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Nyota Uhura has discovered new source of pleasure

Star Trek Enterprise Sex Episodes

Hentai Picture: Nyota Uhura has discovered new source of pleasure
Unfold the hottest as a fire-cracker filthy freaks of the honoured Star Trek valiants and evil-minded brainiacs luxuriating preposterous and lusty bacchic after blow-ups for mondial steerage… Naughty babe from Star Trek is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action of her whole life! This bitch gets shagged in her backdoor and vagina till she drools cum out of her two cum receptacles…

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There are busty cocklovers in any galaxy!

Star Trek Voyager Porn Parody

Hentai Picture: There are busty cocklovers in any galaxy!
High time to present some special sort of Star Trek in shape of porn… Did it come to your mind how attractive dirty slag Jadzia Dax would look showing off her large tits? Blonde Star Trek whore with full perky tits and a succulent ass gets her pussy, anal crack, mouth and tits filled with massive schlongs and gets her cute breasts thoroughly cum-dumped…

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Jadzia Dax likes this new uniform just as all horny trekkies out there1

Star Trek Voyager Porn Stories

Hentai Picture: Jadzia Dax likes this new uniform just as all horny trekkies out there1
Jadzia Dax got crazy: her arm slips down to the moist slit and enjoys that a lot… Star Trek girls love getting naughty to give you a sneak peak over the hottest fuck action that you have ever seen! Naughty babe from Star Trek is ready for the hardest fucking task in her entire lifetime!

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Deanna Troi always gets horny in open space

Star Trek Sex Parody Uncensored

Hentai Picture: Deanna Troi always gets horny in open space
Naughty Star Trek scenes are up for grabs for you to get hard over. Deanna Troi has fun slammin her pussy down her man’s dick while sucking off another sexually eager stud. Aexually eager Star Trek chick wants to feel hard black dick squeezed into her firm anus, and then polish it with her mouth till it pours sperm giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on…

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Seven of Nine is always ready to punish naughty space chicks

Star Trek Nude Fake Image Gallery

Hentai Picture: Seven of Nine is always ready to punish naughty space chicks
We carry on with Star Trek: uncontrolled episodes crammed full of all sorts of sex and a number of raunchy threesomes as well. Being bored with her being a nice babe, Seven of Nine gets a thick wiener in her head after getting her asshole pumped and oozes cum from her both holes! We are ready to get something big inside this bosomy Star Trek hot lay with a cute butt and a fuck-ready snatch…

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StarTrek porn comics – Tales from the fleet: 30 minutes

Star Trek Hentai Porn DoujinshiStar Trek Hentai Porn Doujinshi Continue reading

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Star Trek Porn Story: STAR TREK DS9: Logic Part 3

Star Trek Porn Story: STAR TREK DS9: Logic Part 3

Part 3
    Sisko and O’Brien waited patiently in his office, finally the
beam solidified and four people appeared.
    “Welcome to DS9,” said Sisko with a smile,”May I ask why you
requested this….irregular beam on board?”
    “Well Commander, if you don’t mind,” said Riker,”We’ll need to
run a Tricorder over you and the Chief……”
    “For bugs? I assure you that the Klingon rebels have
not infiltrated this station, we have an exceptional security chief.”
    “How did you know about the Klingons…?” started Riker, then
stopped,”That’s not why we’re here however, although I’d like to talk to
you about that later,” he grinned,”Besides, if your Chief is so good, how
come he didn’t detect us?”
    “Oh, but I did,” came a voice behind them, they spun, reaching for
phasers that suddenly weren’t there.  Odo stood smiling at them, he had
grown two extra hands and each hand held a phaser,”Looking for these?”
    Riker frowned,”How did you….?”
    Odo handed the phasers back, the two hands sunk into his body,”I
wouldn’t be much of a Security Chief if I didn’t know when four men
teleported aboard would I? even if my Commander doesn’t tell me about
them?” he threw a harsh glare at Sisko.
    “Consider it a test Constable,” said Sisko with a grin, then he
turned to Riker,”Why are you here then?”
    “Have you recorded an energy spike of unknown power anytime today?”
    “Yes,” said O’Brien,”Three of the damn things, and it’s like
nothing I’ve seen, it’s similar to Q, and to the thing that…..”
    “Killed Tasha Yar,” said Riker with a nod,”But we only detected
one,” he looked over at Data.
        “Sir, after the first one, I spent most of the time researching the
    “We suspect it is an ancient Vulcan, somehow it has gotten onto
the station and is sending out unimaginable readings.”
    “An ancient Vulcan!” exclaimed Sisko,”Where’d you come up with
    “Perhaps I can clear this up,” came a voice from the shadows, they
twisted around and stared in shock as a man stepped from the shadows, he
was tall with gray hair and the pointed ears of a Vulcan.
    “Spock!” said Data in shock,”I didn’t see you.”
    “Indeed,” said Spock in apparent disinterest,”But this…..ancient
Vulcan as you say is a far more pressing matter.”
    “Have you discovered anything Spock?” asked Riker, but Sisko
    “Just what the hell is going on here?”
    “After we discovered a corresponding reading of an ancient Vulcan
faced by Spock over a hundred years ago, the Captain called him in to help
us defeat it as he did so long ago,” said Riker
    “Yes, I hope you realize that my cover on Romulus may have been
    “We are sorry Spock, we had no choice.”
    “Of course, it was logical for you to bring me in, and yes I have
discovered something, the two most powerful of the ancient Vulcan Sorcerers
were called Tapek and Jipan, but Jipan was killed by Tapek and his Ka was
imprisoned inside an ancient rock that is kept in a very safe vault in an
undisclosed location on Vulcan, I can logically assume that the Sorceror
we face is Tapek.”
    “But how did he get here?” asked Sisko.
    “I can answer that,” said Odo,”Quark recently came into some fire
    Spock arched an eyebrow,”That could mean trouble, Quark is a
Ferengi name is it not?”
    “Yes, so?”
    “The possessor of the item that sets the Sorcerer free can also
be the key to its re-imprisonment, through a mind meld I would have
discovered the circumstances that led to Tapek’s release.”
    “But Ferengi’s minds can’t be read,” said Deanna,”So we can’t
find out.”
    “Not true,” said Spock,”Tell me about this Quark, then tell me of
any odd occurrences that happened at the time of each spike.”
    “Then you can tell me how you slipped in past security,” said Odo
with a snort and led Spock away.
    As they spoke Sisko turned to O’Brien,”Where is Dax?”
    “I haven’t seen her sir.”
    Sisko frowned, he had asked her to be here, then she had
disappeared from Ops,”Computer, where is Lt. Dax?”
        “Lt Dax is in holoroom 5.”
        “Sir, holoroom 5 was shut down for repairs, when Kira killed
T’Nark it burned some of his genetic remains into the hologrid,” said
    “Send a couple of security men in to check it out,” said Sisko
and turned to talk with Riker.
    Johnson and O’Hara pressed the button again, but the door still
wouldn’t open, the two security guards looked at each other and shrugged.
    “Computer, manual over ride security pass Johnson 00954,” said
Johnson, a small hatch opened and O’Hara pulled down a lever, the door
opened slowly and they walked in, not noticing the runes shimmering on
the ground as they did so.
    They were in somebody’s room, or at least the
holographic projection of it, they stepped into the bathroom where they
could hear moans and machinery.  They stared in shock as they saw Dax
lying in the clutches of a machine that was fucking her cunt, ass and
mouth, they rushed to her and pulled the machinery free, then pulled her
into the main room.
    “Lt, are you okay?” asked O’Hara.
    “Fine,” she gasped, cradling her chin which ached from
the metallic blowjob.
    “I don’t know,” said O’Hara with a grin,”She might need a little
more fucking, huh Johnson?”
    Johnson nodded and grabbed Dax, she struggled, then saw that their
eyes were rolled back in their heads, they were unconscious, yet moving.
They bent her over and held her down, suddenly she felt a cock press against
her cunt and push in, she looked up and saw another one approaching her
mouth, knowing she had no choice she engulfed it and began sucking.
    Johnson rammed into her hard, he moaned in pleasure but his eyes
remained rolled back, she knew this had something to do with Tapek, but her
mind was too busy trying to accept the fact that she hadn’t been saved by
these two security guards, but was going to be raped harder than before.
    Tapek pulled the clothes on and grinned, on the floor a dead man
lay, his hands were still clutched around his heart – which Tapek had
destroyed.  He grinned and walked over to a computer terminal, a small
green light appeared at the end of his fingers and he touched it to the
    “Computer, locate files on Vulcan DNA.”
    “Seventeen files found, deleted.”
    “What?” he cried in shock,”When?”
    “Files were deleted two point six minutes ago.”
    “Who deleted them?”
    “Dr. Julian Bashir.”
    “Recover files.”
    “Unable to comply, file fragments have been protected.”
    Tapek slammed his hand against the desk,”Open comms line to Bajor
medical center,” said Tapek,”Locate files on Vulcan DNA.”
    “Unable to comply, comms lines have been shut down by order
Commander Benjamin Sisko.”
    “Damn!” cried out Tapek,”Where is Commander Sisko?”
    “Commander Sisko is in Ops.”
    Tapek stood up and strode out of the room.
    Spock nodded,”Sexual intimacy is the most logical explanation
for Tapek’s rebirth and the mysterious behavior of your Major Kira and Lt.
Dax, this is extremely good news.”
    “What?” said Sisko,”My female crew members are being taken over
and forced into sexual promiscuity, and you think it’s good?”
    “Yes Commander,” Spock said,”The Ancient Vulcans were an extremely
prejudiced people, women had no higher place in their society than as
cookers, cleaners and breeders – Tapek’s mind will not allow him to perform
great magic unless he is in a Vulcan male’s body – and homosexuality was
completely unheard of – even in a woman’s body he will not have sex with a
    “But just in case you removed all trace of Vulcan DNA from the
station and had us shut down comms.”
    “Of course, but something worries me – you said Dax was last in
Holoroom five?”
    “Yes, I sent some security guards to get her but they haven’t
returned yet.”
        “Sir,”O’Brien interrupted,”Holoroom five is not working to full
capabilities, why would she be in there?”
    “Why isn’t it working to full capability?” asked Spock
    “Recently Cardassians invaded the Station – we were saved by an
old crewman of yours – Mr Scott,” Spock raised an eyebrow and a flicker of
a smile touched his lips,”Kira blasted one with a phaser that burnt his
remains into the hologrid.”
    Spock sat up,”That is bad, with just one cell Tapek could re-create
this Cardassian, without a mind he would merely have to bring it to orgasm
rather than have sex with it – he could have a male body now.”
    “Damn,” cried Riker,”Can your computer locate him?”
    Sisko nodded,”Computer, locate Cardassian’s on board.”
    “Three Cardassians, one is on Promenade…….”
        Sisko nodded,”Garak, we don’t have to worry about him…. at least
not in this instance.”
    “The second is in Security cell 2.”
    “That’s No’Kase,” said Sisko.
    “The third Cardassian is in sickbay.”
    Riker’s mouth fell open in shock,”Beverly and Deanna!”
    Beverly, Deanna, Worf and Julian stared down at Kira.
    “I’m getting confusion from her,” said Deanna,”She doesn’t remember
what happened.”
    Beverly ran a tricorder over her,”Physically she’s fine,” Julian
    Kira sat up,”I’m absolutely fine, can I get back to Ops now?”
    Julian nodded,”But we’ll come with you, I want to make sure you’re
        She got up and placed her comm badge back on her uniform,”All right
then, let’s go.”
    The were approaching the door when it suddenly opened, a Cardassian
strode in, Kira looked at his face and screamed out in terror,”T’Nark!”
    The Cardassian stared at Kira in confusion,”I thought that after
the intimate nature of our last encounter, you would remember my name, I’m
    Julian tapped his comms badge,”Dr Bashir to Ops…….uurkkkh,” he
reached up and grabbed his throat,”What….?” then collapsed.  Worf spun a
blow at T’Nark with lightning speed, but the Cardassian caught it with
amazing ease and twisted the wrist, snapping the bones and driving Worf to
his knees, the Klingon refused to show pain on his face and began to drive
himself to his feet, the Cardassian stared at him in shock,”What amazing
physical strength, if only it had been your remains burnt into
the holo-grid,” he clenched a fist and smashed it into Worf’s forehead,
knocking the Klingon out.  He turned to face the women when Beverly drove
something into his neck, he grinned at her,”A tranquilizer?”
    She nodded,”There was enough in there to put Worf out for a couple
of days, you’re going down.”
    T’Nark, laughed, then closed his eyes, he began to concentrate
fiercely and Beverly watched in shock as small bubbles of the liquid
tranquilizer slipped through the pores in his skin, then dropped to the
    “Pathetic, that method has already been attempted by this one,” he
pointed towards Bashir,”I was prepared this time.” he grinned fiercely, his
eyes roving over Beverly’s body then Deanna’s and finally Kira’s.
    Beverly stood staring at him defiantly, Deanna was trying to
contact Ops on her comm badge which emitted nothing but static and Kira
lay crumpled on the floor, whimpering to herself,”What perfect specimens of
women,” he said,”A pity that this body is not yet strong enough to keep my
Ka from entering you should I have sex with you….but…that doesn’t mean
I can’t enjoy you.”
    Beverly stared at him in non-comprehension,”If you think you can
force us to……..”
    “Ha, you have my choice dear lady, the three of you are going to
enjoy your excellent bodies for my personal gratification,” he made a
gesture and suddenly Beverly’s hand reached up and ripped the top part of
her uniform away, revealing a lacey white bra,”You see, I control your
    “It’s no good,”Said O’Brien,”This force field was up earlier,
after Bashir tranquilized Kira, we couldn’t break through it.”
    “Data, Mr Spock?” asked Riker as he stared at the glimmering
white energy surrounding the locked sickbay doors,”Any ideas?”
    “Possibly,” said Spock as he stared at station specs,”Data, if
you could assist me?”
    The Klingon captain stared at DS9 thoughtfully,”Why did the
Enterprise stop so far away?”
    “I say we blast the station, the Enterprise will never find us,”
cried his helmsmen, a few other men grumbled their assent.
    The captain stared at the helmsmen fiercely, who stared back for a
short time in defiance, then dropped his eyes,”When I say we fire, we
fire,” said the Captain,”And I do not explain my reasons to anyone,
    “Yes Captain,” the helmsmen replied,”I have dishonored myself.”
    The Captain waved him away with a bored gesture as he sat down on
his chair, the other crew members laughed, and he began to think again,
just what was going on over there?
    Beverly was sitting up on the med lab table, her hand between her
legs rubbing away, the other had pinched one nipple between thumb and
forefinger and was rubbing them back and forth.
    “You can’t make us do this,” cried out Beverly, even as an orgasm
ripped through her.
    “Really,” said T’Nark,”You know, if we had known other species
existed back when I was alive on Vulcan we would have put aside our
differences long enough to build ships to come and get you sex slaves.”
    Deanna was attempting to whisper some sort of plan in Kira’s ear,
but her tongue kept slipping out instead, she had already been forced to
remove Kira’s pants and finger the Bajoran’s cunt, which was dripping wet
besides the fact that Kira was crying out for help from the Prophets.
    Beverly lay back on the table, spread her legs and raised her
hips, grabbing a medical probe she began to slide it in and out of her cunt,
groaning in pleasure.
    T’Nark grinned, then stared down at Kira, he hunkered down on his
knees and whispered to her,”You know, I really did enjoy fucking you, I
wish I could do it again, but until I’m Vulcan I need this body, but I’ll
keep a special place for you in my harem.”
    Kira shuddered, both from fear and the orgasm ripping through her.
    Dax’s mouth was stretched to the limit, O’Hara’s cock was pushing
into her mouth harder and harder, the balls slapping against her chin.
Behind her Johnson rammed into her cunt again and again and she was
unable to do anything about it.  They were possessed of unnatural
strength and no matter what she tried she couldn’t escape.
    O’Hara suddenly cried out and his cum flew into her mouth, she
gagged on it, but his cock was still pressed into her mouth and she had
to swallow it, but there was a lot of it and some ran out of her mouth
and down her chin.  Then O’Hara pulled out and she gasped in pleasure,
Johnson also picked up the pace and finally he came, his juice flowing
from his body to hers, then he pulled out and she collapsed on the
    Spock and Data returned, a small smile was flitting across the
androids face, he spoke up as soon as he could,”We’ve found it, the
    “Well?” said Riker,”What is it?”
    “Arrogance,” said Spock simply and stood quietly,  Data was
jumping from foot to foot like an excited child.
    “Arrogance?” said Sisko,”I’ve never heard of an arrogant force
field, have you?”
    Riker shrugged and said,”Okay, Data, explain.”
    “Well sir,” said Data, attempting to look serious,”The Ancient
Vulcan’s were exceedingly arrogant, and it had been surmised that had they
ever meet an alien lifeform, they would not even consider them as bugs.”
    “So, this Tapek considers us as pathetic, and the force field
was just something he threw up to keep us from annoying him –
like mosquitoes.”
    “So how do we sting him then?” said Riker.
        “Quite simply, we turn of the power in this section,”
said Spock,”Then we confront him.”
    Deanna straddled Kira’s thigh and began rubbing up and down, even
as she attempted to retake control of her body, but she was helpless, he
controlled her absolutely – the galling thing was that he wasn’t even
paying attention to her, he was looking at Worf.
    “Fantastic,”he said,”The DNA and skeletal structure makes his
body amazingly strong, he was made for war, if only I could use my full
powers in any other body than a Vulcan.”
    Beverly looked up, the medical probe was still sliding in and out
of her cunt and she was attempting to stifle the orgasms,”So you do have
weaknesses,” she said.
    Tapek smiled,”No, this body has weaknesses, once I am Vulcan again
I will be near as strong as this….” he closed his eyes, searching for
the word,”….Klingon…..and I will have magic and mental powers to boot.”
    Suddenly the lights went out, Tapek stared around in shock, then
the doors opened and Sisko, Riker, Data, Odo and O’Brien rushed in, they
targeted Tapek and fired phasers, he managed to block 4 of the blasts with
magic shields, but Data’s slipped through and knocked him back, before he
could follow through however, Tapek waved his hand and the five found they
could not move at all.
    “Fools,” he said,”You can not defeat me, I am Tapek.”
    “Of course,” came a voice behind Sisko and Spock stepped
forward,”It was logical that you would conquer them.”
    “You betrayed us?” cried out Riker,”How could you?”
    “It was logical, to survive I had to join Tapek, and survival is
the only logical recourse in this situation.”
    “And why should I spare you,” said Tapek.
    “Because I have bought you Vulcan DNA,” said Spock,”Me.”
    Tapek grinned,”Yes, of course, you are old, but you are Vulcan,
your DNA will give me a base from which to become Vulcan again.”
    The Klingon Captain grinned,”Very well, enough – fire on the
station, we will retreat through the Wormhole for the time being, I doubt
the Dominion will be too interested in us.”
    Tapek formed an image of a DNA coil before him, then he closed
his eyes and slowly his body began to change – the Cardassian features –
neck coils and bony ridges above the eyes faded, and the ears began to
elongate, then it was complete.
    “I am Vulcan again!” cried Tapek triumphantly.
    “On my mark,” said the Klingon Captain.
    “Such power once more at my command,” laughed Tapek,”With but a
thought, I can destroy even those great spacevessels outside, just like
that,” he snapped his fingers.
    “Now,” cried the Klingon Captain, then his ship exploded.
    “What was that?” cried Picard from the Enterprise, the replacement
helmsmen turned to him,”Sir, that energy reading we recorded just returned,
twice as powerful as before.”
    Riker found himself suddenly fucking Deanna, she squealed in
pleasure, despite the fact that the expression in her eyes was agony.  He
also grunted with pleasure, but he was not really enjoying it, he was being
forced by Tapek to do this.  He looked over and saw O’Brien going at Kira
doggystyle and Beverly getting done by Data and Odo, the android in her
mouth, the shape shifter in her cunt.  Sisko was standing next to Spock,
yelling at him about being a traitor.  Suddenly Riker’s head snapped back,
and he continued fucking Deanna faster and harder.
    Tapek smiled,”Such power, I will return to Vulcan, with you as my
Ambassador, Spock, and I will command that they give power to me, then I
will go to the other planets……”
    “How?” said Spock simply.
    “Even with your powers, you don’t know how to build a spaceship.”
        “You’re right,” looking concerned for the first time,”How am I
going to get to Vulcan?”
    “The Enterprise,” said Spock,”It’s stationed out there, use
your telekinesis to bring it to you and teleport over.”
    “Yes,” cried Tapek,”Spock, you are a godsend.”
    “Sir,” cried the helmsmen,”We’re moving forward at impulse speed.”
    “What!” cried Picard,”Cut the engines.”
    “Sir,” said the helmsmen,”The engines are off, the ship is moving
by itself… almost as if something was dragging it.”
        “I will go to Vulcan,” said Tapek,”And rule as I should have done
so long ago…….” suddenly he doubled over,”What…..” he cried out in
pain, then collapsed,”What is happening?”
    Spock walked up to him and stared down, Sisko could swear that
there was disgust in his eyes”Vulcan’s have overcome their prejudices
since your time, so much so that my Father – a Vulcan – married a human –
my mother.”
    “No!” cried Tapek,”I…..am not ……. Vulcan…..?”
    “No, you have taken the form of a half human, half Vulcan” said
Spock,”And in trying to bring the Enterprise to this Station, you have
over-exerted your body.”
    “No….” cried Tapek, then his eyes rolled back in his head, blood
erupted from his nose and ears and he collapsed, dead before he hit the
    “Brilliant,” said Sisko,”You played on his old prejudice that
Vulcan’s still wanted to survive overall, and you defeated him.”
    “Of course,” Spock replied,”But Tapek was foolish, even in the old
days, the Vulcan’s would not assist each other for the greater good, it
should have been clear to him that I would attempt to betray him.”
    “You could have at least told us,” said Riker, staring at Deanna
and Worf, who were hugging each other.
    “I could not take that chance, if Tapek read your mind he would
discover the truth.”
    “I saw the plan once he created the DNA coil,” said Data, not
mentioning that it had been difficult to not keep preoccupied, what with
Beverly sucking on his cock,”I recognized that the DNA structure was not
fully Vulcan.”
    Sisko stood up,”Now, what about these Klingons?”
    “We received a report,” replied Data,”That the destroyed ship was
actually a Klingon Warbird, while we don’t know if it is the ship capable
of firing under cloak, we do know that no Warbirds were supposed to be in
this area and none were recorded on sensor arrays.”
    “Then the rebellion is finished,” said Worf in a satisfied tone,”And
we are free to pursue other activities,” he fought not to grin down at
Deanna – who had a satisfied looking smile on her face.
    An hour later, the members of the Enterprise had returned to their
ship, Spock asked to remain behind, saying he would find his own way back
to Romulus.
    “Major Kira,” said Spock,”May I see you privately for a moment?”
    Kira looked a little surprised, but agreed.  They met in her
    “Kira, I wanted to ask you, may I perform a mind meld with you?”
    “A mind meld? what for?”
    “You were the first body that Tapek took, it’s possible that
instead of moving on, his Ka tried to escape to you.”
    “I guess – if that’s true – it will be all right.”
    Spock placed his fingers on the right points of her face, and
slowly merged his mind with hers, he searched until he found what he was
looking for.
    “I thought so,” he said, more to himself than her, and quickly
erased the damage that had been done with the power of his mind – something
that few Vulcans could do.  But then, he had been taught by Master T’Sai
on the High Plateau of Gol, where he had failed to achieve Kolinahr through
the intervention of V’Ger – a centuries old space probe that had grown
artificial intelligence and sought to kill it’s God, on the planet Earth.
But that had been over a hundred years ago, and now he would never achieve
Kolinahr – but he could help this poor Bajoran woman.  He broke the mind
    “I was mistaken, Tapek’s Ka has gone on from here.”
    Kira nodded her thanks and left, not knowing that Spock had freed
her from the emotional and mental shackles that would have eventually led
to insanity or death, her memories of what T’Nark, Tapek and Jake had done
were gone forever.
    Not so fortunate however, was Lt. Dax, despite Tapek’s death, the
runes he had created in holoroom 5 still worked their influence over
Johnson and O’Hara, who were continuing to fuck her on both ends – mouth
and cunt.
    Finally they came for the last time and collapsed, she also fell
to the ground and lay gasping for breath, then she heard the holoroom
doors opening.
    “Dax? Johnson? O’Hara?” cried out an all too familiar voice, she
groaned out loud.
    “Don’t come in here,” she cried out, but it was too late, the man
walked into the room, across the runes and stopped, staring at her naked,
cum soaked body.  His eyes were rolled back in his head, he was possessed
by the power of the runes.
    “Hello Dax,” said Dr Julian Bashir, pulling of his pants,”It’s
time for your physical………….”

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