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Nyota Uhura is a specialist in contacts with other species… and she loves her job!

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Hentai Picture: Nyota Uhura is a specialist in contacts with other species… and she loves her job!
That hottie rides her lover’s cock while getting face-fucked by another horny male! Star Trek babes love getting dirty about one another to bring the best sex that you have ever seen… Let’s follow the example of a hooker from Star Trek that is getting hammeres on the roadside when she was shopping a few seconds away!

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Nyota Uhura needs to be fucked form time to time

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Hentai Picture: Nyota Uhura needs to be fucked form time to time
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See? Nyota Uhura doesn’t wear panties!

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Hentai Picture: See? Nyota Uhura doesn’t wear panties!
Pretty hottie getting fucked in the head skillfully and takes deep an internal cumshot in her shaved pussy. Could you ever have enough of first-class Star Trek action that will get all of your juices going and get your sex-starved Mr. Happy rock-hard? Heavily jugged hooker from Star Trek is shaking under hard pussy penetration in current post!

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Seven of Nine – bigger boobs and less clothes

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Hentai Picture: Seven of Nine – bigger boobs and less clothes
Fabulous Seven of Nine with a hot pair of titters getting screwed like a slut and swallowing a huge amount of sperm and getting herself a sting of manly pearls. We carry on with Star Trek: wild vaginal, oral and anal penetrations and a few hot three-way fuck episodes to go with the habitual fuck galore. Horny Star Trek cum receptacle dreams for this awesome black tool shoved deep into her asshole, and then suck it till it shoots tons of cum into her mouth and on her face…

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Kira Nerys is gonna spend her break in other way than usual

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Hentai Picture: Kira Nerys is gonna spend her break in other way than usual
Naughty Kira Nerys being shagged by two fellas and squeezed between a couple of dicks in all imaginable fuck positions! It’s time for special edition of Star Trek in form of sex art. It’s time to plug this big tit Star Trek hot lay featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a fuck-ready snatch!

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Star Trek Porn Story: Star Trek Voyager: Forbidden Frontier

Star Trek Porn Story: Star Trek Voyager: Forbidden Frontier

  Ever since accepting Samantha Wildman’s offer for him to serve as 
Naomi’s godfather, Neelix had found a whole new world of fatherly 
duties open up to him. These challenges facilitated acceptance as a 
viable member of Voyager’s crew as well as brought him the comfort and 
warmth he had missed since losing both his home and spouse. 
    One especially rememberable morning, his young charge’s mother was 
suddenly given a shift change that would have left the child alone for 
some time. Ever the good-hearted, he offered quite readily to stop by 
and watch the girl for a few hours. It would give him some time away 
from the mess hall, and more importantly, help him bond with the fair 
lass whom he was growing so fond of.
    Upon arriving, however, Neelix found himself at a complete loss at 
how to entertain Naomi for any length of time. He tried a plethora of 
kids’ games from his region of the Delta Quadrant, but none seemed up 
to the task of placating her. Exasperated, the Talaxian slunk back into 
one of the plush couches and sighed wearily. “So?” he asked wearily. 
“What *do* you want to do?”
    Naomi instantly brightened at the idea of deciding her own fate. “I 
don’t know if I’m supposed to…” she replied coyly, trying to hide a 
wide smile behind her cherubic face.
    “Oh, come on…” Neelix insisted, leaning forward to listen more 
closely. He assumed the little girl wanted some sweets from the 
replicator, or perhaps a trip to the holodeck. What she asked for, 
however, was rather unorthodox.
    “Well…” Naomi started, sidling over on her knees, still wearing 
the same cute expression. “After Mommy had me, the Captain had an Earth 
shower installed in our quarters. Something about her being the only 
mother on board and deserving special privileges. Anyway, we’re not 
supposed to use it too often because it wastes water, but it’s *so* 
much nicer than a sonic shower! Come on… please, Neelix?”
    “If you don’t tell Samantha, I won’t…” the elder male replied 
with a slick grin. “Go ahead and have some fun. ”
     Once reassured, Naomi stood up and approached Neelix, planting a 
tender kiss on one of his cheeks. Blushing mildly, he shooed her away 
with a quick wave and reached over to grab one of the PADDs on the 
coffee table. He intended to merely occupy himself while his beautiful 
godchild bathed, but the sudden sound of metal clasps opening broke 
into his attention just a few seconds later. The shock of what he saw 
caused him to drop the fragile device noisily to the ground.
     As he watched, the slender tyke snapped the buttons of her red 
overalls. The straps fell apart easily, sliding down her back and chest 
and forcing her amalgam of friend and guardian to stir noticeably. It 
suddenly dawned on Neelix that Naomi was far too precocious a child to 
have developed any qualms about undressing in front of others.
    “Um, honey…” he stammered unconvincingly, trying to fathom a 
reason why she should stop. “You really shouldn’t…”
    “Mom keeps telling me I’m too big to need help…” the blonde 
female prattled innocently, totally ignoring Neelix’s comment. “But I 
think she keeps on forgetting that I only *look* older than I really 
am. You understand, right? Wasn’t Kes just like me?”
    Neelix softened a moment at his beloved’s name, understanding the 
striking similarities between the two in a moment. Both had like hair 
colors and the genetic disposition for noticeably shorter life spans 
than the rest of the crew. The main difference, of course, was that he 
had been regularly shafting one, and trying to do likewise to the other 
would probably result in him getting thrown into the brig for the rest 
of Voyager’s return trip home.
    Not that he hadn’t thought it about on rare occasions, though. On 
Neelix’s homeworld, sexual activity was far less repressed than in the 
federation. He had enjoyed exploring his sister Alixia’s body quite 
frequently while growing up, although intercourse itself among family 
members was still frowned upon even in the relatively liberal Talaxian 
society. Living on a starship populated mostly by humans had quickly 
taught him to repress such urgings, but they weren’t entirely without 
an outlet.
    After Kes had left him, Neelix found the holodeck to be the most 
efficient way to let off some masculine steam. She had been such a 
wonderful lover — the Ocampa were relatively immature in matters of 
intimacy, and he enjoyed her innocent charm a great deal. Kes was 
completely submissive in bed, allowing her lover to pretty much do 
anything he wanted. Once that magic was gone, the horny Talaxian had 
tried to re-create his mate in photons and light, but instead found the 
encounters more depressing than erotic.
    Instead, he attempted uploading various other female crewmembers 
into his illicit programs, knowing the practice was frowned upon but 
not really enforced much. On a whim once, Neelix created a character in 
the likeness of Naomi Wildman and uploaded her into the Adventures of 
Flotter program. He had been there with the real child many times of 
course, but never able to take such liberties. After making quite sure 
that the entrance was firmly code-locked, he undressed his unwitting 
creation and ordered the two holographic guides to shaft her senseless.
    The fictional Naomi had been programmed to be reluctant at losing 
her virginity, but eventually grateful after realizing how good sex 
felt. After watching her get knocked up quite a few times, Neelix was 
more than willing to risk getting in on the action himself and quickly 
whisked his goons away before taking their place. Bending the small 
female over a log, he rammed his stiff rod into her upended cunt, 
continuing to pump her freshly-deflowered hole until the blonde 
juvenile started moaning, erupting in her tiny depths only after the 
preteen had enjoyed an orgasm of her own.
    Afterwards, the debauchery continued for as long as his allotted 
hour held out. Neelix rested for only a little while, staring brazenly 
at the ravished youth panting and leaking his cum. Unable to recover in 
a satisfactory enough length of time, he politely asked Naomi to suck 
him back to an erection, then pulled her atop his prick to enjoy her 
sweet honeypot a second time.
    The rest of the program was a haze of erotic images — Neelix 
laying on top of Naomi and wildly fucking her as she screamed out his 
name, another blow job in which he allowed himself to explode in her 
delicate mouth, and finally being able to cram his cock into her tight 
ass and fill her nether hole with warm cream. Cooing deliciously with 
another climax, the spent preadolescent begged for another round even 
as her partner hurried to encrypt any traces of his deeds in the 
databanks before clearing the grid.
    Since then, Neelix had lived in fear that someone would discover 
what he was doing on the holodeck, but it seemed he was in the clear. 
Still, the experience had left a lasting impression on him. He had 
never quite seen the angelic child in the same way again, but prided 
himself on so far never attempting to imbibe in the real thing and 
relying solely on his holographic fantasies. All that changed the 
second Naomi’s request came to a head.
    Coming out of his flashback, the seated Talaxian discovered she had 
already stepped out of her trousers, revealing a pair of children’s 
panties in a fey green. Neelix was unable to help but stare at the 
clearly visible imprint of a virgin slit underneath the cottony fabric, 
the realization slowly dawning that there was no way he would be able 
to resist such forbidden fruit any longer.
    Showing no embarrassment whatsoever, Naomi casually pulled her 
brown shirt completely off and proudly displayed her bare chest. 
Tightening the grip on his armrest, Neelix stared shamelessly at the 
child’s undeveloped breasts, her creamy skin capped by a tiny pair of 
nipples that would normally not know the delicate caress of a tongue 
for years to come. He wanted only to get closer and take the twin 
mounds into his mouth and taste his little girl’s flesh, but managed to 
stop himself until he could think of a better plan to channel the 
half-nude kid’s naivete.
    “Sure you don’t mind?” Neelix asked with a chuckle, trying to 
downplay the seriousness of what she was asking him to do.
    “Why not?” Naomi shot back cheerfully, bending over and pulling her 
underwear off. As if aware she was bestowing on the elder male a truly 
rare sight, the innocuous preteen burst out into a wide smile as her 
pussy was revealed. “If *you* can’t see me naked, then who can?”
    Putting her hands on her hips and spreading her legs apart in just 
the slightest bit, the sexy youth attempted to convey a sense of mild 
annoyance, but only managed to instead give Neelix a better view of her 
unabashed girlhood. Smooth and hairless, her bare cunny was puffy with 
the fat of childhood, puckered shut as if daring him to coax it open 
with a large prick. Naomi giggled upon finally catching him staring at 
her crotch, but made no effort to deny him.
    “You shouldn’t stare, Neelix!” she admonished lightly, turning 
around and letting his gaze wander across her small buttocks. Not 
realizing what she was doing, Naomi stepped out of her shoes and bent 
over to remove her socks, showing off the most sensual position so far. 
Her babysitter nearly croaked at the amazing fortune of seeing his 
goddaughter’s slit part open for a fleeting moment, then rapidly got to 
his feet in an effort to jump-start the proceedings.
    “Lead the way, Naomi…” he murmured, wiping his forehead to try 
and clear away the accumulated sweat.
    Smirking delightfully, the denuded nymph left the pool of clothing 
and sprinted across her quarters, Neelix following rapidly behind as if 
this were a tenuous dream, and losing sight of her would cause it to 
fade away into excruciating consciousness. By the time he reached the 
bathroom door, Naomi had already ordered the computer to pour forth 
warm water into the shower stall before entering herself.
    Turning around the door frame, Neelix was greeted by the exquisite 
view of a wet, prepubescent body. Naomi stood there, twirling merrily 
under the watery stream, ensuring every inch of her nubile form was 
enveloped by dripping fluid. She had no idea how close she was to 
having her silky flesh felt up when a sudden outcry stopped the 
Talaxian dead in his tracks.
    “Silly!” she tittered amusedly. “You can’t come in here like that! 
You’ll have to take your clothes off too!”
    Any last vestiges of restraint faded away the moment Naomi asked 
him to disrobe. Suddenly, the lingering fears about the Captain (or, 
God forbid, Samantha) discovering this illegal interlude seemed to be 
distant and insignificant. Without so much as an iota of contention 
from the primitive recesses of his brain, Neelix breathed deeply and 
began to undress.
    His unauthorized starfleet uniform slowly forming a ragtag pile on 
the bathroom floor, the roused Talaxian managed to break out into a 
sizeable grin as he lowered his trousers in one swoop, releasing the 
thick monster Naomi had no doubt wanted to see. He knew she would not 
have any knowledge of erections just yet, and was pleased to see the 
youth’s eyes widen and mouth gape open as he menacingly brandished his 
fat member.
    “Let’s get started, then…” Neelix announced boldly, stepping into 
the cascading stream along with his bewildered charge. Not bothering to 
wait for a response, he grabbed a bar of soap from the raised dish. 
“Come on, honey.” he instructed soothingly. “Lift your leg a little so 
I can wash you.”
    “Wow…” she finally replied breathlessly, obediently complying 
while still staring at the towering phallus only a few inches in front 
of her. “Your… thing… is *huge*!”
    “Well…” Neelix continued calmly, trying to hide the pride he took 
in her comment. “That sometimes happens when I’m around a beautiful 
girl.” His hands now lathered up, Voyager’s chief ambassador raised 
Naomi’s ankle high against the wall, spreading the child’s exposed, 
puffy hole as far open as he dared manage. Not missing a beat, he slid 
a soapy hand between her thighs and began to rub firmly.
    Naomi illuminated straight away, a crimson flash spreading rapidly 
across her face as her hitherto sleeping libido was finally awakened. 
“That feels nice…” she purred softly, going off track for only a 
fleeting moment before returning to her original train of thought.
    “Do you really think I’m pretty?” she asked, gasping mid-sentence 
as her vagina was stimulated. “Enough to make you excited?”
    “Of course, Naomi!” Neelix shot back gleefully, rewarding her 
candor with a slick hand to massage the miniscule bumps further up 
along her body. “Watch!”
    As the supple blonde watched in interest, he pressed his stiff rod 
against her chest, letting the bulbous head throb appreciatively. Then, 
Neelix imagined the most erotic thought he could muster — if he simply 
ceased all foreplay and rammed his cock up Naomi’s unspoiled vise, 
pummeling her holy place irregardless of all cries of alarm until he 
filled her inviting womb with his potent seed. As he assumed, his 
faithful tool swelled noticeably longer in expectation of being allowed 
to fulfill his deepest desires.
    Swooning at the realization of her body’s power, Naomi allowed 
herself to enjoy Neelix’s ministrations for a while more before 
continuing. “So what do you… do when it’s like this?” she inquired 
curiously, eyes fluttering open and closed as her nipples and clitoris 
throbbed with intense gratification.
    “I usually have to play with it a bit.” Neelix answered decisively, 
his extremeties moving in ever-wider circles to cover more of Naomi’s 
skin in slippery suds.
    “Do you…” she asked in a halter, allowing the question to trail 
off into nothingness. He already knew what she wanted to ask, and cut 
his goddaughter off before she could finish.
    “Only if you want…” he answered quietly, halting the washing 
before standing straight up and allowing his member to dangle in front 
of Naomi’s bright eyes. Almost surreally, she eagerly grasped the 
extended rod, squeezing it tight with her tiny hand and causing Neelix 
to inhale sharply. Encouraged, the young girl began sliding her hands 
up and down its length, quickly realizing how much such a simple 
gesture meant to her godfather.
    Switching to two hands, Naomi made a circle with her thumb and 
pointer fingers, pulling exquisitely on Neelix’s penis with a pleasant 
grin on her face. The eager vixen had no idea, of course, that even 
girls that *were* as old as she looked were prohibited from doing such 
adult things, and the forbidden nature of this tempt of fate made the 
experience all the more thrilling.
    “You’re… very good at this, Naomi!” he squeaked out, watching in 
awe as his long phallus grew even wider from the inexperienced girl’s 
nimble hand-job.
    “Thanks, Neelix!” the little girl replied cheerfully, totally 
unaware of the social taboo attached to the seemingly innocent favor 
she was performing.
    “But…” the Talaxian continued slyly, helping Naomi to smoothly 
stroke his manhood. “You know what would make me feel *really* good?”
    “What?” she asked naively, flashing her baby blues at him. And, 
just by glancing at those dainty sparkles of blue in her cherubic face, 
Neelix knew he had clinched the deal to his most darkest fantasy. If he 
wanted, he could have simply pressed her to the wall and forced his 
thick tool up her immature passage until she was dripping obscene 
amounts of cum. By now, Naomi understood that this strange ritual made 
her godfather beyond happy and was perfectly willing to partake. This 
pleased the lecherous male to no end, but knowing so only made him 
realize that he could be much more open with her and really enjoy 
    “Let me show you…” Neelix instructed gently, guiding his manhood 
and her hands to rub the tip across her chest as the warm spray of 
water from overhead quickly cleared away the soapy residue. As Naomi 
watched in awe, he gripped the beefy tool and began sliding it up her 
body, straining to resist popping it right inside her delicate mouth.
    Anxious and interested, she giggled a bit as the bulging head 
snaked up her neck and cheeks, travelling in lazy circles around her 
features while drawing ever closer to the girl’s facial orifice. When 
it finally came to rest caught between the twin ridges of her mouth, 
Naomi knew what she was supposed to do by instinct. Her oral passage 
opened willingly, allowing Neelix the freedom to blissfully slip his 
pole inside.
    “That’s right…” he complimented her, sighing with deep content 
while steadily pushing forward, allowing his niece to get used to the 
task. She was smiling innocently as the meaty hunk pressed in slowly, 
not at all concerned that something so large could easily choke her. 
Neelix was not about to let such a thought enter her mind on during 
this most delicate of situations, so he painstakingly slowed just 
before the point where it would have become uncomfortable, wedged a 
good deal past her stretched, pink lips.
    “Now, just bring your head back a bit…” the Talaxian continued, 
eyes squinting as she did so with titillating finesse, caressing the 
underside of his shaft with her tongue until he directed her to cease 
just shy it popping out. With a shocking bolt of dull horror, Neelix 
realized he had already palmed her scalp without even thinking about 
it. He was only able to hope now that his own self-restraint would 
prevent him from energetically deep-throating the poor child once his 
sex drive got going.
    “Mmmph…” Naomi said muffledly as she went back down on his cock, 
slurping unsophisticatedly as the fleshy pole disappeared back inside 
before pulling off to speak. “Like this?”
    “Oh, sweetie…” Neelix responded approvingly as she dutifully 
fellated him with stunning passion. “That’s it, yes! Now… use your
hands too…”
    Without even waiting for further guidance, the blonde vixen locked 
her tiny fingers around the base of his prick and began fisting and 
sucking with charming inexpertise. She was too weak to hurt him even 
when using full force, and the sexy sight of a little girl trying 
furiously to get him off made Neelix’s heartrate begin to speed up 
significantly. It took a few seconds, but soon Naomi was able to time 
her motions well enough to get the rhythm down. The honorary ensign’s 
mouth acted as a gentle vacuum gliding up and down Neelix’s phallus 
while her petite palm jacked the rest.
    “Naomi…” he groaned, gripping the side of the shower stall to 
prevent slipping during the critical moment. “Ooh, that’s wonderful!
Keep going honey, I’m almost there…”
    In a series of melodious “mmm”, “mmm” sounds, the lithe female 
continued her blowjob, bobbing her head up and down on his penis as a 
woman possessed. Her eyes were shut now, all concentration focused 
intensely on the job at hand. Neelix, though, was wide alert and 
frothing with excitement, amazed that his goddaughter’s naivete made 
this act infinitely superior compared to Kes’ lackluster attempts.
    “You’ve got to… stop…” Neelix spurt out, his free arm flailing 
feebly to try and finish the job himself. He didn’t know what she would 
think if he let himself shoot her mouth full of slimy cum, and was 
still in enough control of his faculties to realize it. 
    Vainly, Voyager’s cultural ambassador made an effort to swat her 
away politely, but Naomi seemed to believe it was only a part of the 
game. Hunching up to his crotch closer, she wrapped both hands around 
the hilt of his tool and pumped swiftly and surely while the bulbous 
protrusion pulsated gleefully within her tight mouth. Neelix was in no 
condition to refuse her offer.
    Emitting a brazen yell as his climax peaked, the Talaxian found 
himself unable to resist holding Naomi’s long hair firmly as the 
floodgates burst. She made a stifled gasp in surprise as the first 
blasts of hot cream spilled inside, then tried right away to back off. 
Neelix realized his wrongdoing, but managed to release her only after 
the unaware minor had swallowed quite a bit of his semen.
    Shocked, but not overly offended, Naomi stood mutely before her 
elder partner as he swiftly moved to finish. Her jaw dropped open as 
his pistoning arm loosed yet more torrents of sperm across her face, 
some flying straight between her open lips and splattering inside, 
mixing with the viscous fluid already deposited there. Other gobs 
landed all over her cherubic features, forming a veritable coat of 
manly goo that dripped from the juvenile’s hair down through her 
cheeks, chin, and nose.
    Neelix rested against the wall and slid gently down the slick 
surface as his prick dribbled its last, ending up on his butt at the 
shower floor. Naomi still said not a thing, rolling her tongue around 
thoughtfully while tasting the proof of her first oral sex experience. 
With agonizingly slow speed, the spent man craned his neck, expecting 
the worst. He was sure he’d turned her off, and would soon be told that 
he was a disgusting, dirty old man for asking her to submit to such a 
terrible thing. 
    Instead, Naomi ran her hands along her face, absorbing the spunk 
into her skin. When she took them away, she was beaming, staring at the 
mess that covered her skin with obvious reverence.
    “Jeez, Neelix…” she broke suddenly. “That was fun!”
    “Aw, come here…” her godfather beckoned with great relief, taking 
her into his lap. She grabbed his dick gingerly, propping the phallus 
up against her pelvis as she settled into hug him, the tip slapping 
wetly against her stomach and jerking faintly as it came so near the 
place it was meant for. The decision was instant and decisive. “It’s 
time, Naomi…” the Talaxian announced.
    “For what?” his darling angel replied sweetly, peering into his 
soul with her eyes.
    “Now we get to have sex…” Neelix finished with finality. 
    “Are you sure this is okay?” Naomi asked, her voice tinged with 
worry for the first time since the whole ordeal began. She was now 
holding the wall with her hands, legs spread apart to present her sweet 
honeypot to her uncle. He was already a step ahead with his flaccid 
member stuck between her thighs, rubbing it along the length of her 
cunny to restore the life her frantic ministrations had sucked dry.
    “It’ll be a tight fit…” Neelix answered truthfully, feeling up 
Naomi’s backside and marveling at the creamy texture of her youthful 
skin. Watching for her reaction, he placed a finger at the entrance to 
her chastity and deftly shoved it in. “But you’re a big girl, right?”
    “Yeah, I guess so…” she replied, wincing as the insistent probe 
explored her inner recesses for a few seconds before withdrawing with a 
slick sound. Before, she had been in control of exactly how far she was 
letting Neelix teach her, but now it appeared he would be piloting from 
here on out.
    “Just move up a little bit, Naomi…” he said gently, holding his 
nude charge’s hips to adjust her position to one suited for rear-entry. 
She complied without question, raising her fanny and displaying the 
pink opening he was about to roughly penetrate. Neelix was finishing up 
preparing her for easy entry by rubbing the tip of his tool all over 
her rosy gash. In no time her privates were slick with the remainder of 
his spunk and perfectly ready to accept a fat cock.
    “Then here we go!” the lecherous male announced proudly, steadying 
himself and pushing forward in a deeply aroused daze. Naomi tensed up 
as she felt her labia bulge outwards, moving her hands to opposite 
corners of the stall for leverage as her virgin sanctum was pierced. 
Like all Ktarians, she had no hymen to impede the invading phallus, but 
her youthful chastity was more than enough to make copulating quite an 
ordeal. “Unnnngh… you’re so *warm*!” he spat out in awe.
    Grunting emphatically as Neelix wedged himself into her crack even 
deeper, Naomi extended her legs further without thinking, gasping 
sharply when he sank in with a rush to the halfway point. “Go slower!” 
she commanded feebly, wincing a worry caused her little hole to become 
even more constrictive than usual. Her elder lover took due note of the 
effect, overwhelmed by how securely the vaginal walls were seizing him. 
It would have taken a phaser set to full stun to separate the two at 
this point.
    “I can’t, honey…” he answered haltingly. “It feels so nice!” With 
indocile force, Neelix stretched Naomi’s already-stuffed twat as he 
continued to force his way into her, causing the petite girl to shudder 
dramatically from the pressure in her cramped quim. He was nearly 
completely inside his goddaughter’s most private place now, the 
mushroom-shaped head of his penis nearly brushing by her uterus. 
    “Neelix…” she moaned laboriously, flexing her vaginal muscles 
most erotically as his pubic hair tickled her bare mound. “It’s too 
    “Just a little bit more…” he assured his delightfully naive 
charge, grunting in effort as his bulging member bottomed out in her 
vestal cavity. Naomi let out a gasping cry as he filled her to the 
utmost, brain too addled with sensation to even attempt anything but 
just processing the experience. “There we go…” he added with 
satisfied finality, at last feeling the hilt of his tool come to rest 
at the cushiony barrier of the child’s swollen vulva.
    “Wow, Naomi!” Neelix announced, flexing his dick mightily as he 
peered down between their conjoined forms. “You took it all!” Indeed, 
the small girl’s pristine slit was engorged impossibly large now, 
straining just to accommodate such a large invader.
    “Oh, thanks…” the young tyke answered, diffident as to how 
exactly she should respond to such a lewd compliment.
    “Ready, then?” he continued, much more insistently than before. To 
stress himself, the virile alien began rocking his pelvis slowly into 
Naomi’s while still lodged way inside of her, relishing his cute mate’s 
unabashed efforts to do likewise. His manhood throbbed strongly in her 
confined slot, churning inside the forbidden depths with much 
restraint. Even still, she seemed to be at least warming up to sex.
     “I guess…” she replied in a calmer tone, this time much more 
sure of herself. Naomi just couldn’t bear to refuse even something that 
hurt a little bit if it meant her uncle having so much fun. The little 
girl could already feel her hole loosening up nicely, expanding to fit 
snugly around Neelix’s cock while he plowed her dainty passage.
    Waiting for no further sign of approval, the lecherous adult 
pressed his diminutive partner’s bare buttocks away to separate their 
intertwined genitals. He couldn’t help but marvel at the way her 
privates sucked so delightfully on his rod as he exited, almost as if 
her vagina was imploring him to stay inside. Neelix allowed the tight 
ring of muscle to appease his manhood from hilt to tip, stopping just 
before the thick head was about to pop out. Naomi’s reddened pussy was 
about to get just what it was instinctively asking for.
    “Ahhhhh…” the limber youth moaned upon sensing her nether orifice 
suddenly fill again with a great rush. Neelix slid inside much faster 
this time, pressing hard to try and bury himself in with one thrust, 
but Naomi displayed remarkable resilience, impeding his ingress easily 
by contracting her tender vice without even thinking. Smiling proudly, 
the Talaxian waited for her to adjust, then pulled out and slipped it 
to her once again, penetrating far deeper before her loins balked.
    It took a few attempts, but soon the pair was able to more or less 
mate in the proper way. Naomi bucked each time the fleshy mass slid 
home, unable to truly prepare herself for having her most holy area 
vigorously assailed, but still managed to stay the course even as the 
increased tempo turned her labia crimson from the friction.
    “Are we… almost… done yet…?” Naomi asked laboriously, her 
staccato outbursts marked by a pause with every insistent prodding at 
her undeveloped cervix. The child was clearly stressed out by the task 
she had formerly agreed to, but asked the question in such a way as to 
not rule out her further acquiescence to performing.
    “Oh my, no!” Neelix replied sadly, reaching down to caress the 
bulge his prick was making in her belly. “We’re just getting started!”
His exigent demeanor, however, seemed to give way immediately after.
    It suddenly occurred to Voyager’s chief ambassador that perhaps the 
reason Naomi was so adverse to participating in hardcore intercourse 
was that he was introducing her to the entirely wrong position for a 
girl to lose her virginity. Although he had enjoyed her splendid body 
dozens of times during his holodeck rations since daring to code a 
child pornography program, Neelix understood that, subconsciously, he 
had banged Naomi’s photon counterpart an inordinate amount of times 
from behind, always seeking a quick release that so many men used their 
time for. He was more than willing to change if it meant his godchild 
might think better of him for taking her maidenhood.
    “Here…” he offered helpfully, withdrawing for the first time 
since making Naomi a woman. “Let me show you…”
    Naomi felt a warm hand cup her hairless mound, and another behind 
her grasp her buttocks as Neelix slowly turned her around to face him. 
His thick shaft bobbed menacingly before her now-engorged slit, 
expectantly awaiting return to its natural home. Gulping audibly upon 
seeing how massive his cock really was next to her tiny opening, the 
panting preteen looked up at her caretaker with deep apprehension.
    “I never realized it was so…” Naomi started at once, unashamedly 
spreading her legs apart to allow Neelix access to her girlish cunny. 
Before she could finish, though, he quickly wrapped his arms around her 
body for support and thrust inside, causing her to arch her back and 
cry out in surprise as her immature hole was crammed full.
    This time, both partners could see the obscene bulge in the young 
Wildman’s abdomen each time he forced his way in, a sight almost as 
spectacular as the folds of Naomi’s flower weakly attempting to wrap 
around the penetrating force before being splayed erotically against 
her inner thighs. Neelix grabbed his lover’s taut behind and pulled her 
towards him as they coupled together, allowing his length to pound much 
deeper than before.
    Panting and hot more than could be accounted for by the shower’s 
spray, Naomi was struggling dutifully to please her godfather, noticing 
with amazement the repetitive squishy sounds emanating from her vaginal 
canal interspersed with the falling water. Hoping to show appreciation 
for this strange act Neelix had introduced her to, the slender girl 
eased her fragile arms around his rotund belly, locking them behind his 
back and smiling endearingly upon his notice.
    “Oh, Naomi…” her aroused Talaxian elder groaned breathlessly, 
delighted that she was trying hard to enjoy making love. His prick 
swelled proudly just at the thought that she didn’t mind being fucked, 
and how often the two of them would get to enjoy repeating this scene 
now that he had introduced her to intimacy. The impaled child let out a 
rasp of overloaded sensation, but quickly adjusted, settling into an 
easy rhythm to accept his thick pole.
    The salacious act continued for some time, the change of position 
having cooled Neelix off enough so that he could enjoy his niece’s 
delightful jewels for awhile longer. Now, though, he could see the 
blatant effect his forceful stabbing was having on Naomi and every 
delicious expression flashing across her face whenever he plunged in, 
pumping her crotch with reckless abandon.
    Overcome with lust, Neelix bent down low and brought his lips to 
hers, pressing them together with indelible precision even though the 
lower halves of their bodies were in such a mighty tango. Naomi 
permitted him to kiss her, opening her mouth gracefully and locking 
lips with the older man. Her forehead ridges rubbed playfully against 
his brow, inciting the licentious godfather to a precipitous brink he 
almost couldn’t bear to suffer so soon.
    “I’m gonna cum…” he croaked vertiginously, more asking permission 
to than announcing so.
    “Okay…” Naomi answered swiftly, looking absolutely radiant as she 
steeled herself to be inseminated. Neelix increased the speed of his 
pounding rod, tightening his grip on the willing preteen and slowly 
pulling her closer to him. A few seconds of unbridled passion was all 
he needed to careen over the edge, slamming her dainty box hard and 
letting loose a hot jet of sperm into her inviting depths.
    With sporadic, powerful thrusts, Voyager’s chief culinary officer  
let loose with spectacular energy, pinning the frazzled female to the 
side of the stall and pumping for all he was worth. Naomi’s rested her 
head against the wall, eyes rolling back in their sockets in the face 
of such a mature revelation, and also on some level dimly aware there 
was something new happening in her vagina.
    Neelix let out a long, high-pitched ‘eehhhh” as he spewed his seed 
into Naomi’s belly, the crown of his rod spewing forth torrents of 
sperm right up into her soon-to-be fertile womb. She panted loudly as 
he filled her up, feeling a bit more of the sticky juices run down her 
thighs each time he left her sopping canal for another thrust. Just 
when the lithesome preteen thought she would burst from being filled 
with so much cum, her satiated partner made one last heaving groan and 
sheathed himself fully within his love.
    After recovering enough from the mind-blowing climax to move once 
again, Neelix peeled Naomi off the wall, amazing the shocked youngster 
when he lifted her up, supported only by the firm cock her stretched 
sex was impaled on. He pushed his softening tool into the giggling 
child a little bit to ensure she was snugly riding him, then held her 
back and ass before stepping out from under the stream that had all but 
vanished from their conscious minds until now.
    “I think we’ve wasted enough water.” he announced in a mock serious 
tone, escorting his smiling charge out of the bathroom and back in the 
main chamber. 
    “We should get dressed soon…” Naomi interjected, showing 
intelligence beyond her years as she was carried into her sleeping 
quarters. “Mom might be back soon.”
    “Oh, I think we have time for one more thing…” Neelix responded, 
laying the child gracefully on her in the warm confines of her own bed. 
Naomi let he legs dangle open unashamedly, just as content as her 
godfather to peer down at the hunk of meat still rammed up her tummy.
    “But…” she protested politely, gliding over the sheets as Neelix 
shafted her lightly, unable to resist enjoying such a profound gift 
some more before pulling out. “I’m getting a little tired!”
    “Trust me.” the older male said rapidly, brushing off her concerns 
and placing his hands on her lower belly. As Naomi sighed with a mix of 
relief and sadness, Neelix extracted his half-erect member, marveling 
at the way her thighs shivered at the curious sensation.
    With a wet pop, the tip slid out, releasing the stopper that was 
keeping his cream soaking in Naomi’s innards. A squishy sound emanated 
from her gash, and then it suddenly poured out a river of semen that 
flowed onto the bedspread, dousing the area between her legs under a 
pool of warm goo. At first she was shocked and horrified at soiling the 
linens, closing her limbs together and covering her leaking crotch, but 
Neelix quickly moved to comfort his darling girl.
    “It’s okay, honey…” he soothed, holding the little ensign’s wrist 
and running her fingers lazy circles around the white mess. “Soon 
you’ll be even wetter down there…”
    “What…?” she asked inquisitively, not at all understanding what 
was going on.
    “I want to thank you, Naomi.” Neelix answered in earnest. “By 
showing you just how good you made me feel.”
    The eager youth looked directly at him for a few moments before 
assenting, squirming as he began to guide a solitary digit into her 
slick crack. “This better be good…” she thought glumly, unaware of 
just how true her pondering would prove when he drove her to a truly 
magnificent orgasm just a few short minutes later.

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