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Enterprise crew enjoy lesbian action

Star Trek Convention Sex

Hentai Picture: Enterprise crew enjoy lesbian action
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There are slutty redheads on the board of Enterprise as well!

Star Trek Online Nude Patch

Hentai Picture: There are slutty redheads on the board of Enterprise as well!
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There will be a day of giant boobs on Enterprise!

Star Trek Nude Naked

Hentai Picture: There will be a day of giant boobs on Enterprise!
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One big black rock for Kira Nerys to explore tonight

Star Trek Sex Comics

Hentai Picture: One big black rock for Kira Nerys to explore tonight
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Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 3

Star Trek Porn Story: Star trek ds9: Immortal Voyagers Part 3

Part Three.
    Odo slowly reformed, it took a long time, he was in the dark, and
he was everywhere, finally he had enough of himself formed that he was able
to stand and walk, eventually finding the rest of himself.
    “Odo?” cried out a voice – Quark.
    “I’m busy,” he cried out.
    “I think I killed someone.”
    “What?” cried Odo, that was unexpected.
    “I heard someone going through my cashbox, and I think I saw red,
I attacked him, he’s not breathing.”
    Odo stumbled over to Quark’s bar, finally he reached the Ferengi,
who was breathing heavily,”He’s over here….oh Odo….I didn’t mean to,
but my Latinum!”
    “Quiet Quark!” Odo snapped, reaching down to find a pulse on the
body – strangely hoping he would find one, that he wouldn’t have to arrest
    A hand gripped his own, startling him, the body sat up, and Odo saw
with relief it was Conner.
    “Damn it, what hit me?”
        “I did,” cried Quark, quickly recovering now that he knew he
wasn’t a murderer,”It was in defense of my property Odo, I can’t be
    “Quiet Quark, You couldn’t hurt him if you tried.”     
    “Who hit me?” groaned Conner.
    “Quark, he claims you were stealing his money box, but the last
I saw of you a Cardassian was firing on you.”
    “Yes,” said Conner, catching on,”He wasn’t a very good shot, but I
meant to chase him and I was looking for something to knock him out with, I
found a small box on this table that felt heavy…..”
    “A likely story!” cried Quark,”He’s a thief.”
        “Quark,” muttered Odo in exasparation,”Shut up!”
    Quark walked off, mustering up his dignity and walking head up, he
tripped over a chair.
        “Conner, we have to warn Commander Sisko that the Cardassian’s are
on board.”
    “I know,” said Conner,”But I can’t see very well in the dark, can’t
you turn into a cat or something and lead the way.”
    “I only take the appearance of things,” said Odo,”You’d be stuck
with a blind cat.”
    “Can you get us to Ops?”
        “Yes, we’ll have to take service tunnels and Jeffries Tubes, the
lifts will be out, but I can get us there.”
    Sisko suddenly stopped his pacing, he looked around, then quietly
called Worf over,”Worf, have you seen Dax?”
    “No sir,” replied the Klingon in a whisper,”The last I saw of her
she was trying to re-route the power array to get the power back on,”he
looked around, Sisko could only dimly see him due to the starlight from a
window,”Sir, you do realize that with no power we’re drifting?”
    “Of course, you’re worried about going into orbit around Bajor?”
    “Yes sir, the orbit of a station this size would decay almost
immediately, we’d crash into Bajor, killing thousands.”
    “I understand the dangers, but I’m more concerned with Dax not being
here,” said Sisko,”Who knows what may have happened to her.”
    Kira sat on her bed, rooting through her draws, finally she found
the small penlight.
    “You’d think a station this size would have backups in case of a
power failure,” said Thomas Riker.
    “It does,” said Kira, looking around,”Whatever took us offline did
the same to the generators and back ups, I just hope the power comes online
before we fall into orbit.”
    She stood up, she held L’varn’s phaser in her hand, she hadn’t
asked where Riker had gotten his phaser, she suspected that he carried one
at all times,”Let’s go,” she said.
    They walked outside and immediately two shadows appeared from
around the corner, Kira held up her phaser,”Who goes there?”
    “Aye, is that you then Major?”
    “Kira? It’s Dax and….Scotty.”
    “Scott….? Oh…..him.”
    Riker shook his head,”Who is this Scotty?”
    “I’m a man with no time for questions,” said the Engineer of the
original Enterprise,”We have to get to Ops and find out what is going on on
this Cardassian crate.”
    Kira shuddered as she heard the word Cardassian, but even as she
did she felt a thrill rush through her at the memory of sex with the aliens
that had once ruled Bajor.
    “I’m lucky to have run into Scotty,” said Dax,”Do you remember
    “Chief O’Brien’s ‘pet’?”
    “Yes, it’s gone mad, it knocked out Chief O’Brien and shut down
the power, then when I tried to bring the power back on in Ops it beamed
me to another section of the ship, I was there for about 10 seconds when
Scotty appeared, he made me hide and three Cardassians came off of the
    “Two Cardassian’s,”Said Riker,”We took care of one.”
        Kira smiled at him, thankful he hadn’t mentioning the rape.
    “Come on,” said Scotty,”Let’s see if we can’t get ourselves out
of this mess.”
    T’Nark, leader of the Cardassian invaders, breathed slowly, it was
damn quiet, people had fled the Promenade after their arrival and seemed
to all be in hiding, he could almost fool himself into thinking there was
no one else on the station but him and No’Kase, but he knew that wasn’t
true, there was a dangerous human, a beautiful Bajoran, Odo would have
reformed by now and the Ops team would still be around.  Fido had already
failed to bring Dax to them, she hadn’t been at the space it had been
ordered to bring her to, but O’Brien must be out of the picture or the
lights would be back on by now.
    No’Kase appeared next to him,”Four people coming this way, the
human and the Bajoran, Dax and an old man.”
    “Okay, we wait, find out what they’re doing and then we have to
take out the human and the old man if necessary, but we’ll leave Dax and
Kira alive, I want to finish that bitches training,” he grinned
at No’Kase,”You can have Dax, they say older woman are more experienced –
and she’s pushing three hundred!”
    No’Kase scowled, then laughed dutifully.
    The four appeared, they wandered around for a bit, then found a
service duct.
    “You go first,” said the young human to the older man,”We’ll
    “Right boy, you know, you look a lot like the 1st Officer of the
    “I’ll explain that later, just get going.”
    The old man slowly made his way up the ladder, huffing and puffing,
finally he called back,”I’m up, I’ll get going, I’ve seen the Station’s
    “We’ll catch up, we’re gonna set a booby trap for the
Cardassians,” said Dax.
    “The old man?” asked T’Nark.
    “A civilian, he poses no threat,” No’Kase whispered back.
    “Then let’s go,” he leapt up and fired his phaser, it missed
completely.  He cursed in Cardassian and fired again, this time hitting
the human full in the chest.  The Cardassian laughed, then screamed in
pain as Kira fired on him, blasting into his side.  He fell back slightly,
then dropped behind cover with a fierce grin, the phaser was L’varns, and
had been set on stun.  The grin disappeared as he realized that his own
phaser was also on stun, he hadn’t changed it.  Quickly flicking it on to
a fatal setting, he fired again while beside him No’Kase fired shot after
shot at Dax, who easily dodged his clumsy blasts.
    “Kira,” cried Dax,”If we retreat into the corridor we can take them
one at a time,” Kira nodded and moved back into the corridor, Dax moved to
follow but No’Kase fired at her, forcing her down.
    T’Nark made a sudden dash, sprinting across the room and down the
corridor after Kira.  No’Kase leapt over the table he was using as shelter
and dived onto Dax, forcing her down to the ground, he was big and his
weight easily kept her down.  Her phaser dropped from her hand.
    “You’re a woman,” growled No’Kase,”Now learn what it feels like to
be fucked like one.”
    Dax struggled wildly then looked up at him,”I used to be a man.”
        No’Kase stopped, looked down at her with a grin,”Nice try, but
the parasite inside of you is only there to live vicariously through you,
you’re a woman no matter whose body it used to occupy,” his grin
widened,”And I’m going to enjoy fucking you Jadzia!”
    She gasped, if he knew her name then he must have been briefed on
all Station Personnel, how much had Fido given away?
    All thoughts disappeared as he grabbed her top and ripped it from
her, her tits sprang free and he instantly began to suck her nipples –
suddenly erect in the cool air, she cried out for him to stop but he merely
laughed. He jumped clear and twisted her around so she was on all fours,
pulled her pants from her, her fantastic ass right in front of him.
    “No panties? You horny bitch,” then he thrust his cock deep into her
    Kira searched frantically for an open room, her phaser blasts
missed awfully, she wasn’t used to the clumsy Cardassian grips and T’Nark
was catching up to her, his shots coming closer and closer.  Finally she
found an open door and rushed in.
    T’Nark followed and she knocked the phaser from his arm, he smashed
his fist into her face and she fell back, losing the phaser.  He forced her
to the ground, straddling her,”Familiar?” he asked, laughing.
    She struggled wildly but he simply laughed it off, then he grabbed
her by the chin and forced her to look at him,”If you can swear to me by
the Prophets that you don’t want me to fuck you, I won’t.”
    She looked up at him, she opened her mouth to speak the words, but
couldn’t, she couldn’t lie in the Prophet’s name.  He smiled at her, then
pulled her new clothes from her, she eagerly slid her pants down her legs
to her ankles and spread her legs for him – she couldn’t believe she was
doing this.
    “Okay bitch,” he said,”Play with those titties of yours.”
    She grabbed her tits in both hands and began to massage them, her
erect nipples pinched between thumb and forefinger.  He pulled his pants
off and she groaned expectantly, this time he did her slowly, pushing into
her deeply, then slowly pulling out.  She moaned in ecstasy and came
almost instantly,  he began to thrust into her harder and harder, mixing
pain with pleasure she felt orgasm after orgasm rip through her body, her
hands fell away from her tits and he eagerly began to suck on them, pinching
her nipples with his teeth.  Her hands wrapped around his back and then her
legs around his lower back, she moved against him, thrusting her hips up
to meet each stroke as yet another orgasm powered its way through her.
    The Cardassian pulled away from her arms, he began to fuck her hard,
bringing more pain than pleasure now, she suddenly remembered what was
going on and tried desperately to free herself, he laughed at her, suddenly
he sat up straight, his cum about to explode – then the lights came on.
    He looked around in shock, only grunting slightly as his cum flew
from his cock into her cunt, Kira realized she was in the holo-room.  Behind
T’Nark the machine with the dildo on it raced towards her cunt, but his
back was in the way.  It rammed into him, not being entirely real it only
knocked him forward, he rolled over Kira, springing to his feet.  Kira
grabbed his phaser, noting it was set to full, she pointed it at him and
fired, blasting him against the wall – his body was blasted back and burnt
away to nothing, his only remains those that had been burnt into the
    Suddenly she felt another hand on her shoulder, she turned to see
Kira2 grinning at her, but Kira had been thinking about this, one command
countermanded all commands on the station, Sisko’s, and since this program
didn’t recognize voice……
    “Computer – halt program, executive order Sisko – 009742,” the
program halted, Kira2 and the machine disappearing.  She grinned and sat
down, the events of the last 12 hours rushed onto  her all at once and she
collapsed to the floor, not bothering to get dressed she fell asleep.
    Dax was gone, O’Brien lay unconscious on the floor, Worf attemped
to calm the rest of the Nightwatch, but even the menacing Klingon would not
be able to hold back the growing fear for much longer.
        – Dammit! – growled Sisko to himself, – Where the hell is Dax?
What’s happened to Kira and Odo? –
        “Remain calm,” Worf was growling in his deep baritone,”If we
        Sisko raised an eyebrow at a clanking noise, turning he stared
at the dull metallic walls, he could swear he heard a low clanging noise
coming from inside the walls themselves.  Stepping backwards he reached out
and grabbed one of Worf’s broad shoulders in one hand, as the Klingon
turned irritably Sisko motioned for him to be quiet, hoping that he could
see him in the dull half-light emanating from the emergency lanterns.
        “What?” whispered Worf.
        Sisko motioned towards the wall, Worf stepped forward and pressed
his ear against it, his eyes widened in surprise and he crept back to
        “If the Station has been invaded,” he said quietly,”They may be
trying to get into Ops via the Jeffries Tubes and Service Conduits,” he
paused to let his words sink in, then continued,”If memory serves, there
is a small conduit behind that wall, and if someone were to remove the
circuitry in the wall, they could come out through that hatch,” he pointed
ahead and to the left, Sisko could not see the hatchway but he could see
the general direction.
        “Phasers on stun,” whispered Sisko back, picking up one of the
weapons,”When he or she comes out, be ready to fire.”
        Worf nodded grimly and removed his own holster, the two stepped
forward, ignoring the nervous babble of the others behind them – it made
perfect cover noise for them – aiming their phasers at the conduit, they
waited patiently.
        The scratching got louder and louder, they heard a tearing noise,
and then a low thump as the hatchway was pounded on.
        Worf raised an eyebrow at Sisko, silently saying the same thing
that the Commander was thinking, – if this is an Invader, they’re not
particularly stealthy! –
        Finally the conduit burst loose and something fell out of the
open hatchway with what sounded like a sigh of relief.
        “Och! I’m too old for this!” moaned Scotty, then looked up at the
large Klingon and Human standing over him with weapons ready,”And what kind
of greeting is this for the man whose come to pull your fat out of the
    No’Kase had been fucking Dax for a good five or ten minutes, his
cock ramming into her cunt, her tits bounced back and forth, they were
nowhere near as big as Kira’s, he remembered fondly the Bajoran giving him
a blowjob.
    “Bitch, you’re gonna suck my cock.”
    He pulled out of her, and something smashed into his face, knocking
him back.  He looked up and saw Thomas Riker, unharmed by the phaser blast,
only momentarily stunned, swinging the lantern back and forth,”You’re one
sick asshole you know?” he asked, and smashed the lantern into the
Cardassian again.  He fell back, and Dax forced the phaser into his belly.
    “Bastard!” she cried and fired, the lights came on.
    Worf held the lamp close to the computer panel while Scotty
looked over the re-wiring job that O’Brien had attempted before being
knocked unconscious.
        “Hmmph, this Cardassian technlogy belongs in the dark ages,” he
grunted, then grabbed a wire and attached it to another,”That finishes
what yuir man started, but without power it’s nae worth more than Dr McCoy
after a night in the Romulan Ale!”
        Again Worf and Sisko shared the same thought, – This guy is here
to help us? –
        “As far as yuir Major Kira and that young man who looked like
Commander Riker could figure it out, there are three Cardassians on
board,” mused Scotty,”What’s wrong with that picture?”
        “Three Cardassians is not enough,” grumbled Worf,”To take this
station would require greater force.”
        “Wrong boy,” Scotty replied,”To HOLD it will require greater
force, only three are needed to take it, and in fact they have a better
chance of success than a fully armed crew.”
        “They probably plan to dock on the Station and come aboard,” said
Sisko, which they won’t be able to do, because we’re drifting…..” he
trailed off.
        “Aye lad,” said Scotty with a smile, like a teacher congratulating
a student,”But a Station this size would have fallen into orbit much
earlier than we did, why didn’t we?”
        “How do you know when we fell into orbit?” asked Worf.
        “I did the math in me head, boy,” replied Scotty curtly, before
he had been trapped in a transporter stasis field for nearly 70 years, he
had still been getting used to the idea that Klingons were part of the
Federation, he still felt some small distrust for them,”And the answer is
that something is stabilising us, keeping our drift to an acceptable speed
for a Cardassian ship to dock with us.”
        “Inertial dampeners must still be operating somewhere,” growled
        “If only our communications systems were working,” moaned Sisko,
smacking the useless bit of metal on his uniform.
        “Hmmm,” said Scotty,”You know if we can divert the power from those
inertia dampeners to Ops, O’Brien’s plan will work, ‘Fido’ will be knocked
out into the shields and our orbit will stabilise long enough for me to
get this crate back into position by the Wormhole.”
        “So how do we get power back?”
        “Any power conduit – properly accessed – will divert power from
the dampeners to here, but we’ll never find out where the power is on and
get there and back to her in time to fix things,” he smiled slightly,”We
need to get comms back online and find out from your crewmembers where
exactly the power is still on, go through each one until we find out where
and get them to do it for us.”
        “And how do you propose to return power to Comms?” asked Worf, who
had picked up on the old mans disliking for him.
        “Simple,” said Scotty, grabbing the lantern from him, remove the
power cores from these beauties and give the comms system a
shock, hopefully it’ll be enough to open the channels for a brief time, and
anyone listening close enough will hear our voices over thier comm-badges.”
        “But if you remove the power cores…..” said Sisko.
        “Yes?” asked Scotty.
        “We won’t have any light….” continued Worf.
        “How can you work in the dark?” finished Sisko.
        “Very carefully,” replied Scotty, as if offended by the question,
he was already removing the power core from the lantern in his hand, as he
walked to grab the others, he muttered under his breath.
        “I am a miracle worker after all!”
    Conner, Odo and Quark stood at the docking post, the
small Cardassian ship bearing more invaders was getting ready to dock,
here the power was on.
    “An inside job,” said Quark,”You can’t trust anyone these days.”
    “I know,” said Odo, staring at Quark meaningfully,”We have to shut
this place down.”
    “How?” said Conner,”A job like that requires years of training,
know-how and good luck.”
    “I was hoping that sometime in your long life you had acquired that
    “Sorry Odo, I spend most of my time fighting or loving.”
    “I still need to know more,” Odo said wistfully,”Perhaps my kind
came about as a result of one of you experimenting with DNA, maybe this
Thomas Norson? But then how did we end up in the Gamma Quadrant?”
    “We’ll never know,” said Conner,”I don’t have his DNA.”
    “Will you two lovebirds be quiet,” muttered Quark,”Listen to your
commbadge Odo.”
    Odo listened carefully and suddenly heard it, a faint crackling
voice,”Odo? This is Sisko.”
    “Odo here,” said Odo,”Is that you Commander?”
    “Odo! Thank God, we need you to tell us where the power is on in
the station.”
    “At docking bay 5,” said Odo,”A Cardassian ship is attempting to
dock and 3 Cardassians are aboard the Station.”
    “I knew it,” cried a thick accented voice,”Their clumsy handiwork
is all over this plan.”
    “Who is that?” asked Quark, listening intently.
    “I could swear it was Scotty,” said Conner,”But his ship was lost
decades years ago, he can’t be alive.”
    “Odo, listen carefully, open the service hatch, there’ll be two
power couplings there, flick them both back and attach the green wire on
the left side to the circuit board directly below it.”
    “I don’t…..”
    “Just do it,” said Sisko,”We’re about to fall into orbit and this
is our last chance.”
    Odo pulled the hatch open and looked in, the power couplings were
there, he flicked them back and saw a green wire hanging underneath the
left side one, he pulled it loose and rammed it into the circuit board,
all around them the lights went off.
    The lights flooded on in Ops, Sisko turned around and began
issuing orders, the thrusters and inertia dampeners powered on, moving
the Station back to it’s original position, a shield formed suddenly
around the Station, blocking off the Cardassian ship, energy skipped
merrily around the shield as Fido found itself trapped in the shield, it
leapt off and attached itself to the Cardassian ship, which suddenly
powered up to full impulse and fled to the wormhole.
    Sisko sighed in relief and pushed down his comm badge, now working
thanks to the miracles of Mister Scott.
    “Odo, a job well done, is everything working now?”
    “Just a second Commander, the lights are coming back on, yes, we’re
both safe, but what about the Cardassians?”
    “Don’t worry about that Commander,” came a voice, he looked around
and saw Dax and Thomas Riker holding a stunned Cardassian,”We took care
of two of them, I don’t know what happened to Kira, she was being chased
by their leader.”
    “Computer, where are Cardassian life forms on Station.”
    “One Cardassian – Ops, One Cardassian – section C – dead, One
Cardassian genetic remains badly burnt – Holoroom 5 – dead, One
Cardassian – Medlab.”
        Sisko grinned, the Cardassian in Med-Lab – Garak – was dangerous,
but not in this situation he hoped,”Where is Major Kira?”
    “Major Kira is in Holoroom 5.”
    “Major Kira is asleep, life signs normal.”
    “Let her sleep,” said Sisko,”She’s probably been through a lot.”
    They went to work on the Station.
    Conner stared gloomily at the screen, Captain Picard was
explaining to him how Norman had escaped.
    “…we’re terribly sorry, he was able to grab a runabout and
escape after accessing Data’s mainframe, he must be a computer genius.”
    “It’s okay Captain,” sighed Conner,”To tell the truth, I’ve
enjoyed my voyages through space, what direction did he go in?”
    “That’s just it, he flew into the Badlands.”
        “The badlands!” cried Conner,”The Maquis hideouts and the place
where the Voyager disappeared….?”
        “Yes, we couldn’t track him through there, the electro-magnetic
interference and ionic storms…..”
    “Don’t worry Captain,” said Conner, standing up,”I’ll get him, if
I have to travel 70,000 light years to catch him, I’ll get him.
        Jake and Nog entered their favorite holoroom, Nog spoke the magic
words,”Sleeping beauty program.”
    “Voice verification.”
    “Jake Sisko,” said Jake, the doors opened and they entered, the
Ferengi boy looked around,”Computer, you’ve messed it up, Kira is on the
wrong side and she’s not tied up, tie her up and gag her.”
    Ropes formed around Kira’s sleeping body, she awoke with a start,
her eye’s bugging out as she saw Jake remove his pants, she struggled
valiantly, not knowing this was exactly what the boys expected from their
computer program.
    As Jake entered her he remarked to his friend,”You know, she’s
feels more real each time I fuck her.”
    The End.

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Drawing clothes for T’pol was too boring so…

Star Trek Aliens Having Sex

Hentai Picture: Drawing clothes for T’pol was too boring so…
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T’Pol instructs a crew member of the Enterprise in the Vulcan F’ku discipline.

Star Trek Hentai

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