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One of Star Treck gals without her starfleet uniform!

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Hentai Picture: One of Star Treck gals without her starfleet uniform!
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Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 2

Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 2

Part Two.
    Odo watched Conner escort Norman onto the Enterprise, both gave him
strange looks.
    “I feel it now,” said Conner,”It’s faint, but I feel his presence.”
    “What do we do?”
    “Nothing, he is not one of us, let his kind deal with him, as we
deal with our own,” he gave Norman a meaningful glance, the captured
Immortal shuddered, envisaging his death when they arrived back on Earth,
and Conner’s arranged accident for him.
    Odo suddenly stepped forward,”Can you tell me something
Mr MaCleod?”
    “Certainly Constable,” said Conner, smiling.
    “This Duncan, he was your cousin?”
    “Strange, Duncan MacLeod once claimed kinship to one Russell Nash,
but that was one hundred years ago, before the Original Enterprise,” he
waved at the ship above them,”Before it was even built, you don’t appear on
any records until 5 years ago.”
    “I’m cleared with Federation security aren’t I?”
    “Yes, but something is wrong.”
    Conner sighed and handed Norman over to a waiting
security guard,”Take him on board, tell the Captain I’ll catch up in a few
    Norman stared at him strangely.
    “There’ll be plenty of time for you,” Conner grinned,”But I’ll be
staying on, to talk to Mr Odo.”
        Several hours later, the Enterprise left, and Fido happily sent out
the signal it had been instructed to.
    Scotty stared after the Enterprise happily,”Always a beautiful
ship,” he said,”But I feel like I should be on it, holding it together,” he
smiled and walked back into Quark’s bar.
    In Ops, Sisko had a nagging feeling that something was seriously
wrong, he couldn’t place it, call it instinct, but Kira wasn’t around, the
computer was playing up and the Replicator would only serve Macaroni and
Cheese, which he hated.  Odo would be working on that usually, but he was
immersed in deep discussion with Conner MacLeod, who had stayed behind for
some reason when the Enterprise had left.
    “Computer, where is Major Kira?” he asked, her comm badge giving no
response, he waited patiently,”Computer?”
    “We are running within acceptable operational limits.”
    “What?” he asked, O’Brien popped up from beneath a monitor, threw
down his tools in disgust and looked up at Sisko,”I’m sorry sir, it’s
running damn slow…..It just answered a question I asked half an hour
    “What is wrong?” Sisko asked, expecting a highly
detailed, incomprehensible answer, but O’Brien merely shrugged and
said,”Not enough power.”
    “Somehow we’re losing power, I can’t find any leaks or breaches,
it’s just disappearing from all computer systems.”
    “Is there any outside force…?”
    “No, I checked, the station is totally secure, but somehow we’re
losing all energy.”
    “If it’s not leaving the station, it has to be going somewhere.”
    “That’s just it, what part of this station exists that we don’t know
about that can suck energy and not be detected?
        It’s not possible for anything to exist like that without being
detected, it has to be part of the mainframe…..,” suddenly he remembered
his conversation with Geordi,”I fed it into an unused system and cared for
it ever since……a part that was completely separate from the
    “What?” said Sisko, perplexed.
        “Fido!!” cried O’Brien,”It’s stealing the power.”
    Kira couldn’t believe it, she had climaxed twice in the last five
minutes, her doubles tongue expertly lapping up her juices as they flowed
from her cunt.  She had never known such pleasure before, at first Kira2’s
tongue had lightly probed her cunt lips, more annoying than arousing, but
then she had began to suck on them, her tongue darting back and forth over
her clitoris…..which had sent her off.  Her now free hands massaged her
tits rather than tried to throw off the computer generated twin as she
exploded again.
    “Oh by the Prophets,” she cried,”Faster….please faster.”
    Her double complied quickly and ran her hand down to her own cunt,
wanking herself in exactly the same way as Kira herself did…those little
bastards had obviously taped her a lot.  But right now she was more likely
to give Jake and Nog blowjobs than to kill them, this was so fucking
    Her double moaned happily and came, her juices running over her
fingers, she cupped her wet hands around Kira’s ass cheeks and slowly
massaged them as she continued to lick away quickly.
    Kira knew she should be resisting…but she couldn’t bring herself
to do it.
    Sisko watched as O’Brien yelled commands at the computer and typed
in orders, the lights flashed on as part of his plan would work, then off
as Fido would compensate.  The ‘puppy’ had refused to acknowledge the Chief
and Sisko was worried this particular little temper tantrum would kill them
all, they had attempted to contact the Enterprise but had been cut off
before they could even open a channel, not even Dax could penetrate the
security shield Fido had thrown up around the comms lines.
    “Yes,” cried O’Brien,”I’ve got a way to shut it down, it’s sending
out energy signals to command the computer, it seems to speak the same
programming as the computer so it’s ignoring my orders, but I can bypass
those signals and shut Fido completely down.”
    “For good?”
        “No sir, Fido is firmly enmeshed in the computer, but I can
certainly knock him out for a while.”
    “How are you going to do it?”
    “It’s quite simple sir, remember the shield and engine we set up
when we first arrived here to take us to the wormhole?”
    “Of course, it’s where I met the Prophets.”
        “I can redirect Fido’s energy signals into those
conduits, effectively shutting him off from us and putting up a temporary
shield….which will come in quite handy while we repair the damage he’s
    “Do it Chief, we have to stop this thing…….” at that same
moment, an electrical surge blew O’Brien back against the wall, where he
slumped into unconsciousness.
    “Chief!!” cried Sisko, he ran to the motionless man,”Doctor
Bashir,” he cried into his comm-link,”To Ops now!!!”
    Dax rushed to the computer, Sisko joined her as soon as Bashir
arrived, he looked down at the panel and cursed, he knew how to operate it,
but O’Brien’s plan completely eluded him, Dax smiled at him nervously,”Don’t
worry Benjamin, I think I can do what he was planning.”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Of course……about 80% sure anyway.”
    “Just do it,” said Sisko, and the station fell into complete
    Kira lay motionless, around her the yellow grid of the Holo-Deck
shined dully, she slowly sat up, her double and the machine had disappeared,
so had the copy of her room and all signs of their being there, except of
course, for Kira’s cum.
      She moaned in disappointment, then caught herself, she had been
raped by the damn thing, she hadn’t enjoyed it…had she?  She slowly got
up and looked around for some sort of clothes, her own were ripped to
    “Computer, are any holodeck costumes available?”  there was no
answer,”Computer? damn it,” she walked towards the door, it remained
stubbornly closed…..oh no…..what if she had to wait to be rescued? Who
would find her like this?   She grabbed the doors and began to slowly pull
them open.
    Odo and Conner had been discussing a great deal, he held in his
hand a letter opener covered in blood, Conner’s blood, he had watched the
wound heal in front of him but still held out against the crazy idea that
the man was Immortal.
    Suddenly the light’s blacked out, Odo looked up angrily,”Damn it,
what’s going on.  Computer, activate emergency lights….computer?”
    “No light? no computer?” said Conner,”Something is up.”
    “I didn’t hear a red alarm, there can’t be an attack.”
    They both stood and rushed to the door, it remained shut, they
quickly forced it open and rushed out onto the Promenade.  They stared
around as vague figures rushed here and there, Quark screamed out about
robbers and a phaser fired, Odo immediately leaped down to the floor, his
legs almost magically stretching out before him.
    “Quiet!!!” he shouted and for a brief second everyone stopped, then
they began moving again.  Conner joined him and they looked around wildly,
suddenly a familiar humming sound filled the air.
    “Someone’s teleporting,” said Conner and stared in shock as three
Cardassians appeared in front of him.  The man standing at the front said
something irritably and then pointed a phaser at the Security man, before
he could move the blast hit him square in the chest, he collapsed.
        Odo grabbed a Cardassian who just laughed and quickly stabbed him
with a knife, Odo smiled and began to reform his stomach, when
the Cardassian pushed a pill into the hole then rushed back.  Odo felt a
growing pressure inside him and suddenly exploded, his body flying across
the Promenade, bits of him hitting the wall, one part falling into Triffle
soup and another on the dead body of Conner, which was even now repairing
it’s wounds and preparing to revive him.
    “Come,” said one of the Cardassians,”We must take the station.”
    Sisko screamed for lights but got no reply, Dax pushed the buttons,
but without power they were useless, she yelled in anger and punched the
console, remembering how such an action had once helped O’Brien.
    Worf appeared from nowhere, and shouted for silence, his deep voice
penetrating the room,”Attention,” he cried,”There is nothing to worry about,
we’ll all be fine if we just calm down.”
    Sisko grinned,”Worf is right, there is to be no panic, that’s the
last thing we need, just calm down and we’ll get the computers up and
running again.”
    He wished he knew how.
    Kira slid through the dark corridors silently, hiding whenever
someone approached, but she didn’t hear the three men approaching until she
bumped into them.  Thank the Prophets for the dark she though and mumbled
apologies.  But the three men did not step clear, one said quietly,”She’s
Bajoran,” she felt instant fear rush through her as she recognized the
accent, Cardassian!!!
    The leader grabbed her and pulled her against him, cupping her
mouth in his hand, he muttered something in Cardassian to himself and then
said out loud,”A stroke of luck, she’s naked!!”
    “Hehe, the program must have caught her in the shower,” whispered
the second,”What’s our time so far?”
    “Fifteen minutes,” said the last,”We’re a half hour ahead of
    “That’s plenty for this Bajoran bitch, let’s see her face,” the 2nd
Cardassian pulled out a small stick and snapped it, a small light emanated.
    “My Go….It’s Kira!”
    Kira groaned as the Cardassian stared at her,”DuKat’s told me a lot
about this bitch,” he moved the stick down, taking in her naked body, he
smiled,”But I wonder if she’s as good a fuck as he says?”
    Kira struggled wildly against her captor as she heard these words,
the thought of her and Gul DuKat together was not only impossible, it was
revolting.   The 2nd Cardassian grabbed her nipple and twisted, she squealed
    “Stop moving bitch,” he said,”I’m leader here, you – No’Kase – hold
her arms down, L’varn – her legs.”
    Kira was forced to the ground, her legs spread open with ease, she
resisted, but these Cardassians were tough, they easily held her down.  She
heard the sound of cloth against flesh as the Cardassian leader removed his
pants, he grabbed her tits in his hands and suddenly she felt his mouth
engulf one nipple, he sucked on it, then teasingly probed at it with his
tongue.  Above her No’Kase had managed to slip his pants off while still
holding her down, he thrust his hard cock at her face, she twisted her head
away.  The leader grabbed her by the hair and smashed her head against the
floor, she opened her mouth to scream in pain but No’Kase forced his
fingers into her open mouth, forcing it to remain open.  She suddenly felt
the Cardassian meat slide into her mouth, the leader had moved from her
tits to her cunt, which he probed dartingly, flicking back and forth
expertly over her clitoris.  No’Kase twisted around so he was sitting on
her chest, her tits the perfect cushion for his ass, he began thrusting
his cock into her mouth, ordering her to suck and slapping her when she
didn’t, she tried to bite but it was no good, his cock was too thick and
constricted the movement off her jaws, the best she could do was salivate
over his cock, which didn’t do too much to get him out of the mood.  The
leader – whose name she still did not know – moved his tongue away from her
cunt, he grunted angrily,”She hasn’t come.”
    “She’s already wet,” said L’varn,”Fuck her…”
    “No!” cried the leader,”I’ll make this Bajoran bitch come if it’s
the last thing I do.”
    “Remember our time-frame,” grumbled L’varn, being the lowest ranking
member of the invasion team meant that he wasn’t going to get any of the
hot Bajoran bitch.
        The leader redoubled his effort, his tongue probed here and there,
slowly licking from her inner thigh up to the lips of her cunt first, then
rapidly nibbling away at her clitoris, the Cardassian was an expert on this
form of torture and Kira could feel her resolve wavering, she felt anger
flow through her, but she also felt helpless, she was being raped by two
Cardassians and couldn’t stop them, she couldn’t even call out because this
bastard Cardassian had his cock down her throat.  Suddenly she felt a rush
flow through her, she arched her back slightly and moaned around the cock
thrusting in and out of her mouth, the Cardassian leader seized the chance
and licked away faster, probing at her cunt until suddenly she felt it
happen, an orgasm ripped through her – the combined experience of getting
fucked by the computer, her own double and now 2 Cardassians was too much,
she orgasmed and screamed in anger, No’Kase laughed, then stiffened and
Kira felt his cock jerk spasmodically in her mouth, then she felt warm
cum flow down her throat, she tried to spit it out but his cock was buried
deeply in her throat and she was forced to swallow the Cardassian cum.  The
leader withdrew his tongue from her cunt and replaced it with a huge cock,
she cried out, but No’Kase had moved off her and was holding her arms down
and her mouth shut.  The leader thrust his cock into her quickly, with no
thought for her pleasure, her humiliation only increased his desire.  She
now understood the actions of the Bajorans who had raped all the captured
Cardassian women, and even the ministers who had had it televised.  This
was revenge, plain and simple.  He continued to thrust into her, his
thrusting motions making her tits flail wildly, moving first this way and
then that, the sensation was not entirely unpleasurable, she knew what was
going on, she was being brainwashed by the pleasure, she had seen it happen
to many Bajoran fighters, men hypnotized by women and women by men.  She
gritted her teeth to show her displeasure, but her erect nipples told
another story, as did the next orgasm that was rocked from her,  the leader
doubled his efforts, thrusting into her slowly now, recognizing she was
being dominated and humiliated, and enjoying it.  He stopped and she cried
out in disappointment, her face flushed crimson with embarrassment and then
anger, she cried and struggled but he continued to fuck her with no
remorse, and as each orgasm was ripped from her, she wondered why on Bajor
she was resisting.  Suddenly the leader stiffened, and then came, his sperm
rocketing down her passages, searching for her womb…she felt shock as she
considered the possibility of pregnancy.  The leader moved away from her
and looked back at L’varn,”Okay ensign, prove your worth and finish this
bitch off, make her cum!”
    L’varn saluted, holding both feet down with one hand to Kira’s
embarrassment,”Yes Commander!”
    The leader took L’Varn’s position, L’varn stood up – and was
blasted across the room by a phaser, Kira looked up shocked and saw Thomas
Riker standing at the end of the corridor, an old style lamp held above
his head in one hand, a phaser in the other.
    “Run!” cried No’Kase, leaving Kira behind he and the Leader charged
into the darkness.
    “Major, are you all right?” Thomas asked, staring down at her,
obviously trying not to look at her tits or cunt, but also not at her
face, where Cardassian cum was still dripping from her mouth.
    “I need some clothes,” she said, trying not to sound embarrassed
or to let her tears show through,”Help me to my room.”
    End Of Part 2.

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