in and out of her mouth, the Cardassian leader seized the chance
and licked away faster, probing at her cunt until suddenly she felt it
happen, an orgasm ripped through her – the combined experience of getting
fucked by the computer, her own double and now 2 Cardassians was too much,
she orgasmed and screamed in anger, No’Kase laughed, then stiffened and
Kira felt his cock jerk spasmodically in her mouth, then she felt warm
cum flow down her throat, she tried to spit it out but his cock was buried
deeply in her throat and she was forced to swallow the Cardassian cum.  The
leader withdrew his tongue from her cunt and replaced it with a huge cock,
she cried out, but No’Kase had moved off her and was holding her arms down
and her mouth shut.  The leader thrust his cock into her quickly, with no
thought for her pleasure, her humiliation only increased his desire.  She
now understood the actions of the Bajorans who had raped all the captured
Cardassian women, and even the ministers who had had it televised.  This
was revenge, plain and simple.  He continued to thrust into her, his
thrusting motions making her tits flail wildly, moving first this way and
then that, the sensation was not entirely unpleasurable, she knew what was
going on, she was being brainwashed by the pleasure, she had seen it happen
to many Bajoran fighters, men hypnotized by women and women by men.  She
gritted her teeth to show her displeasure, but her erect nipples told
another story, as did the next orgasm that was rocked from her,  the leader
doubled his efforts, thrusting into her slowly now, recognizing she was
being dominated and humiliated, and enjoying it.  He stopped and she cried
out in disappointment, her face flushed crimson with embarrassment and then
anger, she cried and struggled but he continued to fuck her with no
remorse, and as each orgasm was ripped from her, she wondered why on Bajor
she was resisting.  Suddenly the leader stiffened, and then came, his sperm
rocketing down her passages, searching for her womb…she felt shock as she
considered the possibility of pregnancy.  The leader moved away from her
and looked back at L’varn,”Okay ensign, prove your worth and finish this
bitch off, make her cum!”
    L’varn saluted, holding both feet down with one hand to Kira’s
embarrassment,”Yes Commander!”
    The leader took L’Varn’s position, L’varn stood up – and was
blasted across the room by a phaser, Kira looked up shocked and saw Thomas
Riker standing at the end of the corridor, an old style lamp held above
his head in one hand, a phaser in the other.
    “Run!” cried No’Kase, leaving Kira behind he and the Leader charged
into the darkness.
    “Major, are you all right?” Thomas asked, staring down at her,
obviously trying not to look at her tits or cunt, but also not at her
face, where Cardassian cum was still dripping from her mouth.
    “I need some clothes,” she said, trying not to sound embarrassed
or to let her tears show through,”Help me to my room.”
    End Of Part 2.

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