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Nyota Uhura needs to be fucked form time to time

Star Trek Hentai

Hentai Picture: Nyota Uhura needs to be fucked form time to time
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In uniform… and without it!

Nude Star Trek Babes

Hentai Picture: In uniform… and without it!
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Kira Nerys alway gets the biggest loads

Star Trek Porn Comic

Hentai Picture: Kira Nerys alway gets the biggest loads
Star Trek gives you undeniable access to protected and upgraded fucking for every citizen and females are no exception… Tight cutie sucks a pair of dicks stiff, is fucked in her butt until her asshole is gaping and then is gangbanged hard like a good slut… Aching Star Trek chick craves for a huge ebony boner pushed al the way down into her butt snatch, and then blow it off till it sprays jizz into her mouth and on her face.

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Private briefing with Deanna Troi

Star Trek Sex Gen

Hentai Picture: Private briefing with Deanna Troi
Star Trek whores love getting naughty to give you a sneak peak over the hottest fuck action that you can imagine… Swarthy Lola has smeared herself and drives her fingers one by one into her brown artichoke. Another sexy hottie from Star Trek sports an awesome pair of tits to bring to our view and she cannot even think of skipping any fuck-ready dick.

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Star Trek Porn Story: STAR TREK DS9: Logic – part 1

Star Trek Porn Story: STAR TREK DS9: Logic – part 1

    Part One.
    Commander Sisko sat in his quarters reading over the evaluation
angrily, the contents were supposed to be confidential but the old Admiral
had sent it to him before his death at Klingon hands.
    He swore softly under his breath, the new Klingon rebels were a
mystery – no Klingon ever went against the Emperor – it was without honor
and against tradition, but these young fools had read too much of the
Legends, and believed the peace with the Federation had weakened the
Empire, they wanted a return to the old ways.  He threw down the computer
pad and swore again, it was the old ways that nearly destroyed
the Empire – when on the brink of collapse 89 years ago, a traditionalist
Klingon General had murdered a Klingon ambassador and thrown blame upon
Captain James T. Kirk, the resulting trial had nearly cost the Empire it’s
life when the truth was discovered.
    The contents of the file listed the demands the rebels were
making of the Federation and Empire, if not met a number of space stations
had been targeted for destruction – DS9 was among them.
    “This comes too soon,” he said aloud, referring to the recent
Cardassian invasion – three Cardassians had beamed aboard after using a
Computer program that belonged to Chief O’Brien to shut down the
station – if it hadn’t have been for the man everyone called ‘Scotty’ they
would have fallen into orbit around Bajor and eventually crashed, killing
thousands – which of course was what the Cardassians would have
wanted – Sisko still had the surviving Cardassian prisoner – No’Kase – on
the station as the Federation and Cardassian’s thrashed out the details of
a complicated prisoner transfer.
    He wandered to himself just how the Station would survive, because
the file also mentioned that the Klingon rebels had managed to build a ship
just like the one used to kill the Klingon Ambassador 89 years ago, a
Warbird that could fire under cloak.
    Unaware of their danger, the people of the station went on with
their lives – the main hub being of course, the Promenade, and of course,
the main hub of the Promenade, Quark’s bar.
    Quark stood at the bar talking with his supposedly stupid brother,
as usual he was yelling at him,”You stupid fool, gold pressed latinum! gold
pressed latinum is what is valuable, or Federation credits, or Bajoran
coinage…….not these!” he threw some green and red gems to the ground.
    “But brother, they look so valuable, and he said…..”
    “They are glass you idiot,” Quark moaned,”They are worthless
unless all the sand in the Universe was to disappear one day.”
    “But I tested one in the pressure system, it held up.”
    “Of course it held up, they’ve been tempered with regulated
phaser blasts to give them strength.”
    “Oh brother, how was I supposed to know…..?”
    “Shut up, you get no share of the profits today…..and…..I’ll
take 50% of your profits for the next month!”
    “Brother you can’t…..”
    “80, like to try for 90?”
    He fell silent and walked away, as he did he mouthed an obscenity.
    “I heard that brother,” said Quark.
    “How…?” cried his brother in astonishment.
    “I didn’t, but you just as good as admitted it now, 90%”
        His brother walked away in impotent anger.
    Odo walked into the bar, the last of the crowd had left, the noon
rush over.
    “Ahh, Odo, would you care for a drink.”
    “Quark, every day I come in here looking for one thing, an
opportunity to put you in jail, and everyday you ask me if I want a drink,
what do I say when you ask me?”
    “Do you want a drink?” he laughed out loud.
    “What’s going on between you and your brother?”
    “The fool sold a huge shipment of Romulan wine……..” Odo held
up his hand to stop Quark who quickly said,”I only own the rights to a
batch on my Homeworld, we sold him the rights to this years crop, you know
that’s legal.”
    Odo grimaced at Quark’s way of bending the law – Romulan ale was
considered far too addictive, having a euphoric and then depressing effect
on the drinker – then motioned for Quark to continue.
    “Anyway, he accepted payment of these worthless pieces of glass
instead of Latinum,” he held up the gems.
    “Quark,” said Odo in astonishment,”Those are fire gems from Vulcan,
they’re worth twice, maybe three times whatever astronomical fee you were
    Quark looked around, then whispered,”I know that Odo, but my
brother doesn’t, so I get his share of the profits and these beautiful
    “Quark, you know the legend, some say the Fire gems hold the
souls of the ancient Vulcans and they grow angry if removed from Vulcan.”
    “Bah, when do Vulcan’s ever get angry?”
    “Ancient Vulcans, Quark, they make the old Romulan barbarians
look like…..bunnies.”
    Quark snorted and turned to speak with a new customer, Odo walked
    No’Kase couldn’t keep still, he was wracked by inner demons as
he considered his fate – if the Federation got him he would be put on a
prison colony in the southern hemisphere on Earth – as a Cardassian he
couldn’t even think about the tranquil New Zealand, where their
Southernmost Island – called Stewart – held Federation or Maquis officers
who had to be punished for breaking regulations yet who had done so in
the good of their ships or men. No, he would get a small island, and he
would likely die by any number of ways from angry inmates.
    He hoped for that……     
    If he was sent back to Cardassia he would have to face Gul Dukat,
and also GuTut, who had been the father of T’Nark, his now dead leader.
They would torture him and make him pay for his failure – all because he
had wanted the woman Dax so badly and had not backed up T’Nark when he had
been chasing Major Kira.
    He had considered taking his own life, but the Security Chief,
Odo, made that difficult if not impossible, he wondered what was to become
of him.
    He lay back on his bunk and prepared for his fate.
    Major Kira was nothing if not resilient, after her rape and near
domination by T’Nark she had recovered almost immediately, if it had not
been for Jake and Nog mistaking her for a hologram she might have come out
and told Sisko about it, but she couldn’t let them know they had had her.
    She finished her musing as she helped prepare the station for the
new Security personnel coming in from Bajor at Sisko’s odd request.  Also,
the Enterprise was going to be stationed here for a week – for unknown
reasons.  She considered it, it may have something to do with the rebels
from the Klingon Empire, but why target DS9, it was a very important piece
of the Federation true, being so close to the Wormhole, but it’s
destruction would gain nothing but an advantage to the Cardassians, who
were sworn enemies of the Klingon’s anyway.
    She removed her jacket as it was getting hot, her white shirt
glistened with sweat and her breast’s were visible (she rarely wore a bra),
if anyone come through this conduit she would have to cover up – but it was
unlikely, she was the only one scheduled to work here, closing off access
points to Ops from the Promenade’s ventilation systems – another odd
request from Sisko.
    Suddenly the air grew cold, goosebumps rose up on her arms and the
ladder she was standing on grew slick with ice, she swung her head around
to look at the temperature on her readings, they were normal.  Then it hit
her, something grabbed hold of her and pushed her up against the wall, she
was now suspended ten feet in the air with nothing to grab onto, she felt
invisible fingers press up against her forehead and suddenly everything
went dark.
    She was standing on solid ground she felt, but could see nothing,
then a voice echoed deeply through the blackness.
    She looked around wildly but could see nothing,”I am Kira, a
SPECIMEN OF WOMANHOOD,” she felt hands roughly grab her breasts, her shirt
was ripped from her and an invisible mouth swallowed her nipple.
    “Stop!” she cried,”You can’t do this.”
    “BUT I AM, WOMAN,” cried the voice,”I AM TAPEK, SORCEROR AND I DO
    “Vulcan’s are supposed to be logical, thinking beings,” she cried
in desperation as a hand wrapped around her buttocks and squeezed.
    Suddenly she was back in the conduit, suspended above the floor,
she was now completely naked, below her lay her ripped clothes.  She felt
something grab her and saw in shock as fingermarks appeared in her breasts,
she was slowly felt up, then a finger slipped into her cunt, it expertly
began to squirm around in her lap and she felt her juices begin to flow.
Against her will she cried out in pleasure, she froze in shock as the
finger was removed and she felt something larger and harder push against
her cuntlips, then the phantom cock slipped into her and she was thrown
against the wall.  Tapek thrust again and again into her, ramming her body
against the wall as he fucked her mercilessly, she cried out as orgasms
ran through her against her will, no one had ever fucked her like this,
not T’Nark – not anybody, a hand grabbed her head and pulled it forward,
roughly she was kissed and then pulled away, she had felt a tongue in her
mouth but could still see nothing.  She groaned as another orgasm ripped
through her, her ass cheeks were beginning to feel dull pain as she was
pushed against the wall again and again, then a hand roughly grabbed her
tits again and she felt the teeth grip a nipple and pull back, then it let
go and she screamed in pleasure and pain.  Tapek suddenly stiffened and she
felt cum race into her body, her head snapped back and she groaned in
animal pleasure, then she slumped unconscious and fell to the floor.  She
remained that way for several minutes, then slowly arose.  As she got to her
feet she looked down over her nude body and smiled, she grabbed one tit and
kneaded it awhile with her hand, then she grinned and looked around.
    “I am reborn at last,” she said in a strange voice and walked
out of the conduit.
    The Klingon Warbird flew past the Enterprise undetected, they
could have fired if they wished, but even under cloak and with the ability
to fire they couldn’t destroy the Enterprise without at least
two companions……but they were patient.
    On board Captain Picard strode onto the bridge from his quarters,
he looked around angrily,”Where is Counsellor Troi?”
    Riker winced,”Captain, she’s in her quarters, she’s been talking
about trying to re-establish a friendship with Worf.”
    Picard frowned,”Great, she’ll be mooning around the ship for at
least a week afterwards, we know what happens when they rekindle their
    “Captain,” said Data, interrupting Picard,”I’ve been monitoring
DS9, I just got a very strange energy reading, like nothing I’ve ever
seen before.”
    “What was the nature of the readings?”
    “That’s just it sir, it wasn’t energy, but it spiked to the top
level of the readings.”
    “Data, that’s impossible, check the computer for failures.”
    Meanwhile in her quarters Deanna imagined her meeting with Worf,
she hadn’t expected to see him for at least another year, but after only
a month she was going to meet him again.
    She slid her hands down her pants as she remembered their last
coupling, that was what he jokingly called it, because she was nearly as
animal with him as he was with her.  She stroked her pussy lips and lightly
rubbed her nipple with her thumb and forefinger, she couldn’t wait until
she could get hold of him again, she was planning on something special
this time – perhaps she would finally get her mouth around his thick cock,
she certainly hoped so.
    She lay back on her bed and stroked her cunt, she had
been brushing her hair, now she grabbed it and began to rub the handle
between her legs, she turned it around and slowly pushed the handle into
her cunt, slowly she pushed in and out and gasped at the pleasure, nowhere
near as thick as Worf’s, it was an inadequate replacement, but she wasn’t
going to stop until she had fucked herself raw, just like Worf did to her.
    She felt some small guilt, she knew very well that whenever she
tried to talk with Worf and rekindle their old friendship, they ended up
having sex.
    “Ah well,” she said to herself,”What Dax doesn’t know won’t hurt
    “Sir, I have found one concurring occurrence.”
    “What is it then Data?”
    “Following the completion of it’s original five year mission, the
Enterprise NCC-1701 was being refitted for a new Captain and crew. Admiral
Kirk, Captain Spock and Doctor McCoy all ended up on Vulcan and after
several events, entered a log referring to an entity they encountered on
Vulcan, the Doctor took an energy reading that nearly matches this one
    “What was this entity Data?”
    “An ancient Vulcan Sorcerer who sought to be reborn and return
Vulcan to it’s ancient, savage ways, his ‘ka’ was destroyed with Captain
Spock’s aid.”
    “Are you saying there is an ancient Vulcan Sorcerer on board Space
Station DS9?”
    “No sir, I’m just telling you that these energy fields are extremely
similar, there is a major difference.”
    “What Data, out with it.”
        “The Vulcan that Admiral Kirk, Captain Spock and Doctor McCoy met
was powerful enough to change all of Vulcan with his powers, this energy
reading is double that of the one they took.”
    Quark turned around in shock as his ventilation shaft was blown
across his bar, he watched in greater shock as Kira slid out, she was
completely naked! He hadn’t seen a naked woman wondering around since he
last was on Ferengnor.
    “Kira, how nice of you to come to see me, I…..”
    She turned and glared down at him, he shrank back from her glare,
then she struck him with a casual backhand.  He flew over the bar and
rammed into the ground.  She walked past him with a laugh and strolled
through the Promenade, several men approached her, she knocked them all
    She turned and glared at a man in uniform, he was staring at her
tits, then his head snapped up and he said,”What the hell do you think you
are doing?”
    “I know you,” she said slowly,”You are Doctor Bashir, you find Lt.
Dax attractive, I can see her in my mind, I find her attractive too.”
    Julian shook his head,”Kira, you have to get some clothes on.”
    “Why?” she said,”I am not cold, and I seem to be more appreciated
this way.”
    “Kira, come with me,” he grabbed her and she pulled back, he went
flying over her head and crashed into a table.  She smiled and turned to
go, suddenly her body felt weak, she slumped to the floor and collapsed.
    Julian hopped up and tapped his badge,”Odo, get down here, I’ll
need a stretcher, I had to tranquilize Kira – to say she is acting weird
is an understatement.”
    Dax watched carefully as Kira finally came around, she tried to
sit up and found herself restrained by some sort of force field, she was
again clothed.
    “Dax, let me out of this thing.”
    “Kira, just what the hell are you doing?”
    “Dax, I don’t like being tied up, let me out.”
    “I can’t do that, I want to know why you were wondering around
the Promenade naked and beating up on men, Quark is claiming assault and
emotional damage.”
    Kira just sat still, then suddenly she sat up.
    “What….?” cried Dax as Kira swung of the medical table and
grabbed her, she picked her up of the ground and pushed her against the
    “I asked you nicely,” said Kira, as if talking to a child,”Now you
have to learn your lesson,” she grabbed Dax’s tunic and ripped it away
exposing her breasts.
    “Kira, what are you doing?”
    Kira then grabbed Dax’s pants and ripped them away, leaving her
naked, she let go and Dax found herself hanging in the air against the
wall.  Kira removed the clothes that had been put on her and strode slowly
up to Dax, she grabbed her by the mouth and twisted her head to face hers,
then roughly kissed her.  Dax struggled as Kira grabbed her breasts and
began massaging them, despite her efforts her nipples instantly went hard
and Kira began licking them, she grabbed one in her mouth and began to suck
while her other hand slid down between Dax’s legs and began fingering her
cunt.  Dax came almost instantly under Kira skills.  Kira started lowering
herself and soon her mouth was plunging onto Dax’s cunt,. licking away as
she bought Dax to orgasm after orgasm.
    Dax was released from the wall suddenly and Kira lay down on the
ground, legs spreadeagled and commanded,”69″
    Dax obeyed without question, feeling her will being sapped away
in a second, she moved into position and as Kira’s tongue whipped into her
cunt her own fell to, lapping away at Kira’s sopping pussy.
    The two of them licked and sucked away, they both came repeatedly
and the juices were running all over Kira’s face, Dax couldn’t believe the
pleasure she was getting from being practically raped by another woman.
    Finally she couldn’t take it anymore, she collapsed, but Kira kept
on licking and sucking away at her, making her cum again and again and
again.  She rolled of her and Kira leapt on, she grabbed a tit in hand and
began to suck and lick on it, her nipples felt numb from all the pain she
was now getting, she was no longer enjoying this, but Kira was getting more
and more into it.  Suddenly she stood up and walked away, she returned with
a small medical probe and ordered Dax to roll over, she did and Kira
hunkered down, her tits swinging wildly.
    “This probe is basically for heavyhanded, clumsy work I see,” she
said absently,”I have a better use for it.”
    Dax gasped as her ass cheeks were parted and the head of the
probe began to slowly move up her asshole, at first her anus resisted, but
then the probe began to move up faster, the pain was excruciating and Dax
let out a mewl of fear.  Kira laughed and continued to slide it in and out.
    “Kira, why…..how…are you doing this.”
    Kira laughed and said,”Thanks to that ignorant Ferengi I now live
again, I have reborn in the body of this woman,” she grabbed one of her
tits in her hand,”I am Tapek of the Vulcans, and I mean to reconquer
Vulcan – and this…….Federation…….”
    “What? I don’t understand?”
        “It’s similar to the thing inside your body Dax, you’ve got some
sort of parasite……”
        “It’s is symbiote…….”
        “A parasite,” repeated Kira, twisting the probe in Dax’s ass,”That
rests comfortably in a humanoids body and lives life vicariously through
that humanoid, too terrified to live life through it’s own senses and
memories it live’s through anothers!” Kira’s face was contorted
in disgust,”I plan to find a body with which I can conquer the world, this
one is far to weak.”
    Then Kira collapsed.
    Doctor Bashir watched as Chief O’Brien tried to bring down the
force field that had sprung up around Sickbay.
    “It’s no damn good,”O’Brien said finally,”It’s not like any energy
that I’ve encountered before, it’s almost like….no that couldn’t be.”
    “What?” asked Bashir.
    O’Brien frowned,”It’s similar to a Q field……but different, and
it’s similar to a creature that killed the Security Chief of the
Enterprise – Tasha Yar – but different….it’s…..well,” he looked around
    “Out with it Chief.”
    “Magic…..” blurted out O’Brien and looked down, chastised.
    “Magic….?” started Bashir, then suddenly the energy field
collapsed, he rushed through with O’Brien and stopped short at the Sickbay
door, everything was normal.  Kira lay unconscious on the medical table,
Dax was reading a book, she looked up and smiled at Bashir,”Julian, those
strange readings Kira was showing have disappeared, that’s good, right?”
    Bashir and O’Brien looked at each other,”Is everything okay here
Lt.?” asked the Chief.
    “Fine,” said Dax,”In fact, I don’t think Kira is a
threat anymore,” she smiled.
    The Captain finished his transmission and looked up at Riker,”I
hope this isn’t a wild goose chase, but we need his expertise.”
    Riker nodded,”Captain, we have to risk his cover if it means
saving DS9 and possibly Bajor.”
    “Will, you don’t seem to understand, if Data’s calculations are
correct….then this thing could destroy life on every planet in this
system – and with access to the Wormhole….who knows.”
    “Could this thing be on a power level with Q?”
    “No – Q is nearly omnipotent, as much as we hate to admit it – but
this thing is powerful, if the ancient Vulcans had discovered space travel
they would have conquered the Universe easily, but there was too much
infighting and arguments, only the most powerful Sorcerers survived by
placing their ‘Ka’s’ in small tokens like Fire Gems or scrolls.”
    “How do you know so much about this Captain?”
    “Remember, once I was going to be an archeologist, and I have
shared a mind meld with Sarek himself.”
    Riker nodded,”I just hope we are up to the challenge.”
    Odo watched the man carefully, he was very slowly making his
way through each game at Quark’s bar, neither winning much or losing much,
basically breaking even.  He finally made his way to the bar and ordered
a drink, he took it down then wondered into the crowd, disappearing.
    Odo smiled, the man was attempting to be noticed without being
noticed, if anyone ever went looking for his description they would get a
very rough, very vague image of an average looking human. But he was no
    Odo walked into the security room and turned on the monitor, he saw
No’Kase lying in bed in the holding cell – very clever.  He stood up and
ran out onto the Promenade.
    No’Kase awoke suddenly, the field was down, and a human was pointing
a strange phaser at him – but it was no human.
    “Surgically altered Cardassian?”
    “Correct,” said the man,”I’ve come to kill you, slowly,” he fired
the phaser which ripped into his body, he fell over screaming.
    “Good, T’Nark’s father wants you to feel pain,” he walked away,
when he was gone No’Kase stood up and grinned, he turned and looked at
the phaser blast in the wall behind him, then he turned into Odo, he walked
out of the holding cell and tapped his badge,”Security, bring No’Kase back
to his cell once the assassin has left the station.”
    “Yes sir, do you not want us to apprehend the assassin?”
    “No – I’ve already taken measures to track him, and remove the
fake tape he placed in my security room, I’m getting tired of watching
No’Kase twist and turn in his sleep.”
    End Of Part 1

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