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Star Trek Hentai Story: "Star Trek DS9: Immortal Voyagers – part 2"

Part Two.

Odo watched Conner escort Norman onto the Enterprise, both gave him
strange looks.
“I feel it now,” said Conner,”It’s faint, but I feel his presence.”
“What do we do?”
“Nothing, he is not one of us, let his kind deal with him, as we
deal with our own,” he gave Norman a meaningful glance, the captured
Immortal shuddered, envisaging his death when they arrived back on Earth,
and Conner’s arranged accident for him.
Odo suddenly stepped forward,”Can you tell me something
Mr MaCleod?”
“Certainly Constable,” said Conner, smiling.
“This Duncan, he was your cousin?”
“Strange, Duncan MacLeod once claimed kinship to one Russell Nash,
but that was one hundred years ago, before the Original Enterprise,” he
waved at the ship above them,”Before it was even built, you don’t appear on
any records until 5 years ago.”
“I’m cleared with Federation security aren’t I?”
“Yes, but something is wrong.”
Conner sighed and handed Norman over to a waiting
security guard,”Take him on board, tell the Captain I’ll catch up in a few
Norman stared at him strangely.
“There’ll be plenty of time for you,” Conner grinned,”But I’ll be
staying on, to talk to Mr Odo.”

Several hours later, the Enterprise left, and Fido happily sent out
the signal it had been instructed to.

Scotty stared after the Enterprise happily,”Always a beautiful
ship,” he said,”But I feel like I should be on it, holding it together,” he
smiled and walked back into Quark’s bar.

In Ops, Si Continue reading

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Star Trek Hentai Story: "Star trek DS9 Immortal Voyagers – part 3"

Part Three.

Odo slowly reformed, it took a long time, he was in the dark, and
he was everywhere, finally he had enough of himself formed that he was able
to stand and walk, eventually finding the rest of himself.
“Odo?” cried out a voice – Quark.
“I’m busy,” he cried out.
“I think I killed someone.”
“What?” cried Odo, that was unexpected.
“I heard someone going through my cashbox, and I think I saw red,
I attacked him, he’s not breathing.”
Odo stumbled over to Quark’s bar, finally he reached the Ferengi,
who was breathing heavily,”He’s over here….oh Odo….I didn’t mean to,
but my Latinum!”
“Quiet Quark!” Odo snapped, reaching down to find a pulse on the
body – strangely hoping he would find one, that he wouldn’t have to arrest
A hand gripped his own, startling him, the body sat up, and Odo saw
with relief it was Conner.
“Damn it, what hit me?”
“I did,” cried Quark, quickly recovering now that he knew he
wasn’t a murderer,”It was in defense of my property Odo, I can’t be
“Quiet Quark, You couldn’t hurt him if you tried.”
“Who hit me?” groaned Conner.
“Quark, he claims you were stealing his money box, but the last
I saw of you a Cardassian was firing on you.”
“Yes,” said Conner, catching on,”He wasn’t a very good shot, but I
meant to chase him and I was looking for something to knock him out with, I
found a small box on this table that felt heavy…..”
“A likely story!” cried Quark,”He’s a thief.”
“Quark,” muttered Odo in exasparation,”Shut up!”
Quark walked off, mustering up his dignity and walking head up, he
tripped over a chair.
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Star Trek Porn Story: "STAR TREK DS9 Logic – Part 1"

Part One.

Commander Sisko sat in his quarters reading over the evaluation
angrily, the contents were supposed to be confidential but the old Admiral
had sent it to him before his death at Klingon hands.
He swore softly under his breath, the new Klingon rebels were a
mystery – no Klingon ever went against the Emperor – it was without honor
and against tradition, but these young fools had read too much of the
Legends, and believed the peace with the Federation had weakened the
Empire, they wanted a return to the old ways. He threw down the computer
pad and swore again, it was the old ways that nearly destroyed
the Empire – when on the brink of collapse 89 years ago, a traditionalist
Klingon General had murdered a Klingon ambassador and thrown blame upon
Captain James T. Kirk, the resulting trial had nearly cost the Empire it’s
life when the truth was discovered.
The contents of the file listed the demands the rebels were
making of the Federation and Empire, if not met a number of space stations
had been targeted for destruction – DS9 was among them.
“This comes too soon,” he said aloud, referring to the recent
Cardassian invasion – three Cardassians had beamed aboard after using a
Computer program that belonged to Chief O’Brien to shut down the
station – if it hadn’t have been for the man everyone called ‘Scotty’ they
would have fallen into orbit around Bajor and eventually crashed, killing
thousands – which of course was what the Cardassians would have
wanted – Sisko still had the surviving Cardassian prisoner – No’Kase – on
the station as the Federation and Cardassian’s thrashed out the details of
a complicated prisone Continue reading

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STAR TREK DS9: Logic – Part 2

Part 2
    “A ‘pain’ phaser?” said Sisko.
    “Yes Commander, it fires a deadly radioactive venom into the
victims blood stream and kills him slowly, there is no cure,” said Odo
    “But it hit you?”
    “I expelled it from my system easily enough,” he said,”Now, I
have work to do.”
    “Very well Constable, Sisko out,” he tapped his badge and looked
down at Dax,”I’ve never heard of that sort of thing before.”
    “Primitive,” said Dax quietly, thoughtfully,”Now, if they had a
weapon that could slowly drive a man mad, while retaining his sanity enough
to know what was happening…..but how to get past the paradox……?”
    She looked up at the Commander in irritation, then her face
cleared and she smiled,”Sorry Benjamin, I was…….gathering wool I
believe the phrase goes.”
    “Dax, are you all right?”
    “Of course Benjamin, why wouldn’t I be.”
    “Maybe you should…….” suddenly an alarm rang out, Sisko rushed
to the console that O’Brien was tinkering with,”Chief, what is it?”
    “Nothing,” said O’Brien, turning it off,”The blasted thing went of
for no reason.”
    Sisko turned and looked for Dax, but she was gone.
    The Enterprise was moving towards DS9 at Warp 5, they were no
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STAR TREK Porn Story. “DS9: Logic” Part 3

Part 3
    Sisko and O’Brien waited patiently in his office, finally the
beam solidified and four people appeared.
    “Welcome to DS9,” said Sisko with a smile,”May I ask why you
requested this….irregular beam on board?”
    “Well Commander, if you don’t mind,” said Riker,”We’ll need to
run a Tricorder over you and the Chief……”
    “For bugs? I assure you that the Klingon rebels have
not infiltrated this station, we have an exceptional security chief.”
    “How did you know about the Klingons…?” started Riker, then
stopped,”That’s not why we’re here however, although I’d like to talk to
you about that later,” he grinned,”Besides, if your Chief is so good, how
come he didn’t detect us?”
    “Oh, but I did,” came a voice behind them, they spun, reaching for
phasers that suddenly weren’t there.  Odo stood smiling at them, he had
grown two extra hands and each hand held a phaser,”Looking for these?”
    Riker frowned,”How did you….?”
    Odo handed the phasers back, the two hands sunk into his body,”I
wouldn’t be much of a Security Chief if I didn’t know when four men
teleported aboard would I? even if my Commander doesn’t tell me about
them?” he threw a harsh glare at Sisko.
    “Consider it a test Constable,” said Si Continue reading

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