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Satisfy her or die!

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Deanna Troi has the biggest boobs of all Enterprise captains!

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Hentai Picture: Deanna Troi has the biggest boobs of all Enterprise captains!
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There are busty cocklovers in any galaxy!

Star Trek Voyager Porn Parody

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Star Trek Porn Story: Future Imperfect – Chapter 1

Star Trek Porn Story: Future Imperfect – Chapter 1

        The USS Excelsior – NCC 2000 – moved serenely through the inky
blackness of space.  The ship seemed to have a vitality about it, it
almost appeared to thrum with a quiet power.
        The first of it’s kind, Excelsior was the pride of The Federation,
although it had almost been an embarrassment.  Under Captain Styles,
the ship was the first to make use of the experimental Trans-Warp Drive,
which was a complete and utter failure.  At first the failure was thought
to be the result of Excelsior’s Engineer at the time, Mr. Scott, and his
intentional sabotage.  But it was later discovered that there were some
serious design flaws which would have caused the warp nacelles to explode
if the Trans-Warp drive was activated.  It was overhauled, but the system
continued to be plagued by troubles, so it was refitted with a standard
warpdrive and a new crew, including Captain Hikaru Sulu.
        Captain Sulu sat now, in his command chair, looking out the
viewscreen at the stars all around them.  He sipped at tea brought to him
by Ensign Tuvok, it had become something of a ritual for him, ever since
they’d been caught in the pulse wave from the destruction of Praxis.
        – I must get the recipe put into the replicators, – he thought
to himself.  Tuvok was leaving them soon, he’d expressed a dissatisfaction
with Starfleet and a desire (although, thought Sulu, perhaps desire was
a strong word to use for a Vulcan) to return to Vulcan and attempt The
        – Why bother, – he thought with a smile, remembering
the conversation he’d had with Tuvok about leaving Starfleet.  He’d asked
him when he’d wanted to leave, and The Vulcan had replied that he’d like
to go soon, perhaps within four years or so.
        – When you can expect to live two to three centuries, – Sulu
thought with a smile, – I guess your sense of soon is a little different
to others. –
        “Do you find something amusing, sir?” Tuvok asked.
        “Hmmm? No, Mr. Tuvok,” responded Sulu, realizing his smile had
been wide enough for the sharp-eyed Vulcan to pick up on,”I was just
thinking about something.”
        “Indeed,” replied Tuvok, standing ready in case he was needed,
he would stay there until Sulu finished his tea.
        “Captain,” said Junior Communications Officer, Ensign Slater,”We
have an incoming message from an unknown vessel,” he frowned slightly,”Sir,
it’s changed to a distress signal.”
        “On screen,” said Sulu.
        For a second an image appeared of a man in the smoking remnants
of a bridge, red light flashing as pieces of the ceiling collapsed down
to the ground.  People lay in the background, moaning and calling for
help.  Then the image faded.
        “Get it back!” cried Sulu, he’d put his cup down by the command
chair, where it would have fallen if Tuvok hadn’t steadied it and picked
it up, all without looking.
        “I’m trying, sir!” cried Slater,”We’re being jammed.”
        “Janice?” cried Sulu.
        Janice Rand – Communications Officer and third in command of
The Excelsior – sat down in the chair quickly vacated by Slater and
began using every trick and technique she knew to get at the signal.
        “I’m getting audio,” she said,”It’s patchy and the signal’s
thin, but I’ve got it.”
        Over the speakers in the computer, the crackling, distorted
message came to the Bridge Crew’s ears.
        “….mayday. mayday.  Kobayashi Maru, twelve parsecs out of
Altair VI…” the voice broke up into static.
        The Crew stared around at each other incredulously.
        “Kobayashi Maru?” said the Navigator,”Is this a joke?”
        “Man,” muttered Slater,”I never wanted to hear that name again.”
        “Captain,” said Tuvok evenly,”It is impossible for the distress
signal to be coming from The Kobayashi Maru.”
        “I realize that,” said Sulu, frowning,”Janice, you haven’t patched
in the wrong system have you? Accessed the libraries?”
        Even as he said it, he knew it was impossible.  Janice Rand
was one of the best in her field, scratch that, she was the best now
that Uhura had retired (plus, Janice was cross-trained over a number
of different operations, if need be she could do the duties of anyone
on The Bridge).
        “No, sir,” she replied,”The message is definitely originating
from outside of the ship.”
        “Scan,” replied Sulu,”And get that signal back.”
        Tuvok had moved to the science station, despite a natural flair
as a tactical officer, he was also a highly skilled scientist, and as a
Vulcan could be counted on to remain calm.
        “Scanning,” he said smoothly,”High concentration of interstellar
dust and gases.  Ionization causing sensor interference.  I am registering
a blip that may be a ship, but it may not… without further information
I would not make a prediction.”
        The signal returned.
        “…gravitic mine, lost all power.  Enivironmental controls….
hull breached, many casualties….. mayday, we’re losing our air! Come in”
        “It’s almost word for word with the training program,” said
Sulu,”But why? Is it a trap, they must know we’ll know there’s no such
ship as The Kobayashi Maru.”
        “Sir,” said Tuvok, interrupting Sulu’s musings,”Sensors indicate
three Klingon cruisers, bearing eighty-seven degrees, minus twelve degrees,
they are closing with us fast and their weapons systems are powered up.”
        “No way!” cried Slater,”We’re at peace with The Klingons, dammit!”
        They were, just last year Excelsior had been at Khitomer, where
the historic treaty between The Klingon Empire and The Federation had
been signed.
        Sulu frowned, then made a decision.
        “Okay, forget The Klingons, extend long range sensors, I want to
know if there’s a damaged ship out there or not.”
        Tuvok attempted to do so.
        “Sir, The Klingons are jamming our systems… they are also now
approaching on an attack course, point seven-five c.”
        “There’s no damn ship out there,” muttered Sulu,”I don’t know
what The Klingon’s are playing at, but let’s get some distance between
us, set reverse course, warp seven.”
        “Registering four additional Klingon Cruisers at zero, zero,”
said Tuvok,”Sir, the events are proceeding precisely as they do in the
training simulation.”
        They all knew how the Kobayashi Maru program ended, with only
one exception the ship was always defeated, the crew killed.  The one
exception had been, of course, James T. Kirk, who had cheated
and redesigned the program so that he could save the ship and crew.
        “If we try to leave now,” The Captain muttered,”More ships will
appear, then more, then more.”
        “Then what do we do?” cried Slater, trying to keep the panic
out of his voice, almost pulling it off.
        Sulu came to a decision, he sat back and picked up his cup of
tea where Tuvok had replaced it.  He sipped from it, then he smiled
        “We sit and wait, lower shields.”
        “Sir?” cried the navigator in disbelief.
        “You heard me,” said Sulu, raising an eyebrow at his navigator to
indicate his irritation at having his orders questioned, a trick he’d
picked up from Mr. Spock.
        “Yes, sir.”
        “Klingon Cruisers approaching,” said Tuvok calmly, he was the
only one apart from Sulu who wasn’t covered in a light sheen of sweat,”They
are powering up their phaserbanks.”
        “Captain?” asked Janice,”Should we raise shields.”
        “No,” said Sulu, totally calm,”We sit, we wait.”
        “The ships are in weapons range,” said Tuvok.
        “Sir, we’re more powerful than them, we could blow them out of
the sky,” said Slater anxiously.
        “Actually,” said Sulu,”It would be blow them out of space, and no,
we won’t be doing that.”
        “Klingon ships firing,” said Tuvok.
        On screen, the three birds of prey fired their phasers at the
ship, all crewmembers but Sulu braced for impact as the blasts hit the
hull and…. passed right through.
        And then they were facing blank space again.
        “Curious,” said Tuvok,”I am no longer reading any signs of either
The Klingon ships, or The Kobayashi Maru.”
        Janice let out a sigh of relief.
        “That was a hell of a risk you took, Captain,” she said.
        Sulu finished his tea,”Yes it was,” he said,”And it paid off.”
        “What happened?” asked Slater.
        “I don’t know,” said Sulu,”But we’re in fairly well populated
space, any rogue Klingons wouldn’t dare attack us.  And The Kobayashi
Maru isn’t real.”
        “Indeed it wasn’t, mon capitain,” said a new voice, reverberating
from all around them, but not coming from the speakers,”Congratulations,
you’ve come along way.”
        “I recognise that voice,” muttered Sulu in disbelief,”Please not
him, anyone but him.”
        “Oh, but it is!” laughed Trelane, Squire Of Gothos, as he appeared
on the viewscreen.
        “Go to red alert!” cried Rand,”Raise shields!”
        “Belay that!” snapped Sulu,”Sit still.”
        “Yes,” laughed Trelane, smiling at them from the viewscreen,”Put
the woman in her place!”
        Sulu didn’t bother to reply, he wasn’t going to be pulled into
a pointless verbal argument.  He’d been surprised and shocked to see
Trelane again after all these years, but he’d quickly regained control,
he hadn’t made Captain for nothing.
        “Trelane, I don’t have time to waste with you, you will let us
proceed immediately, without distraction or any attempts to impede our
        “Aha, mon capitain,” laughed Trelane,”Such an air of command!
Such iron control, you’d make Kirk proud.”
        “We’re busy, Trelane,” replied Sulu calmly,”We don’t have time
to play with you.”
        Trelane’s smile fell away for the first time, a flash of livid
anger swept over his face, then was instantly replaced by the charming
grim again.
        – First blood to the captain, – thought Janice to herself, – He
knows how to play this fool. –
        “Aha!” cried Trelane in delight, ignoring Sulu,”The lovely Ms.
Rand! What are you doing here? I thought you and Kirk would be shacked
up by now?”
        Janice was far too experienced to be goaded so easily, but she
still felt a momentary flash of anger.  She’d forgotten how easily this
‘Squire Of Gothos’ had manipulated and controlled not just them, but
their ship – The Enterprise – twenty years ago.  Back then, Trelane’s
‘parents’ had rescued them.
        She was a far more competent, experienced woman now, and she
had her own experience with troublesome children, after all, she’d help
Sulu raise his own daughter.
        “He seems a little irritable, Captain,” she said to Sulu, not
acknowledging Trelane.
        “Immm,” nodded Sulu,”As I recall, Demora got much the same way
when she stayed up part her bedtime.”
        “Oh I see!” laughed Trelane,”You’re still laboring under the
misapprehension that I am a child… but my dear Hikaru, that was over
twenty years ago! I am a young adult now, and thought I would drop in
on old friends.”
        “The sentiment is appreciated,” said Sulu, allowing a diplomatic
smile to cross his lips,”But we have rather important work to do, so if
you don’t mind…?”
        “What? Scanning and cataloguing gaseous anomalies?” he made a
poor effort of pretending to suppress a laugh, and suddenly the screen
pulled back to reveal not just his face, but his whole body.  He was
dressed in the white uniform of a Navy Admiral of the Twentieth Century,
his chest heavily adorned with medals.  When they had first met him,
he’d been under the illusion that Earth was still in the nineteenth
century, at least he’d move up slightly.
        “Come now, Hikaru!” he laughed,”You have at your disposal one
of the… NO! The MOST powerful ship in The United Federation Of Planets,
and you’re scanning boring old clouds of gas?”
        “It’s a living,” replied Sulu, then leaned forward,”What’s yours,
Trelane? What do you want?”
        Trelane chuckled, saluted Sulu sharply.
        “Surely the uniform is a dead giveaway?” he asked.
        “A twentieth century Admiral’s Dress Uniform,” said Tuvok, who
has been watching Trelane’s interplay between Sulu and Rand with detached
        “AHA!” laughed Trelane joyously, clapping his hands together,”It’s
a Vulcan! Just like that marvelous Mr. Spock!”
        “I am Vulcan, yes,” said Tuvok,”Although that is probably the
closest similarity between me and Ambassador Spock that you could find.”
        “I’ll go back to talking to the Captain, now,” said Trelane,
growing bored with Tuvok,”What do I want? Why, what does any young man
want before he sets off to make something of himself? I want closure!”
        “Closure?” asked Rand.
        “It was one of the defining moments of my young life,” said
Trelane seriously,”When your Captain Kirk snapped my saber and shoved me
against the wall… well it was MARVELOUS!!!! He wasn’t scared of me at
all, even though he was completely at my mercy.  Why, if ‘they’ hadn’t
of shown up, I could have obliterated him from existence.”
        ‘They’ were obviously his parents, the mysterious energy beings
who’d saved Kirk and punished Trelane.
        “Closure,” said Sulu,”So, you plan to get your revenge on all
of us from that day?”
        “No, no!” laughed Trelane,”I couldn’t give a damn about you or
Scotty, Chekov or Uhura, Rand or DeSalle, not even Mr. Spock! The person
I want to deal with is Captain James T. Kirk!”
        Sulu nodded.
        “And you’re here because….?”
        Trelane sighed, as if explaining to a child.
        “Because I need someone to witness my triumph, someone to come
back with me to this time and tell Starfleet to update their files, so
that instead of the history books claiming Kirk as the winner, it tells
the truth, that the winner by a knockout in the first round was ME! Trelane,
The Squire of Gothos!”
        “He’s a fucking loon,” whispered Slater.
        Trelane laughed, a high pitched, shrill laugh that seemed to
send chills through all their bones (with the exception of Tuvok, who just
found it unpleasant).
        “…back with you to this time?” asked Sulu.
        “Of course,” laughed Trelane, brushing down his admiral’s uniform
with a distracted air,”I realize this uniform is a little out of date,
since Kirk isn’t an Admiral anymore, but I like it more,” he sighed,”You
see, there’s no point, no fun in defeating Kirk twenty years after the
fact.  I don’t want revenge on that Kirk, I want revenge on the Kirk
who stopped me all those years ago… a Kirk at his very peak!”
        “If you think we’re going to…
        …go along with this….” Sulu trailed off as he found himself
standing in the middle of a large room filled with a great number of
        “Curious,” said Tuvok,”Myself, Ensign Slater and yourself, Captain,
appear to have been teleported through space, and judging from the decor
and clothing on these alien beings, through time as well.”
        “I recognise this place,” said Sulu, looking about at
the room,”It’s Ten Forward.”
        “Doesn’t look like Ten Forward to me,” said Slater.
        “Not our Ten Forward,” said Sulu,”Mine… from a long time ago.”
        Then the voice moved over the speakers, and everyone in the room
turned to look at the three men standing at the head of the room.  Sulu
sighed, he’d been afraid of this the moment Trelane mentioned coming back
with him to their time.
        “Esteemed Representatives of Federated Space,” said Captain James
T. Kirk, young and exuding a powerful sense of self-assurance
and confidence, a magnetism that had a great deal of the women staring
at him with more than a passing interest,”Welcome to The U.S.S Enterprise.”
        Uhura sighed as the hot, soapy water ran down her graceful neck
and between her large, firm breasts, down her toned waist and between her
        It had been such a long time since she was last with a man, and
her vibrator had been broken for over a week now.  Until they reached
Space Station Sigma 7, she’d be unable to get it a new one, she certainly
wasn’t going to ask anyone to fix it!
        With a low moan she slid one wet, soapy hand down between her
thighs and cupped her cuntmound, pressing her fingers between the slit in
her brown-skinned cuntlips.  Her hand just wasn’t the same! She’d tried
using a candle but if it wasn’t a real dick, it just had to vibrate inside
her or it didn’t do it for her.
        As her wet hair plastered to the side of her face, she slid one
of her graceful, delicate fingers up between her cuntlips and into her
pussy, relishing the feeling and imagining it was someone else’s finger
going up, preparing her for a good fucking.
        But who? she wondered, there were any number of possible sexual
partners on this ship.  Chekov? Too young, McCoy? Too old.  Sulu? Well
he was good looking, and he did keep himself in very good shape, but he
didn’t really do it for her.  Spock? She laughed, her voice melodious
and warm, Nurse Chapel had been trying to get Spock in the sack from the
first day she’d seen him, it just wasn’t going to happen.  Kirk? Now he
was a hot ticket if ever she saw one, and they had shared a kiss that time
when on the planet of the self-styled Children Of Plato, but he never
allowed himself to get involved with crew-members, although he’d seen him
eyeing up Yeoman Rand.  Scott?
        Now there was an idea, Mr. Scott struck her as a rough, passionate
lover, the kind she could have a damn good time with and not have to worry
about a relationship afterwards.  She wasn’t interested in a relationship
at the moment, she just wanted a fling, some nice, guilt-free animalistic
        But the man was in love with his engines, when he did come out of
Engineering he spent most of his time drinking with ‘the boys’ and having a
grand old time.  She wondered briefly if he was homosexual, but immediately
discounted the idea.  After all, unlike just a few hundred years ago,
homosexuality wasn’t a taboo anymore, and she’d seen Scott’s eye on quite
a few women from time to time… hell, she’d had her own eye on a few from
time to time.  Although she’d never been with another woman, she’d thought
about it before, curious as to what it would be like.
        She slid another finger up between her cuntlips, feeling her
tight snatch grip down on her digits greedily.
        Grinning happily as she thought about fucking Scotty, Uhura slid
her other hand up over her waist and grabbed on of her large, firm breasts,
playing with her nipple for a second, rubbing them and increasing friction
by rubbing the erect nipple between two fingers.
        Her other arm was still pressing into her belly as the hand on the
other end remained between her thighs, her breast squashed in one hand
while the other bounced up and down, soapy water bouncing off of it.
        The African-American beauty had her eye’s half closed and her
mouth slowly opened in an expression of delight.  Her shaven cuntlips
were pressed open by her wet, soapy fingers.  She bucked and rolled her
hips, water continually spilling and rolling off them, streams of water
running down her back and between her firm asscheeks.  She moaned and
groaned happily, bunching her fingers up inside her cunt to make them
feel thicker, bigger, more like a cock.  She threw her head back and
laughed as she felt water hitting against her face and rolling down her
naked body, it felt so good, warming her hand inside her hot cunt as she
jerked herself off in the shower.
        Her finger sped in and out of her cunt, her thumb pressing up
into her clitoris and grinding against her lovebutton as she wanked
herself.  She could feel the pressure in her lap building and building
as she frigged herself,
        “Yeah!” she moaned,”Feel’s good, so damn good!”
        The familiar tingle was building and building, becoming a raw
as her cunt piled on the the weight of her orgasm, ready to explode like
a dam bursting.  Her fingers slammed in and out of her tightly clasping
cunt, making a slurping, slushing noise as they sluiced between her
cuntlips and hot water streamed off them.
        The three fingers she now had in her cunt weren’t quite a cock,
but they still felt good and she certainly wasn’t going to look a gift
wank in the mouth.
        Soon the Nubian babe was furiously pumping her fingers in and
out of her cunt as her tits bounced up and down, her hot ass slamming
back and forth as she worked her fingers deep into her pussy.  Her firm,
toned body was beginning to shake and shimmy as she fucked herself in the
shower, she knew she was going to cum any second now, and she had to
bite her lower lip to stop from screaming out in pleasure.
        Uhura wanked herself faster and faster, fingerfucking her juicy
snatch and making a low, keening noise in the back of her throat, feeling
the familiar tension in her body building up.
        She could feel her orgasm approaching, could feel her juices
ready to explode out of her cunt and mix with the water at her feet and
she couldn’t wait for it, couldn’t wait to cum.
        She came hard, waves of pleasure and ecstasy smashing throughout
her entire body as juices exploded out of her cunt, flooding past her
fingers, the hot juices felt so good on her digits as her cuntwalls
firmly squeezed down on them.  She squealed out in pleasure, then shut her
mouth and just let low moans of happiness escape her, not wanting anyone
to hear her.  She remained hunched over for a few minutes, water cascading
down her back and ass, fingers slowly pumping in and out of her pussy
until she finally pulled them free, ran them up over her waist and tits,
then placed them into her mouth, sucking her own cum from her fingers
with a satisfied smile on her face, like the cat that had been into the
        After finally recovering from her orgasm, she finished showering,
washing her hair and making sure she was clean, then she got out.  Getting
dressed, she had to shimmy about to get the tight mini-skirt on, she
still found it a little hard to believe that this uniform had been voted
in during the standard uniform change Starfleet had every few years.
        – Then again, most of the selection committee were men, – she
thought to herself with a wry grin, – And girl, you know you like the way
they look at your legs. –
        Then she headed out of her quarters, ready to start her duty-shift.
        Kirk’s diplomatic grin hid his boredom as he circulated amongst
the assembled ambassadors and diplomats.  Spock’s appearance, on the other
hand, could have been mistaken for boredom or even subtle hostility if
he had been a human, or even indifference.  But, given his Vulcan heritage,
nobody made anything of his impassiveness, nor his direct, straight to
the point replies to questions.
        – My Lord, – thought Kirk as he laughed at a bad joke made by the
Antarian Ambassador, – It seems like every month or so we have Ambassadors
on this ship and I’m taken away from my real duties. –
        He sighed as he saw McCoy making his rounds, the Doctor was even
more irritated by these diplomatic convoys than he was, and usually showed
it.  He was being a bit more graceful on this occasion, he’d only insulted
three diplomats so far.
        “Captain,” said Mr. Spock, coming up behind him and placing a
hand on his arm,”A word.”
        “Excuse me, gentlemen,” said Kirk with a grin, grateful for the
reprieve, then he turned and walked with Spock to a relatively isolated
        “Well, Mr. Spock?” asked Kirk.
        “Captain, I was reluctant to comment, but feel it is my duty to
report any suspicious behavior.”
        “Suspicious, Spock? Has someone actually eaten the Maluvian
Clenching Stew?”
        Spock stared blankly at Kirk, who sighed, never pick a fight with
a Klingon, never tell a joke to a Vulcan, he thought to himself, then
motioned Spock to continue.
        “The Oltarian Retinue, Captain,” said Spock,”They have not only
avoided contact with the other Ambassadors, but pointedly ignored any
contact with Dr McCoy, Yourself or I.”
        “Odd behavior for Ambassadors,” said Kirk,”Well, maybe from the
retinue, who are here as guards.”
        “You may recollect, Captain,” said Spock dryly,”That Oltarians
have a natural gregariousness, and that their diplomats and Ambassadors,
usually voted in based solely on popularity, usually have a more
enthusiastic approach to contact with other races.”
        “So what?” asked Kirk,”What do you think? Imposters? Frauds?”
        “I do not have enough data to make any form of hypothesis,” replied
        “Well? How about a guess?”
        Spock stared blankly at Kirk, who finally broke down and grinned.
        “My apologies, Mr. Spock,” he leaned up and whispered something into
his Science Officer’s ear, then grinned,”Get back to the party, enjoy
        Spock raised an eyebrow, then turned and left.  Had he been in
less control of his human side, he would have sighed.
        Kirk cast a sly glance at the Oltarians, then began to make his
way towards them.
        Even if they hadn’t been Starfleet Officer’s from twenty years
in the future, disguised as some kind of aliens by a mentally deranged,
super powerful cosmic entity, Sulu would have liked to have avoided
        In his opinion, if you’d been to one Ambassador/Diplomat
get-together, you’ve been to them all.
        – And they’re all boring as hell, – he thought, – As Captain of
The Excelsior, I’m required to be at these functions, but back in this
time, I remember I used to get out of them whenever I could. –
        He looked to the side and hid a frown.
        “Dammit,” he muttered,”Here comes Kirk, we have to move away.”
        “Doing so may arouse suspicion,” said Tuvok,”I believe that Spock
has already noted our reluctance to converse with the other
representatives and informed Kirk, whichever race this Trelane
has disguised us as, we are obviously not conforming to their
        Given Kirk, Spock and McCoy’s lack of reaction to the appearance
of two Starfleet Officers in strange uniforms and an aged double of their
helmsmen, Tuvok had put forward the possibility that perhaps Trelane had
somehow altered their appearances to others.
        “Why don’t we just take Kirk aside and tell him what’s happened?”
asked Slater.
        “Do I need to remind you, Ensign Slater,” said Tuvok with a blank
expression on his face that still somehow radiated disapproval,”That
Starfleet’s directives on non-interference or interaction with any person
or persons during trans-temporal relocation clearly prohibit any such
        It was not a question.
        “Gentlemen,” said McCoy, coming up behind them as they slowly
moved away from Kirk, who had been cornered by a Betazed woman,”Not
enjoying the party?”
        “Our Delegate is feeling unwell,” Tuvok said,”We were about to
        Sulu stifled a groan, Tuvok had unknowingly said the most worst
thing he could have possibly said.
    End Part 1/4

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Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 1

Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 1

    Part One.
    Norman Masters stepped of the Kilrathian Speeder and onto the dock
of the Space Station Deep Space Nine, he was looking forward to the
Promenade…..tales of Quark’s alehouse spread from Earth to the Gamma
    He knew the stories were true when he stepped into the Promenade
and was hit with the smells of Romulan Ale – illegal in most solar systems,
Triffle stew – guaranteed never to run out, Garallian vapor and a myriad
of other smells.
    The Promenade was considered neutral territory, and therefore
contraband laws were not in effect except for rare raids by the security
    Norman walked into Quark’s Bar, a small Ferengi boy rushed to
him,”Take your coat sir?” he asked,”It is hot, and that trenchcoat must be
    “No thanks,” said Norman,”I prefer to keep my valuables.”
    “Why sir….you infringe upon my honor….I…..”
    “Shut up,” said Norman, bored with the Ferengi, he approached the
bar, where Quark himself was engaged in conversation with a Nortonian
trader.  He turned towards Norman and smiled,”A drink sir, to clear that
parched throat?”
    “Indeed, any suggestions?”
    “Are you a hard drinker my boy, or a soft slugger?”
    “I’ve drunken Klingon Nak’Qouth with the hardiest warriors of the
    “A challenge!!” cried Quark exuberantly,”We’ll begin with a mixture
of Romulan Ale and human whisky,” he cried, bringing the attention of all in
the bar,”Followed by Nak’Qouth….and if you still stand, the creme de la
creme of alcohol, Ferengi Firewater.”
    A gasp arose from the crowd and they milled around Norman, it was
not often a challenge to Quark’s inebriating talents arose….especially
from a human.
    Norman downed the Romu-Whisk in one shot, grinned and threw down
the glass,”More good man,” he cried happily,”I mean to break your reputation
    Quark smiled uneasily and poured a Nak’Qouth, adding a couple of
drops of Quan’Quinth while the crowd congratulated Norman.  Norman downed
it quickly and grinned, feeling a haze settle over his head…..this was
going to be fun.
    Over the next three hours Norman took everything Quark had to
offer, he swayed wildly on his stool and spoke incoherently, but he
maintained his seat, as the rules of Quark’s establishment stood.
    Suddenly he felt a familiar sensation sweep through him, he swiveled
on his seat and leapt out of it, Quark screamed out in victory but Norman
didn’t care, he had sensed another Immortal.  He looked up as a tall
humanoid approached him, his nose was strange, not curving inwards like
most did.  Norman threw open his coat, linings opened up at his touch and
he pulled two parts of steel out, he threw them together and they formed a
long two-handed sword.
    The humanoid was yelling at Quark about disruption of the law when
Norman swung, his sword passing through his neck with sickening ease, he
dropped the sword clumsily and dropped to his knees, eyes closed, awaiting
the Quickening…….but instead he felt a hand grab his shoulder, he then
realized that instead of screams of horror he was hearing laughter.  He
looked up to see Odo – with a head – pulling him up…..on the ground lay
Odo’s other head, he stepped onto it and it liquified and ran up onto his
leg, becoming part of it.
    “Come with me,” said Odo, holding the sword in one hand,”We’re
going to have a nice little chat!”
    Commander Sisko idley spun the letter opener around his fingers,
whistling a catchy tune he had heard Jake singing this morning…..what
were the words?”It’s a small world after all…….”
    A silent whish announced the door opening, he looked around
irritably as Major Kira stalked in, he was about to berate her for not
asking permission when he saw her drag Jake in.
    “Commander Sisko,” she said in the strange accent of the Bajorans,
which, with her remarkable vocal chords caught most peoples attention.
Sisko smiled to himself almost without realizing it, when he had first
heard that voice it had annoyed him, now it charmed him.
    “Major Kira, why are you dragging my son around?” he asked grimly,
thinking this had something to do with Jake’s cutting classes and hanging
around the Promenade.
    “During the Station lunch break,” she said,”I happened to walk past
the school room, I overheard Jake here……making derogatory comments about
    “Really?” said Sisko, raising his eyebrow in the fashion he had
picked up from an elderly Romulan ambassador who he had talked to on the
comms link several days ago…..there had been something strangely….
.Vulcan about him,”What sort of comments?”
    “He claimed to have watched me showering……he made several
comments about the size of my……mammaries,” she said, blushing furiously.
    The Commander’s eyes unconsciously dropped down to Kira’s breasts
and he quickly jerked up, hoping she hadn’t noticed,”A simple schoolboy
story, a mere fantasy, I’ll have words with him…..” he began, but she cut
him off.
    “Commander, he described a birth mark I have…..where it was, what
it looked like…with absolutely precise detail.”
    Jake’s head was hanging, he looked decidedly worried.
    “Are you saying that he was actually peeking on you?”
    “Yes Commander, we stopped by my room and I made him show me,
there’s a small ventilation shaft there leading from the Promenade, a small
hole has been drilled there and a Kaliedic micro-processor placed in it.
Meaning that the hole…..”
    “The hole is small enough not to be noticed but large enough for the
micro-processor to be inserted and enlarge the image to be viewed…..and
    “Yes,” she said,”I want permission to search his tapes, his
holo-programs and question him about where he got the micro-processor.”
    “I’ll grant it,” said Sisko, Jake rose his head to protest but was
silenced by a glare,”But I will have to view these tapes with you, as
protocol demands.”
    Kira hesitated,”Sir, I would prefer that you didn’t…….”
    “It’s either that or drop the charges…..”
    “Sir…..please……” she dropped her head,”They’ll remain private
won’t they.”
    “Of course…..believe me Major, I’m only following protocol,
perhaps Lieutenant Dax could……”
    “No, sir,” she said,”If anybody sees these tapes, I’d rather it be
    He nodded,”Go get the tapes now, I want to talk to Jake.”
    She left and Jake shuddered.
    The Enterprise towered above DS9 like a giant dragon above a
castle, it had arrived at just the wrong time, Doctor Bashir was at his
busiest yet wanted to visit with Data and discuss an ancient artifact, Worf
and Chief O’Brien wanted to meet with Captain Picard, Commander Riker,
Deanna and Beverly.  To make things worse Thomas Riker had arrived a day
earlier and was sure to make conflict with William Riker – his “twin”.
    To top it off Odo had to deal with this sword wielding maniac.
    Norman sat behind the force field in the fetal position, muttering
about Immortal Immortals or some such nonsense.
    The door bleeped, announcing a visitor, Odo sat back from the
computer, wishing to be in his office rather than this too large room…..
.or better still in a nice pail – he sighed, those days were behind him,
yet he felt slight nostalgia for the reliable old bucket he used to rest
    “Enter,” he said.
    The door opened and a average sized man entered, wearing
a trenchcoat similar to that Norman had worn, he paled slightly at the
sight of Odo and raised his hand to his unshaven chin, scratching it
    “I was wondering if I could find Norman Masters here,” he said in
the most peculiar accent Odo had ever heard.
    “You may,” said Odo, sounded agitated as always,”May I ask who you
    “Conner MacLeod,” he said, extending his hand,”Is your name Thomas
by any chance?”
    Odo shook his hand,”No, it’s Odo, what makes you think I would be
a Thomas?”
    “Nothing, you remind me of an old acquaintance is all.”
    Odo raised one eyebrow slightly, he wasn’t often mistaken for other
people,”You want to see Norman? You know him?”
    “We’ve never meet, but he knows me, he killed my cousin.”
    “Oh,” said Odo,”And you wish me to leave the room, leaving the
access code to the force field and a fully loaded phaser? Ha,” he laughed in
a fashion he had unconsciously picked up from Quark.
    Conner slowly placed his hand into his pocket and even more slowly
pulled out an i.d card, allowing Odo time to see his intentions were not
    “I am an officer of the law, I have a warrant for his arrest.”
    “Earth or Bajoran?” Odo asked, intrigued.
    “Earth, I came in on the Enterprise, I’ve been following Norman
from Vulcan.”
    “We’re a long way from Earth…..is your jurisdiction…..”
    “I know,” said Conner,”Paperwork on this station is slow moving,
but it finally became full Federation property as of 16:00 hours last
    Odo groaned, paperwork had finally come through at the wrong time,
he had wanted to talk with Norman, but now…….. He looked at the warrant
and shook his head, it was in order.  He gave the access code to Conner and
    “I need some privacy.”
    “He killed your cousin……”
    “I’m not a stupid man,” he said,”Justice will be served with him
in jail, not with his death.”
    Odo stared at him for a few seconds, then nodded and left.
    Sisko tried to restrain himself from grinning like an idiot or
laughing out loud, on the screen was Dax, wearing a strap-on dildo and
pretending to masturbate.  It seemed like the male qualities of her
symbiotes former host hadn’t entirely disappeared with this new host – the
beautiful Jadzir.
    Kira was blushing terribly, she told the computer to move the tape
forward and it moved to static, she turned it off.
    “One left,” said Sisko, indicating the pile of tapes on the ground,
containing nearly every attractive woman on board,”It’s probably yours.”
    “Please, Commander,” she said,”It’s not ‘mine’, it’s your sons.”
    “I’ve spoken to him, believe me!” they turned the tape on, it was
static, then it flashed to Kira standing in her bathroom, she ordered the
lights to one half and stepped out of her bathrobe, standing only in slim
black panties.
    Sisko tried not to gasp at the sight of her fantastic breasts, they
were huge, but stood firm, Sisko had a sudden image of tit fucking her and
felt his cock harden, he prayed that it wouldn’t become noticeable.
        On screen, Kira turned and bent over to pick up a towel that had
dropped down, Sisko found himself staring at her ass, firm and tight.  She
stood up and slowly slid them down her legs, Kira moaned and lowered her
face to her hands and blushed terribly, Sisko took the opportunity to move
a cushion over his growing tent pole.
    On screen she turned around and stepped into the shower, exposing
her cunt, neatly shaven it sent a thrill of excitement through him.  She
ordered the shower on and stepped into it, taking the soap she began to
lather soap onto her breasts.
    “I think we’ve seen enough,” Kira said.
    “Yes, but I need to know what else is on this tape, computer, ahead
double speed.”
    The computer speed up, on screen Kira lowered her hand down and
rubbed the soap into her cunt, and kept going for nearly 2 and a half
minutes of double speed, nearly 5 minutes real time.
    “Oh prophets,” muttered Kira, shaking her head, Sisko rose his
hand to his mouth to cover a smile, the tape ran into static.
    “Computer end,” said Sisko, he turned his head to Kira, not standing
for fear of his tight fitting uniform ripping around his groin,”Major, I’ll
have these tapes destroyed, Jake will be punished and I’ll find out where
he got the micro-processor.  We’ll speak no more of it.”
    “Thank you commander,” she said and exited.
    Sisko stood up slowly and stretched forward his pants, letting
his cock breath.  He would punish Jake, he would find out about the
micro-processor, but he would save this tape, just for……evidence.
    Norman finally got over his panic attack and stared up
at Conner,”Come to kill me?”
    “Later,” said Conner with disgust.
    “What do you want?”
    “Why did you attack Odo? He’s no Immortal.”
    Norman stared up at him,”Didn’t you feel anything when you saw
    “I felt deja vu, he bares a resemblance to Thomas Norson, who died
a couple of hundred years ago.”
    “Right,” said Norman,”I didn’t notice, except for the nose and the
hair, they could be the same.”
    “Why attack him?”
    “I sensed another Immortal, I turned, saw him, and cut of his
    “Wait wait wait,” said Conner,”You cut of his head, he’s alive.”
    “I know, he grew another one and stepped on the old one, it grew
up into his leg.”
    “An Immortal Immortal?” said Conner,”Mere legend, a race of beings
separate from us that can’t die…….ever, nonsense.”
    “What do humans say about Immortals?” said Norman,”A race of beings
that can only die by beheadings? Nonsense.”
    Conner snorted,”And why can you sense him?”
    “There are genetic mutations among humans called consorts who exert
overpowering sexual desire towards Immortals, and can track them through
such feelings.  You should know, Duncan had that F.B.I agent, Scully? didn’t
he?” (*)
    “Aye,” said Conner,”But all you felt towards Odo was the presence
of another Immortal, maybe it was another human, someone who ran from
the Gathering as you did, but the Watchers missed.”
    “I sensed it from Odo,” Norman said stubbornly,”He’s an Immortal
    “We are the last two Immortals,” said Conner,”Somehow you were able
to resist the Gathering 90 years ago, you escaped on the Enterprise with
your human friend McCoy, and got off on Vulcan.”
        “And you found me two years ago, forced me to run, I thought I had
lost you, but as soon as Odo entered my name in the prisoner lists…..”
    “You came up in Starfleet records and I was alerted, I hopped the
first ship I could…..”
    “The Enterprise…….irony?”
    “Yes, it hasn’t escaped me, the ship you escaped on is the ship I
am going to take you on.”
    “Will I not die then?”
        “Yes, but not till we get to Earth, where The Gathering is meant
to take place.”
    Norman shuddered.
    The two Immortals were not the only old ones on DS9, by chance
Quarks Bar was graced by the presence of Guinan, Dax, Scotty and Data
(who although chronologically below 50 had the head of a 500 year old).
    Scotty delighted the rest with tales of Captain Kirk, although a
shadow of Guinan had once known him and Data had seen the place where
Captain Picard had buried him, only Scotty had really known him.  Picard
joined them and listened quietly, feeling the utmost respect for the memory
of the man who had helped him save the Enterprise’s crew from total
    Quark was also delighted, Scotty was an accomplished drinker with
money to burn, it seemed his shares in Latinum had increased over the years
he had been presumed dead, and rather than go through a legal battle over
them the major latinum mining corporations had settled out of court, making
him a rich man.  He was also glad to see Dax, although he would have
preferred to see the lovely Kira, he found himself considering buying the
tape his son had offered him, although he suspected it was merely a
computer doctored concoction.
    They all laughed merrily as Scotty finished his tale of the
Triffles, gulping down some more Triffle soup as he spoke.  Data laughed
too, having gained emotions a year ago.
    Worf and Deanna sat together in a small corner of the bar, catching
up, while Chief O’Brien showed off Ops to Geordi….
    …….”It’s no Enterprise,” he said sadly,”And the computer is a
real mess at times, the Cardassians know nothing about programming.  But
I’ve done a good job here.”
    “You sure have,” said Geordi, looking around, impressed,”My visors
picking up weird signals over there by comms, it’s an isolated patch
emitting enormous readings.”
        “Yes,” said O’Brien proudly,”That’s Fido.”
    “A little lost puppy I found a few years back, it infiltrated the
computer systems and tried it’s best to adopt us, I fed it into that unused
system and I’ve cared for it since.”
    “Remarkable,” said Geordi,”It’s a sentient computer program…..Data
would love it.”
    “I agree,” said O’Brien,”But first we’ll get a drink.”
        As they left Fido began the programming it needed to do.
    Deanna loved to talk to Worf, she missed him terribly, but this
was the part she missed the most.  They entered his chambers and she saw
the mood was already set, Betazoid opera played softly in the background,
set at half speed as she liked, the lights were half dimmed but several
strategic candles were placed about the room to give the right ambience.
    She opened her mouth to comment on the lovely settings, but never
got the chance as he bent down and kissed her.
    For some time now they had been simply ‘friends’, the only problem
being every time they got together to catch up they ended up having sex. She
sighed briefly as he broke the kiss, if Dax ever caught them…..
    “Forget about it,” said Worf in his deep voice,”Tonight is just
tonight, nothing need come of it.”
    They kissed and he lowered her to the bed, she moaned softly as he
slowly removed her pants, her cunt was trimmed neatly, she had let it grow
since he liked it that way.
    He smiled and lowered his head to her thigh, slowly running his
tongue up it until it reached the lips of her cunt.  She groaned in pleasure
and pulled him up by the hair, he growled fiercely, but she knew he loved
it, to Klingon’s sex was a fierce animal coupling, full of lust and
depravity, everything was open to the Klingons and she was fairly open
minded herself.
    He growled and ripped open her top, exposing her breasts, she
wasn’t worried, he kept a spare uniform for her in his cupboards.  Grabbing
them roughly in his hands he kneaded them, making her gasp in pleasure, she
pulled him down to her and kissed him again, he pulled away and lowered his
head to ther breasts, sucking on them wildly.
    “Yes,” she cried and spread her legs wide open, he took the message
and ripped of his pants, he thrust into her, his huge cock easily parting
her lips and pushing deep into her.  She screamed in pleasure, her cunt
had long since been immune to pain from his endowment.  He thrust his cock
into her cunt again and again, rutting her like an animal, the music and
lighting had been meant to put her into the mood, now it was all lust.
    POW!!! she came, screaming wildly she clawed at his back, he
threw his head back and howled in pleasure as she came again.  Again he
thrust into her, his cock ramming into her, she knew she would be bruised
from cunt to tits for days, but it was worth it.  As she came her cunt
muscles tightened and loosened uncontrollably, practically milking his
cock, he howled out and came into her, his cum spurted deep into her cunt
again and again, filling her, warming her.  He finished and collapsed onto
her, they kissed passionately and fell asleep.
    Odo walked the Promenade late that night, eventually he ended up
where he always ended up, at Quark’s bar.
    “Ahhh,” said the Ferengi,”Your rounds are finished early.”
    “Hmmmff,” said Odo, sitting down at the bar,”You’ve finished
counting your gold pressed Latinum?”
    “Yes, an excellent night,” said Quark, rubbing his hands
together,”The Enterprise crew always brings an entertaining crowd.”
    “And trouble for me,” said Odo,”A lawman came on board today.”
    “Oh?” said Quark, always interested in Lawmen.
    “Yes, your friend with the sword killed his cousin.”
    “Maybe, the Enterprise is leaving in two days, and he seems angry.”
    Quark shook his head,”Care to make a bet about that?”
    “Hmmmff,” said Odo again,”Goodnight Quark.”
    As he walked off Quark yelled out,”I’ll give you two to
one…….five to one…..ten!!!!”
    Kira slowly walked up to the holodeck and inserted the access code
she had found in a book on Jake’s bed.  She had deleted the access code so
Sisko wouldn’t find it, it had had her name next to it.
    She entered the code, the computer asked,”Enter voice verification
Jake Sisko.”
    She had been expecting this, the book was Ferengi notepad, the
vid-tapes she and Sisko had been watching were Ferengi and the whole thing
stunk of Quark.  She lifted up a tape recorder and pushed play, praying
there was no voice passcode,”Jake Sisko present Mrs O’Brien,” spoke the
    The holodeck opened up and she entered, finding herself in her own
    “Jake?” came her own voice,”Is that you?”
    Suddenly a young Ferengi boy materialized in front of her, Quark’s
nephew – Nog.
    “You don’t look like Jake,” he said,”Get out.”
    Suddenly the room was empty, she looked around, then entered the
computer code again, she re-entered Jake’s voice and then called
out,”Computer, executive over-ride Kira, 001345286.”
    Again she was in her room, again the Ferengi boy appeared,”You
don’t look like Jake, get out,” this time nothing happened, he disappeared.
    She entered the bathroom and saw herself, standing in
her bathrobe…..the detail was fantastic, her computer self looked up at
    “You’re not Jake,” she said, disappointed,”But I like you……”
    “Oh this is ridiculous,” said Kira,”On Bajor the boys buy magazines
in their puberty, not design computer programmes.”
    “Come on,” said Kira2,”Let’s have fun,” she dropped her bathrobe,
standing only in her flimsy black panties,”Let’s fuck.”
    “Are you stupid, I’m a woman.”
    “Makes no difference, I love women…..”
    “Oh Prophets,” said Kira,”I’m you you stupid bitch.”
    Kira2 slowly lowered her panties, lay down on the ground and spread
her legs.
        “Computer, end program,” said Kira, once more the Ferengi
appeared, he grinned at her,”Sorry Jake, no chickening out.”
    “Computer, executive over-ride Kira, 001345286,” but the computer
was silent, she spoke again and this time was answered,”Program is not
completed, please fulfill objectives before ending program.”
    “What? What are the objectives?”
        Nog, who had obviously orchestrated the entire scam, placing
the micro-processors in the ventilation shafts, appeared,”Really Jake, you
have to screw the shit out of that Bajoran bitch.”
    She gasped to herself,”Computer shut down holo-deck now,” there was
no response, Kira2 grabbed her and pulled her down.
    “This is ridiculous,” she cried and pushed Kira2 away, but her
double kept hold of her top and it ripped off, leaving her in her tight
white top.
    “Ooohh,” said Kira2,”You’re tits are nearly as big as mine.”
    “My tits are…..my breasts are exactly the same as yours, I’m
you,” exclaimed Kira in exasperation.
    “Oohh,” said Kira2, running her hand between her legs,”I love
fucking myself, now I can do it for real.”
    “Oh by the Prophets…..I don’t talk like this!!!”
    Suddenly pain ripped through Kira, she fell to the ground, once
more Nog appeared.
        “Jake, does this have to be hard? I thought you wanted her, lucky
I was fastidious in my computer design, Computer, remove her clothes.”
    Metallic arms grabbed Kira’s body, which refused to move, they
quickly stripped her off her clothes, then held her down, arms over her
head, feet spread.
    “Computer, sexually stimulate,” he looked over at Kira,”Now Jake,
until you agree to let the Major fuck you, the computer is going to wank
you……you’ll look a fool.”
    The arms froze at Kira’s cunt, they whirred silently, trying to
figure out why she didn’t have a cock, and for that matter why she was a
Bajoran, white female, instead of a human, black male.  She hoped they
would shut down, but instead they readjusted and started poking her, growing
progressively faster she was amazed to feel pleasure growing, this was so
humiliating.  Suddenly an orgasm rocked through her, she shuddered in
pleasure and embarrassment, but no…she would not give up…..never.  The
computer happily began to redouble it’s efforts, turning into a medium
sized dildo, it began to vibrate wildly, then ran up and down her cunt
lips, she shivered in anticipation knowing that penetration was
coming……then she felt it, it flew into her, then pumped out, then in,
a small finger rose up and around, hitting her g-spot and sending her into
ecstasy, her hands pulled free and she began to feel up her now free tits,
screaming in pleasure.
    “YEESSS!!!!” she cried and realized in shock she was being fucked
by a machine,”No,” she cried,”Executive Override Kira, 00 ooohhhhh!!!” she
realized there was only one way to stop it,”Computer, I’ll let Kira fuck
    Suddenly the computer stopped, the dildo withdrew and she heaved
a sigh of relief and disappointment, now she could stop the double and
escape, if she could just move……then she felt a tongue lightly snake
its way up her inner thigh.
    End Of Part One.

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