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Nyota Uhura want taste this hard dicks

Star Trek Porn Babe

Hentai Picture: Nyota Uhura want taste this hard dicks
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oops! someone was beamed up separately from her clothes!

Star Trek Fake Nude Image Galleries

Hentai Picture: oops! someone was beamed up separately from her clothes!
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Deanna Troi always gets horny in open space

Star Trek Sex Parody Uncensored

Hentai Picture: Deanna Troi always gets horny in open space
Naughty Star Trek scenes are up for grabs for you to get hard over. Deanna Troi has fun slammin her pussy down her man’s dick while sucking off another sexually eager stud. Aexually eager Star Trek chick wants to feel hard black dick squeezed into her firm anus, and then polish it with her mouth till it pours sperm giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on…

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Deanna Troi has balls… literally this time!

Star Trek Sex Stories

Hentai Picture: Deanna Troi has balls… literally this time!
Take a slant at how thorough-paced Star Trek patooties got bushy in bruises, waterdrops, mettle and are embroiled in all manner of vicious buff-balls. We are ready to shove seomthing inside this busty Star Trek teen with her ass cheeks so hot and an aching fanny… Lascivious Deanna Troi in nylons, panties and a wig opens up her legs for a fucking and cleans up a mess of sticky sperm…

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Star Trek Porn Story: Star Trek : Future Imperfect Chapter 3

Star Trek Porn Story: Star Trek : Future Imperfect Chapter 3

“Sir,” said Uhura,”They have lowered shields and begun a scan
of our systems.”
        “Mr. Spock?” asked Kirk.
        “Scanning,” replied Spock,”I have hi-jacked their own scan and
piggy-backed it back to it’s source, their main computer.  I am also
attempting to feed them conflicting data about our own status, I am unsure
if it will work… their systems are remarkably similar to our own, Captain,
I cannot believe such a similarity can be coincidence.”
        “Sir, they have cut off the scan,” replied Uhura.
        “Their Shields are back up,” said Spock,”But I was able to get
some data beforehand.”
        “I was able to retrieve the following specifications, the ship is
467.0 meters long, 181.6 meters wide, 77.8 meters in height.  It’s primary
propulsion are Twin Warp Drive Nacelles, secondary propulsion Twin Impulse
        “It sounds like a big Enterprise,” murmured Sulu.
        “Exactly,” said Kirk,”Go on Mr. Spock.”
        “It can move safely at speeds of Warp Factor 10 and it’s maximum
safe warp is Warp Factor 12.”
        Chekov whistled softly in awe.
        “There are eighteen decks and a crew of 510, defense consists of
powerful Deflector Shields, their armament consists of 12 Phaser banks and
4 photon torpedo launch tubes.  I was unable to ascertain their warpcore
frequency, unfortunately.”
        “It sounds like a big Enterprise, like Mr. Sulu said,” Kirk
said,”They’ve got everything we have, just a little better.”
        Spock nodded,”The only reason I got as much information as I did
is because the computer system was remarkably similar to our own, if
anything it seems like an updated, more advanced Enterprise computer.”
        Kirk rubbed his chin thoughtfully,”They have everything we’ve
got, only better,” he murmured,”It’s like fighting The Enterprise Mark II.”
        “It has all our strengths, Mr. Spock,” he said, using Spock as
a sounding board,”Perhaps it has some of our weaknesses.”
        “I think I get what you’re saying, sir,” said Sulu suddenly,”It’s
like a computer program is updated to repair certain bugs, but there are
some it doesn’t get.”
        “Exactly, Sulu!” laughed Kirk, then turned to Spock,”Mr. Spock,
are you familiar with Earth history.”
        “Yes, Captain,” replied Spock.
        “There’s a famous military move called The Trojan Horse,” said
Kirk,”You’re familiar with it?”
        “Of course, though it was hardly a logical tactic, and should not
have worked.”
        “The point is, it did,” replied Kirk,”The Trojan’s couldn’t get
into the walls with brute strength, so they got in by using their heads.”
        “I fail to see how we can penetrate their Shields,” replied
Spock,”And so far we have not made a move against them.”
        “I only brought up the Trojan Horse,” said Kirk,”Because it
inspired another aggressive tactic in the twentieth century.  During the
latter quarter of twentieth century, a number of computer users known
as Hackers or Anarchists invented computer viruses to wreak havoc on
unknowing and often innocent victim’s computers.  One of the most famous
was a Trojan Horse.”
        “I believe I understand, Captain,” said Spock with a nod,”Due to
the remarkable similarity between our Computer systems and The Excelsiors,
you believe a computer virus designed to destroy our system would work on
        “Yes, Mr. Spock, can you do it?”
        “I believe so.”
        Kirk turned and stared with a fierce grin at The Excelsior.
        “Do it, Mr. Spock, do it now.”
        “Will it work?” Sulu asked Tuvok.
        “Theoretically, yes,” replied The Vulcan,”The only trouble will
be getting the virus into The Excelsior’s computers.  Spock’s piggy-back
was obviously discovered by whoever is running The Science Station right
now, and they will be prepared for another.”
        “Janice must have the comm,” Sulu said,”But why did she fire on
The Enterprise?”
        “We have no evidence she did,” replied Tuvok,”And remember that
we saw you on the viewscreen, so perhaps Trelane has created a duplicate
of you somehow?”
        “I doubt it,” said Sulu,”The way I was acting and reacting, it
was just like I would have reacted… and Trelane can’t create life, if
he could he never would have brought us down to Gothos all those years
ago, he just would have made his own playmates.”
        “He says he’s grown up,” said Slater,”Maybe he got more powerful?”
        “Take everything Trelane says with a grain of salt,” said Sulu
with a smile,”He’s not a pathological liar, but he justifies his falsehoods
by his sense of fun and play, he really is like a child.”
        “Excelsior, this is Captain Kirk,” said Kirk,”Please respond.”
        “Still no response,” replied Uhura.
        “Dammit,” muttered Kirk,”If they don’t reply, we can’t upload
the virus.”
        Onboard Excelsior, Captain Hikaru Sulu stared grimly at his
fingertips, thinking.
        Trelane sat next to him, invisible to everyone, on a chair that
was also invisible.
        “Don’t let the sensor readings fool you, Sulu,” he giggled,”You’re
giving Kirk a beating, and you don’t even realize it.”
        He stood up and clapped his hands together, laughing.
        “Ahhh, revenge IS a dish best served cold,” he chuckled,”Kirk
is totally outpowered, and there’s nothing he can do about it!  This time
THEY won’t show up to stop me, and Kirk will be defeated by one of his
best friends, and neither of them will know until the end, when I reveal
        He walked in a circle around Sulu.
        “Right now you’re also on The Enterprise, bearing witness to my
triumph, it was easy enough to do, all I had to do was go forward in time
to a point just before our little adventures began and transport you and
your ship back here, make you and Kirk think each other fired on the other
first, hehehehe!”
        He threw his head back and giggled childishly.
        “Of course, once this is all over I’ll have to deal with all the
paradox bullshit, all this crap about why Sulu doesn’t remember all this
but will remember my defeat.  That’s always a headache, but it’ll be
worth it to see Kirk’s face when he realizes he was beaten by Sulu, and
that Sulu was working for ME!”
        “These sensor readings,” Sulu said,”They’re obviously fake, right?”
        “I could not predict,” said Tuvok,”But given that their science
officer had access to our computer banks, it would seem likely.”
        The Enterprise appeared to them to be a brown colored
ship seamlessly welded together with standard warp nacelles.  The familiar
Federation ‘saucer’ was more streamlined and ran down into the main hull
of the ship, creating the impression that the ship had been grown, rather
than built.
        Kirk and the others had appeared to them to be basically humanoid
figures with large, elongated heads.  The large, expressive eyes were a
shocking blue in color, and the face tapered down to a small chin, the
mouth nothing more than a small slit.  The body had appeared slight, the
uniform a black and white, skin tight material that was white over the
shoulders, black on the chest and waist, then white from the hips down.
        When Captain Kirk introduced himself, his name had sounded like
Captain Jerak.
        “They are attempting to bluff us,” Sulu said, deciding,”But I
don’t want to give them another chance to get into our computer banks.”
        “They are hailing us,” said Ensign Slater, Junior Communications
        “Don’t respond.”
        “Attaboy, Hikaru!” laughed Trelane,”Take the hard line!”
        Kirk turned to Spock,”Ready?”
        “Open a channel Uhura,” he said, she did so and he spoke,”Captain
of Excelsior, this is Captain Kirk, I am offering you my surrender,
conditional upon the safety of my crew being guaranteed.”
        Sulu frowned.
        “I don’t trust him,” he turned to Tuvok,”Have you found a way
to counter any attempts to access our computer?”
        “Yes sir, I have prepared a sub-directory to channel any piggy-back
signal and feed them false information.”
        “Keep an eye out then,” he said, he looked to Janice, who nodded
at him to indicate her support,”Ensign Slater, open a channel.”
        “Oh this is even better,” laughed Trelane,”Kirk is going to
        Sulu appeared onscreen.
        “Your surrender is accepted,” he said,”We will take control of
your ship and transport your crew to the nearest starbase, where you
will be placed under arrest for attacking our vessel.”
        “I’ve changed my mind,” said Kirk with a grin,”Although, if you
do surrender we’ll take you to the nearest Starbase and have you placed
under arrest for attacking my vessel.”
        “Cut communications,” muttered Sulu irritably,”You’ll regret
this, Kirk.”
        The Excelsior reappeared onscreen.
        “Mr. Spock?” Kirk asked him.
        “I uploaded the virus,” he said,”It remains to see whether the
Greeks will bring the horse inside.”
        “I caught a piggy-back signal,” said Tuvok,”And I moved it to
the sub-directory.”
        “The surrender was just a pretense,” said Sulu,”At least we
caught them before they could scan us again.”
        Trelane laughed,”Good try, Kirk, but it seems my Sulu can beat
anything you throw at him.”
        “Captain!” cried Tuvok,”Shields are lowering!”
        “WHAT?!?” cried Sulu.
        “They have infected us with a virus,” responded The Vulcan,
remaining calm,”It is a respawning, fractal encryption virus, it came
in embedded within a fragment of data when they piggy-backed our
communications signal.”
        “Wipe it out!” demanded Trelane in anger.
        “Wipe it out!” demanded Sulu in anger.
        “I cannot,” responded Tuvok,”It is a fractal code, it would take
me at least a week just to break the primary programming code.”
        “Then block it out of our other systems!” cried Sulu.
        Tuvok attempted to do so, placing up firewalls and virus-programs
designed to halt or at least slow it down.
        “They’re powering up their weapons banks!” cried Janice from her
science station.
        “Fire on them!” cried Sulu.
        “Captain, if we access our weapons systems, we give the virus
access,” said Tuvok,”I would not advise it.”
        “Without Shields, they’ll cripple us anyway!” snapped Sulu,”FIRE!”
        The Enterprise fired first, two photon torpedoes and a phaser
burst.  Excelsior fired a second later, one photon torpedo and a phaser
burst, then Spock’s fractal virus locked out their weapons systems.
        Both ships were smashed about as the torpedoes and phasers smashed
into their hulls, crewmembers on both ships thrown about like ragdolls.
        Then they both lay, quiet and still in the endless night of space.
        Kirk dragged himself to his feet with a groan, Chekov’s weapons
bank had exploded, knocking the Russian back several feet, and the science
station was lifeless and dark.
        “Status report, all decks,” he muttered.
        “Deck 5 has lost life-support,” said Uhura,”Severe injuries
reported on all decks, but no fatalities.”
        “Weapons systems gone,” said Spock,”As is the Science Station,
secondary power has been severely drained, life support is still active.”
        “Sir, Engineering reporting,” said Uhura,”Mr. Scott tells me that
the Warp Engines are offline, impulse is available.”
        “It won’t do much good,” said Sulu,”Helm is not responding, I
can’t tell what’s wrong with it, all displays are running and powerchecks
are all in the green.”
        “What about Excelsior?” Kirk asked, the viewscreen had gone
        “Unclear,” said Spock,”But their Shield’s were down and our
weapons were on track to hit them.”
        “Hopefully they’re worse off than we are,” muttered Kirk to
himself, then turned to Spock,”Mr. Spock, I’m going to be a suspicious
man and think that The Oltarian’s strange behavior had something to
do with this.  Go and find out what.”
        Spock nodded and walked to the Turbolifts.
        “SHIT!” screamed Trelane,”SHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT!!!!!”
        Nobody heard him, but a second later he was echoed by Sulu, who
dragged himself to his feet and hissed the word.
        He looked up at the viewscreen, saw that the alien ship was just
sitting there.
        “Status on all decks,” he muttered, then looked at the ship in
the viewscreen,”And on them.”
        Rand was checking Slater, who had a bad cut on his forehead, she
made him press his arm against the wound, then moved to the communications
        “Life support gone from deck 7,” she said,”No fatalities, only
minor injuries reported on other decks.  Our primary power is offline,
secondaries are running.”
        “The virus has locked us out of helm, science and weapon systems,”
said Tuvok,”As well as warp engines, although impulse engines remain
active, transporters have also been rendered inoperative… the virus
was designed to be selective, sickbay was untouched and it’s left us with
life support and replicators, but not much else.”
        “The alien ship appears severely damaged,” said Janice, using
the limited sensors still available to her,”But the virus could be feeding
me false information.”
        “Right then, first things first,” said Sulu,”Get that virus out,
Mr. Tuvok,” said Sulu,”I don’t care how, but do it, then we’re going to
have a reckoning with that ship.”
        “Yes,” whispered Trelane, closing his eyes and calming himself
down,”We’re in better shape than Kirk, we can get him.”
        He would have his revenge.
        An Hour Earlier.
        Ensign Cornell was under no pretensions, he knew why Rand was
so interested in him, knew why she’d come on to him and let him do her
in so may ways and styles, ways that none of his former girlfriends had
ever allowed.
        He was Ensign Jerome Cornell, but when he fucked her he knew she
was thinking of Captain James T. Kirk.
        And he couldn’t give a fuck either way.
        Yeoman Janice Rand’s attraction to The Captain was well known,
and it was also well known that despite any feelings Kirk might have
had towards her could never be acted upon.  Enter Jerome, who bore a
resemblance to Kirk, not enough to have them mistaken as twins, or even
as brothers, but it was enough for Janice, obviously.
        She lay on the silken sheets of the bed, her silky negligee covered
her breasts but parted to reveal her smooth waist.  It ended just over her
hips, and even now the pink, silken panties that had been covering her
sex was being pulled away from her ankles by Jerome.
        He knee-walked up to the foot of the bed and slowly kissed up
the sides of her magnificent, toned thighs.  She moaned and parted her
legs more, and she closed her eyes, imagining it was her beloved James
that was between her legs, not Jerome.
        He lowered his face between her thighs and lightly kissed her
golden curls of pubic hair, she kept her pussylips shaven and her pubes
trimmed down to a little triangle above her vagina.
        Janice gasped, opening her eyes and looking down at the top of
his head, it looked so much like Kirk’s, so much.
        Jerome laid his hands on her thighs and gently moved them apart,
she assented happily, spreading her long, sexy legs open wider.  Then he
pressed his thumbs into her softly yielding pussy-lips at the point where
they met and opened her slightly, revealing her pink, innerfolds of pussy
flesh.  Leaning forward, he breathed hot air against her open snatch, making
the Yeoman moan out in pleasure.
        “Can’t wait,” he murmured, then lowered his face down and pressed
his lips to Janice’s cunt, giving her clit a small kiss, sucking lightly
on the lovebutton.
        Janice rolled her eyes back, feeling a shock of pleasure race
through her body, causing her to jolt up and press his face more firmly
against her clit.  She balled her toes and dug her fingers into the
smooth, silken bedsheets.
        “Mmm, tasty,” whispered Jerome, kissing up and down the inside
of her cuntlips, sucking up the little beads of pussyjuices.  He nuzzled
against her clit and slid his tongue up into her cunt.
        Janice let out a loud sigh of happiness as she imagined that it
was Kirk’s mouth on her cunt, Kirk’s tongue squirming it’s way deeper and
deeper into her hot cunt.  Jerome let out a happy groan as he slurped and
lapped at her lubricating pussyjuices and slid his tongue up and down and
in and out of her contracting, tightening fuckhole.
        Yeoman Rand was breathing rapidly, her large breasts straining
against her silken negligee, the inner curves of her firm tits could be
seen as it pulled to the side, revealing more of her flesh.
        Jerome pulled his tongue out of her, panting softly, then he slowly
moved up the bed, pulling her negligee aside and revealing her large,
firm breasts, the small pink nipples erect and straining upwards, seemingly
pointing right at him.  He leaned forward and nibbled lightly on her
nipples, moving from one to the other and kissing and licked at her
smooth curves of titflesh.  Then he kissed his way back down the curves
of her breasts, over her smooth belly and navel, back down to her waiting
        “Oh, Janice!” he moaned, spreading her legs wider, putting his
hands under her thighs and lifting them up.  She got the idea and pulled
her legs back, with help from him she was able to press them against her
tits, liking the warmth of flesh against flesh.  Now he had access to all                                                                       
of her pussy, and he leaned down over her crotch and eagerly began to
eat her out.  His tongue was soon lapping up her pussyjuices, which tasted
like nectar to him, her juices were streaming out of her pussy, she was
always juicy when turned on.  This, combined with her lust for Kirk and
the short skirts they had to wear, had led to some potentially embarrassing
moments on The Bridge.  Several times in fact, she’d seen Uhura glance at
her with sympathy… and maybe a little lust?
        Jerome buried his nose between her pussylips and rubbed it against
her clit as his tongue fucked in and out of her fuckhole, it jabbed
inside of her, seeming to know exactly where to get at her to make her
feel the best.  As his tongue plunged in and out of her cunt, tongue-fucking
the hot blonde yeoman, tears of joy and pleasure were running out of her
eyes and down her cheeks.  With her legs up so high, she was able to
clasp her thighs against his head and hold him in place.
        “OH JAMES!” she cried out and with the thought of it being Kirk’s
head between her legs her cunt exploded, gripping tightly down around her
lover’s tongue, spurting pussy-juice into his mouth.  She ground her ass
around on the mattress, slamming her crotch up into Jerome’s face, moaning
with orgasmic abandon as sharp jolts of sexual pleasure smashed through
her body.  Jerome choked and grunted on all the juices flooding into his
mouth, and he had to swallow quickly as more and more cunt-cum squirted
out of her pussy.
        He fluttered his tongue inside Janice’s cunt, each probe and twist
of his tongue inside of her sent a pulse of raw sexual electricity shooting
from her cunt and up to her tits and head, a buzz of sexual pleasure was
running through her body.
        Finally her orgasm subsided and she loosened her thighs slightly,
releasing Jerome’s head.  He dropped his arms down, which allowed her legs
to slide back down onto the silken sheets.  He slurped away at the now
thin stream of cuntjuices running out of her pussy, then slid off the bed
and stood up, staring at her.
        Janice lay there, panting, her sweat glistening breasts rising
and falling steadily, her blond hair sweaty and plastered against the
sheets.  Her legs lay slightly parted, juices pooling up on her smooth
        “Wow!”  he whispered,”I just can’t get over that sight,” he
laughed and wiped his mouth with his hand, removing the majority of her
juices from his face, but smearing some against his cheeks.  His cock
was sticking straight at her, hard as a rock.
        “You know what’s next,” he said with a grin.
        “Sure do,” she giggled, getting up onto her knees,”Bring it
over here and let me suck that thing dry.”
        He moved to the foot of the bed and she knee-walked down to him,
leaning forward and kissing lightly at the tip of his cock.  She smiled
and then opened her mouth, taking in his cockhead.
        She planned to suck on the tip for a bit, then slowly work her
way down an inch, suck that much, then go another inch and so forth until
she could get as much in as she could.  She’d never been able to get all
his meat in before, but he didn’t mind, he just loved having his cock
sucked.  And all the time, she also planned to be imagining James Kirk’s
cock was in her mouth.
        Planned to.
        As she took the head of his cock in, the ship was rocked forward
and Jerome was thrown forward, forcing her back.  She found herself on
her back on the bed, Jerome pressing against her and his entire cock forced
deep into her mouth.
        He quickly pulled it out, and she massaged her jaw tenderly.
        “Ensign Cornell,” he said, speaking into the communicator on the
wall,”What’s going on?”
        The Deputy Chief Engineer (Cornell worked in Engineering) returned
the message.
        “Got hit by a phaser is what happened, get down to Engineering,
our poor Engines generally take a beating during battles.”
        “Shit,” he muttered, then turned and grabbed his clothes off the
        “Great,” muttered Rand, Yeomen were useless during battle, she’d
be consigned to quarters for the duration.  She watched as he left, then
settled back and wondered what James was doing to handle the situation.
        Present Time.
        Tuvok had already shut off the monitor, their feed to The Bridge
had gone after The Excelsior fired on them.
        The door opened and Spock entered.
        “It is time we got some answers from you,” he said.
        “Of course,” said Tuvok, approaching him,”It is time our Ambassador
explained the situation.”
        He stood next to The Vulcan, who was unconcerned by the muscular
Oltarian’s proximity (that was how he appeared), he knew that if it came
to a fight, he could easily incapacitate him.
        “Very well,” said Sulu, when Spock did not react to his voice
he figured that Trelane had changed people’s perception of that as well,
he continued,”This is what has happened.”
        Tuvok reached up and performed The Vulcan Nerve-Pinch on Spock,
who had not expected an attack of that sort, especially given that only
Vulcan’s could perform it, he collapsed in a heap on the floor.
        “All right,” said Sulu,”I’ve got to get over to The Excelsior,
but if Kirk doesn’t hear from Spock soon, he’ll come looking.”
        “Maybe I could cause a distraction,” said Slater,”Go cause a
disturbance, demand to see the Captain?”
        “Do it, Mr. Slater,” said Sulu,”Once we’re on Excelsior, we’ll
beam you over, just don’t lose your tracer.”
        The Federation Logo on all of their Uniforms performed another
purpose, it allowed ships to keep track of their crewmembers to within
a certain distance.  As long as Shields stayed down on The Enterprise,
they’d be able to get him back.
        “Wish me luck,” Slater said with a grin at Tuvok.
        “I do not believe in luck,” replied Tuvok,”Don’t foul this up,
Mr. Slater.”
        Slater just shook his head and grinned, then turned and was
        “Come on, Tuvok,” said Sulu,”Let’s get going.”
        They left Spock alone in the room.
        “Uhura, take a break,” said Kirk,”We can get along without you
for now.”
        She smiled, she’d just been stifling a yawn.
        “Thank you, Captain.”
        She stood up and moved to The Turbo-Lift.
        Kirk stared at the blank screen, wondering what Spock was finding
out from The Oltarians.
        Trelane stood in the turbo-lift with Uhura, unseen, staring
at her body with undisguised lust.
        “I missed out on a real chance with you,” he said,”You were hot
for me, I could sense it… then Kirk had to ruin everything!”
        He sighed, he’d head down to her room, maybe he’d get to see
her in the shower again.
        He disappeared from the Turbo-Lift.
        Slater stood at the Turbo-Lift, waiting for it to arrive.  Beside
him, Trelane appeared, unseen.
        “Oh my!” he cried,”I’d forgotten about all of you, how’d you get
        He realized that the Turbo-Lift that he was waiting for was the
one Uhura was in, it was approaching fast.
        He clicked his fingers, changing Slater’s appearance from an
Oltarian Diplomat’s aide to his regular appearance, but giving him the
familiar red uniform of a Starfleet Security Guard.
        “This should be interesting,” laughed Trelane.
        The turbo-lift doors opened and Slater made to step inside, then
stopped short and stared in open-mouthed admiration at one of the most
beautiful women he’d ever seen.
        “Going down?” asked Uhura.
        “Huh?” cried out Slater guiltily, taking it at it’s sexual context
first, then realizing what she meant,”I mean, yeah.”
        He stepped in and the doors whooshed shut, it began to move down
to the next deck, and then it shook, shuddered, jarred and dropped a couple
more feet before grinding to a halt.
        “What?” cried Uhura, she reached for the communicator, and it
suddenly erupted into sparks, making her recoil into Slater’s arms, who
automatically shielded her, pressing his body against hers.
        “Thanks,” she said after a moment, looking up into his face,”But
I think you can let me go now.”
        He just stared at her, then grinned and laughed shakily, stepping
        Uhura couldn’t help but give him the eye, checking him out.  He
was cute, had great hair and what looked to be a pretty nice body, under
other circumstances, she’d have been flirting with him.
        “Right,” said Trelane, standing unseen between them,”Mutual
attraction has been established, as has privacy by the damage of the
Turbo-Lift, which has also increased adrenaline, which can be transmuted
from fear to sexual desire… with just a little adjustment of their
body chemistry from me,” he squinted slightly, then grinned and stood
back to admire his handiwork.
        He’d momentarily forgotten all about Kirk and Sulu.

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